31 January 2007


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31 January 2007

  1. 1. DHS DFA DBC^ Internal Medicine Optometry Gen Surgery Physical Therapy Human Resources Base Ops/ Facilities IM Material Manag’t Patient Admin Op Man Mental Health SEAT Dental Prim Care Fam Med Peds Security Naval Health Clinic DCSS Labs/ Clin path Pharmacy Radiology Physical Therapy DPH* Hlth Promo Wellness Occ Medicine Prev Medicine Industrial Hygiene DHB*** TRICARE Ops Utilization Manag’t Case Manag’t Deploy Health Cl Branch Clinics Prim Care Fam Med Branch Clinics Public Health *Use DPH only if enough assets assigned to warrant Directorate. If not, these assets will positioned within DBC or DBC/HS ^At NHCs without enough assets to warrant DBC and DHS, the DBC and DHS will consolidate to become DBC/HS * DDS at NHC Great Lakes only DDS** Flight/ undersea Deploy Health Cl Gen Dental Dental Specialties Healthcare Business ***When not enough assets to warrant DHB, move these functions to DFA Command Suite Special Assistants Quality Manag’t ENT OB/GYN Physical Med Social Work Immediate Care Ortho MRS Public Health Field Support Flight/ Undersea Commanding Officer/ Executive Officer
  2. 2. Special Assistants Command Evaluation Officer Command Master Chief Command Mediator Comptroller OSH Manager Pastoral Services PAO Security Officer SJA Command Suite Quality Management HIPAA JCAHO Credentials Patient Safety Risk Management Resource Management Comptroller Budget Accounting MEPRS
  3. 3. Physical Therapy Chiropractic Occupational Therapy Pharmacy Radiology Breast Care Nuclear Medicine Radiographic Procedures Radiation Oncology Radiological Physics Laboratory/ Clinical Pathology Microbiology DOD Blood Program Anatomical Pathology Biochemical Genetic Lab Molecular Genetic Lab Cytology Lab Director, Clinical Support Services (DCSS)
  4. 4. Occupational Medicine Environmental Health Hearing Conservation Health Promotion/ Wellness Director, Public Health (DPH)* *(If command assets do not warrant DPH, form department of PH in DBC) Preventive Medicine Immunizations Epidemiology Infection Control Industrial Hygiene
  5. 5. TRICARE Operations Access Management Health Benefits Health Information MSMO Patient Relations Director, Health Care Business (DHB)* *(If command assets do not support DHB, form department of Healthcare Business in DFA) Utilization Management Call Center Referral Management Case Management
  6. 6. Information Management Information Technology Operations Management Housekeeping Quarterdeck Communications Fire Protection Patient Administration Admissions/Discharges Decedent Affairs In-Patient Admin Military Patient Personnel Admin Aeromedical Staging Facilities (ASF) Medical Record Coders Ambulatory Care Admin Service/Fleet Liaison Patient Transportation Human Resources Civilian Personnel Military Personnel Manpower Reserve Operational Support POMI/Operational Readiness Base Ops/Med Installations (Titled as Facilities Management in non-base MTFs) BQ management Laundry Maintenance of Real Property Transportation Director for Administration (DFA) Security FPCON B FPCON C SEAT Continuing Education Professional Development Library Nursing Education Material Management Central Supply Contracting Admin Equipment Inventory Control Biomedical Repair Central Material Service Central Sterile Supply Health Care Business* *(when DHB does not exist) Utilization Management TRICARE Ops
  7. 7. Dental Specialties TMD/Oro-Facial Pain Dental Oral Surgery Dental Prosthetics Dental Periodontics Dental Pediatrics Dental Endodontics Dental Restorative Dental Orthodontics Dental Diagnostics Dental Van Services Recruit Dental Dental Lab General Dentistry Recruit Dental Teams 1-9 Director, Dental Services (DDS)* *(At Great Lakes NHC ONLY)
  8. 8. Director, Health Services (DHS) Internal Medicine Ambulatory infusion Allergy Cardiology Coumadin clinic Dermatology Endocrinology GI Hematology/Oncology Hyperbaric medicine Infectious disease Internal Medicine Neurology Nephrology Pulmonary/Respiratory Therapy Rheumatology Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine Early Intervention Services (EIS) Pediatric Specialties ENT Audiology Speech Pathology Orthopedics Podiatry General Surgery* (when there is no GS, below functions will become departments of DHS) Ophthalmology Proctology Urology Dental Gen Dental Dental Spec Dental Lab OB/GYN Mental Health Child Psychiatry Psychology Psychiatry Substance Abuse LCSW Social Work Optometry Ophthalmic Fab & Repair Deployment Health Clinic Flight Med Undersea Med Each Branch Clinic Public Health Immediate Care Patient Transportation Physical Medicine MRS Field Support Primary Care/ Family Med
  9. 9. Deployment Health Clinic Medical Readiness Dental Readiness Physical Training Primary Care/FM Each Branch Clinic Director, Branch Clinics (DBC)* *(If command assets do not warrant DBC, combine DHS and DBC to form DBC/HS) Occupational Medicine (when DPH does not exist) Environmental Health Hearing Conservation Preventive Medicine Immunizations Epidemiology Infection Control Health Promotion/Wellness Flight Medicine/ Undersea Medicine