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    • PowerPoint ® Presentation for Dental Materials with Labs Module: Prosthodontics: Fixed Prosthodontics
    • Module: Prosthodontics: Fixed Prosthodontics Prosthodontics: Fixed Prosthodontics Part A: Types of Fixed Prosthetics Part B: Fixed Prostheses Procedures
    • Module: Prosthodontics: Fixed Prosthodontics
      • Learning Objectives
      • 1. Define the Key Terms.
      • 2. Describe various types of fixed
      • prostheses and their functions.
      • 3. Describe dental materials used in fixed
      • prostheses.
      • 4. Explain the role of the dental assistant in
      • fixed prosthodontic treatment.
    • Fixed Prosthetics
      • Learning Objectives
      • 5. Demonstrate assisting during a crown
      • preparation appointment.
      • 6. Demonstrate assisting during a crown cementation appointment.
    • Key Terms
      • Abutments
      • Bite registration
      • Cosmetic/esthetic dentistry
      • Dental casting alloy
      • Fixed prosthodontics
      • Full-cast crown
      • Inlays
      • Maryland bridge
      • Onlays
      • Partial crown
      • Pontic
      • Porcelain-to-metal crowns
      • Post-retained cores
      • Prostheses
      • Retention core
      • Retention pins
      • Shade guide
      • Veneers
    • Part A: Types of Fixed Prosthodontics Restore masticatory function Improve appearance Improve speech Promote good oral hygiene Stabilize arch and occlusion Purpose of Prosthodontics
    • Contraindications for a Fixed Prosthesis Lack of supporting alveolar bone Presence of periodontal disease Excessive mobility of abutment teeth Lack of patient interest in oral hygiene Patient cannot afford treatment
    • Cosmetic Dentistry Esthetics Closing a diastema Orthodontics Changing shade Occlusion Tooth whitening Changing shape Restoring strength Veneers Repairing fractures Tooth lengthening Crowns and bridges
    • Types of Fixed Prostheses Fixed prostheses Inlays Porcelain veneers Direct resin veneers Indirect resin veneers Bridges Onlays Partial crown Full-cast crown
    • Materials Used for Fixed Prostheses Composite resin Porcelain Porcelain fused to metal Gold alloy
    • Retention of Restorations
      • Core buildup
        • Recreation of lost tooth structure
      • Retention pins
        • Screwed into dentin
        • Hold core filling material
      • Post and core
        • After root canal therapy
        • Strengthens tooth
    • The Dental Laboratory
      • Dental lab technician
        • Fabricates restoration
        • Makes die from impression
        • Creates wax pattern on die
        • Invests wax and casts invested material into metal
        • Prepares metal for porcelain layers
        • Finishes and polishes final restoration
    • Dental Assistant Responsibilities
      • Communicate closely with lab technician
      • Dental assistant
        • Inform patient of procedure steps
        • Prepare equipment and supplies
        • Assist dentist during procedure
        • Expanded functions in many states
        • Coordinate patient appointments
        • Some lab procedures performed in office
    • Part B: Fixed Prosthesis Procedures Crown preparation set-up
    • Selecting a Tooth Shade
      • Before preparation
      • Moisten shade guide
      • Match to natural teeth under natural light
      • Record in patient’s chart
      • Record on lab prescription
    • Margin Preparations
    • Tissue Retraction
      • Placed in gingival sulcus
      • Mechanical and chemical retraction
      • Prevents bleeding
      • Ensures impression of gingival margin
    • Elastomeric Impressions
    • Provisional Restorations Temporary coverage to protect tooth between appointments Fit gingival margin snugly Protect gingiva and interproximal areas Stabilize contacts and occlusion Esthetics and patient comfort
    • The Laboratory Prescription Description of prosthesis Dentist’s information Date requested Materials for prosthesis Patient’s name Tooth shade
    • Crown Cementation
      • Check fit
        • Margin
        • Contacts
        • Occlusion
      • Adjust if necessary
      • Permanent cement
    • Fixed Prostheses Maintenance
      • Crowns
      • Bridges
      • Dental implants
      Plaque removal Antimicrobial rinses Water irrigators Interproximal bushes Dental floss Threading systems Toothbrush
    • Assessment Questions
      • What is the term for the tooth being replaced in a bridge?
      • The pontic
      • What is the term for the stabilizing teeth on each side of the pontic?
      • The abutments
      • Where is the gingival retraction cord placed?
      • In the gingival sulcus around the collar of the tooth
    • Summary of Module
      • Key Terms
      • Types of fixed prosthetics
      • Fixed prostheses procedures