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    • BIRMINGHAM DENTAL HOSPITAL STUDENT KIT TOP DRAWER COMPARTMENT A – TD(A) Large 125/126 TD(A) Medium 129/130 TD(A) Small 155/156 TD(A) Ash Pocket Measuring Probe – TD(A) Push Scaler 61 TD(A) Sickle Scaler H7 TD(A) Sickle Scaler H6 TD(A) Periodontal Hoe TD(A) – Not always present Periodontal Hoe TD(A) – Not always present W.H.O Perio Probe x2 TD(A) Right Angle Probe 12 or 8 x2 TD(A) TOP DRAWER COMPARTMENT B – TD(B) College Tweezers x 2 TD(B) Napkin Chain TD(B) Millers Forceps TD (B) Dissecting Tweezers TD(B) Mouth Mirror, Handle and Head x2 TD(B) Contra Angle Probe 28/29 TD(A)
    • TOP DRAWER COMPARTMENT C – TD(C) Cervical Margin Trimmer U1L U2R TD(C) Cervical Margin Trimmer U3L U4R TD(C) Enamel Hatchet 53/54 TD(C) Large Flat Plastic No6 TD(C) Small Flat Plastic No179 TD(C) Plastic No1TD(C) Large Flat Ended Amalgam Packer 153 TD(C) Small Round Ended Amalgam Packer 11 TD(C) BDH Amalgam Packer TD(C) – Not always present Wards Carver No 2 TD(C) Hollenbach Carver TD(C) Ball ended burnisher TD(C) Ash No 5 TD(C)
    • SECOND DRAWER COMPARTMENT A – 2D(A) Ash SS Spatula 2D(A) Glass Slab 2D(A) Rubber Dam Punch 2D(A) Rubber Dam Frame Young's Type 2D(A) Rubber Dam Clamps 2D(A) Anterior Clamp Premolar Winged Clamp Molar Winged Clamp Molar Wingless Clamp Rubber Dam Forceps 2D(A) SECOND DRAWER COMPARTMENT B – 2D(B) SECOND DRAWER COMPARTMENT C – 2D(C) Dycal Applicator 2D (B) Hand Lens in some cases Amalgam Carrier x1 2D (C) NEED TO CHECK BELOW
    • SECOND DRAWER COMPARTMENT D – 2D (D) Bonnalie 2D(D) Not always present Siqveland Wide 2D(D) Siqveland Narrow 2D(D) Metal Saliva Ejector 2D (D) THIRD DRAWER COMPARTMENT A – 3D (A) Flexible Spatula Plaster Mixer Vulcanite File Plaster Knife Lloyd William Trimmer No9 Wax Knife 3D(A) Spring Dividers 3D(A) Eggen X ray Holder 3D(A)
    • Willis Bite Gauge 3D (A) THIRD DRAWER COMPARTMENT B – 3D (B) Universal Pliers (Ortho) Pliers Maun Cutters THIRD DRAWER COMPARTMENTC – 3D (C) Hydrosurg Aspirator Tip 3D(C) THIRD DRAWER COMPARTMENT D – 3D (D) Curved Crown Scissors 3D(D) Bite Wing Holder 3D(D) 1 only C.J.Mandrel and 2 rubber Barrels 1 only porcelain stone (Brusch Silent) 761 THIRD DRAWER COMPARTMENT A cont – 3D (A)
    • FOURTH DRAWER COMPARTMENT A – 4D (A) Ruler Wire Bur Cleaner Sterilising Tray and rack x 2 Burs (see Separate Sheet) 4” Arkansas Stone Impression Tray Handle Aspirating Syringe Rubber Ring Rubber Sprue Former Bur Holders 4 Plastic or 2 Metal Safety Specs x 2 FOURTH DRAWER COMPARTMENT B – 4D (B) Please Note: Photographs are not to scale If Rubber rings and Sprue formers are not present they will be provided by Mr G Thomas or Mr M Baylis when required
    • Prosthetic Burs/Stones Pink Stone Trimming – Coarse/Fine 1 only (large) Meisinger Pink Stone S/T 731/065 1 only (small) Meisinger Pink Stone S/T 733/035 Green Stone Trimming – Fine 1 only Meisinger Green Stone K + B 652R/035 All Metal Trimming Bur – Coarse Trim 1 only Acrylic trimmer 13 X/C S/T 1 only Acrylic trimmer 11 X/C S/T Green Rubber Point – Coarse for Smoothing 2 only Green Rubber Abrasive Technic Polisher R4C/ S/T Cavity Preparation Burs – Friction Grip 1 only Flat ended fissure bur (542) 1 only Flat ended fissure bur (541) 1 only Round ended Diamond (520) 1 only Small Round ended Diamond (521) Cavity Preparation Burs – Latch Grip 1 only pear shaped Jet 330 tungsten carbide for cavity preparation in primary teeth and other minimal preparations Steel rose head burs 1 pkt 6 each – sizes ½, 2, 4, 6, 8
    • Crown Preparation Burs – Friction Grip Grip Komet Flat end long tapered diamond (847) Shoulders Torpedo Diamond (877) Chamfers Short needle diamond (852) Interproximal reduction Round ended tapered diamond (501) Chamfers & shoulders Horico Black diamond (SSW 856/106) Crown removal Rugby ball diamond (564) Palatal reduction Short tapered diamond (550) Slots and grooves Finishing Burs – Composite Composite Finishing Burs 5062, 5205, 5255 Enhance polishing cup for Polishing composite Enhance polishing Disc for polishing composite Latch grip composite fine finishing Latch grip composite gross finishing
    • Finishing Burs – Amalgam Steel C/A finishing multi-fluted burs 4.6 (Needle Shaped) For polishing amalgams/removing amalgam overhangs Steel C/A finishing multi-fluted burs 5.6 (Pear Shaped) For polishing amalgams/removing amalgam overhangs NOTE Diamond burs, T/C burs, Prosthetic burs and stones will be replaced by the Instrument Curator on a one for one basis when required because of fair wear and tear. The replacement of items which are lost or damaged will have to be paid for by the student concerned. Steel burs are for SINGLE USE only. Replacements are available from the Dental Nurses in charge of the clinics (N.B. Prosthetic burs should be sterilised after use and re-used until blunt).