Outstanding Innovation Award ConnectedTV World Summit 2012


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TV App Agency won an award for ‘Outstanding Technology Innovation’ at last night’s Connected TV Awards 2012 for its ‘develop once’ / ‘deploy to many’ cross platform TV app compiler.



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Outstanding Innovation Award ConnectedTV World Summit 2012

  1. 1. For immediate release Connected TV 2012 an award for Outstanding Technology Innovation goes to TV App Agency EngineTV App Agency won an award for ‘Outstanding Technology Innovation’ at last night’sConnected TV Awards 2012 for its ‘develop once’ / ‘deploy to many’ cross platform TV appcompiler.TV App Agency’s new technology Engine allows developers to create TV apps for manydifferent TV platforms from a single source of code. The engine is offered as a cloud-basedsoftware as a service application and enables developers to create native TV apps in minutesrather than months. It means an end to the current approach of duplicating development andquality assurance and provides true innovation in the connected TV app developmentprocess.The TV App Agency Engine shifts the challenge for brands from the technology to thecontent, providing a unique opportunity for brands to launch their own TV channel. Instead ofpaying rent to a TV or satellite broadcaster, it’s now possible for a brand to create its ownchannel and launch it in the app store of a smart TV. Most importantly, as the Engineprovides a cross-platform compiler, it can be done efficiently and at a reasonable price whileoffering maximum reach across smart TV platforms and devices.This year saw 75 entries in this, the second annual Connected TV Awards, reflecting thedynamism and innovation around the Connected TV and second screen space. The Awardswere part of the Connected TV Summit, where the TV ecosystem gathered to discussdevelopments in post-convergence TV. They recognise service and technology innovation,market impact and business thought leadership in the Connected TV marketplace, whichincludes Hybrid Broadcast Broadband, and this year added a new category to showcase thebest innovations in companion screen apps and services.Bruno Pereira, co-founder of TV App Agency said, "The Connected TV market is evolvingvery quickly and thats reflected in these awards. Connected TV is changing the way in whichtelevision is being delivered, and the way in which content is being consumed. The judgeswere looking for services and technology solutions that were innovative and which met marketneeds, so were delighted to have had our hard work recognised." ------ENDS------About TV App AgencyTV App Agency was founded in 2011 to enable the delivery of cross-platform content acrosssmart TV. The founders believe the convergence of hardware devices - mobile, tablets andTV - and the delivery of cross-platform content made efficient by software is the next wave inthe digital industry.
  2. 2. TV App Agency provides expertise across software development, user experience, multi-screen devices, TV app development and app store submission to enable brands, contentproviders, agencies and broadcasters to get onto smart TV. Since its launch, TV App Agencyhas developed apps for a range of leading European brands, including RTVE, Rightmove,Prime Location, Find a Property, Daft, La Liga BBVA, National Rail, Food Network andAbsolute Radio.The company has also developed a technology engine which enables brands to develop appsand submit them across a range of connected devices including Samsung, LG, Philips andSharp, and platforms including Google TV, Opera and set-top boxes.Follow us on Twitter: @tvappagencyLinkedIn: TV App AgencyAbout the FoundersThe team behind TV App Agency bring a wealth of knowledge of mobile, digital, technologyand how to develop effective media and software businesses.Andy Eardley’s involvement in TV App Agency follows 25 years’ experience buildingbusinesses in the technology and software sectors. He worked with the most of leaders in thehi-tech electronics industry including Apple, HP, IBM, Seiko and Epson as they went throughexplosive growth in the PC era. He then moved into the software sector as it disrupted thebusiness of in-house bespoke software development, building a $100m, 500 people plusbusiness covering 13 countries, with partners in over 40. Having performed in various salesleadership, VP EMEA and CEO roles, he really understands the needs of the client and theimportance of getting the technology right.Bruno Pereira has many years of experience in the online, mobile and media industries,having worked with brands such as F1, IKEA, Air Canada, Bell Canada, BT and Total,amongst others. He also has experience of growing technology companies in fast growthmarkets – before co-founding TV App Agency, Bruno worked with two start-ups in the mobilespace (Grapple Mobile and Service2Media). He also has a background in contentmanagement and ecommerce, having worked with companies such as Intel, Accenture, IBM,Bell Canada and Interwoven/Autonomy.Press contacts:Simi Dhillon, Mixing Digital: mobile 07800 890 224, simi@mixingdigital.comDavina Lines, Mixing Digital: mobile: 07976 665 094, davina@mixingdigital.com