Connecting the Dots
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Connecting the Dots



National Convention 2011 Presentation

National Convention 2011 Presentation



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  • Presentation is intended to give members a better understanding of how the various pieces of work from the past few years connect together and the kinds of decisions we’re about to face on our future.
  • - our sense of community is being lost – don’t take care of each other like we once did - people not connecting; isolated by social media, etc.
  • - Still entrenched in tradition - A niche is growing around us that we’re neither embracing nor recognizing
  • We should be saying to all of Canada:
  • May not be for everyone - some long term members may think it’s nonsense, and they’re entitled to that view But this is powerful stuff that could propel us into the future Either way, this is the kind of conversation that we’re not yet having & need to have So fellow Kin – I urge you, today to [advance slide]
  • … start the conversation - and invite you to start the journey

Connecting the Dots Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  
  • 2. The Kin Space/Time Continuum Where we've come from Where we've just been The Future
  • 3. A Decade Ago
    • Reeling from the 80s & 90s
    • Fear for the future
    • Isolated efforts to address
    • Attempts at strategic planning
  • 4. The New Millennium: Awakening How we operate and present ourselves
      • governance structure (board)
      • public appeal (name)
      • retention (member value)
      • efficiency (admin & operating costs)
      • internal communications
  • 5.
    • Planning for the future
    • Establishing ‘cornerstones’
    The New Millennium: Awakening
  • 6. Background Work Mission
    • What’s with all this stuff?
    • How does it fit together?
    • … and what’s it going to do for us?
    Vision 2020 Mission Vision Values
  • 7. Background Work To create a new future What we have to work with Where we hope to get to Where we’re starting from
  • 8. Connecting the Dots - Parts Strategies
      • what we want to become & do
      • what we stand for
      • direction
      • building blocks
    Strategies (Vision 2020)
      • what we do
      • why we exist
    Vision, Mission
      • what we have to do to get there
    Action Plans (tactics)
  • 9. Connecting the Dots - Process
      • guidance based on conclusions
      • SWOT
      • issues
      • options
      • preferred direction
      • ideas
    Member Input (Linkage)
      • nature of Association
      • outcomes
      • how to get there
  • 10. Behind MVV
    • We looked at
      • what we are
      • why we exist/who we’re helping
      • what we stand for
      • what we care about
    • What that told us
      • values & priorities have held constant
    • Is that all good? Are we backing it up?
  • 11. Connecting the Dots What do they mean? Vision 2020 identified important components Translate to tactics? Where we need to go? MVV ‘Cornerstones’ Reflection of where we are?
  • 12. We compete for members as surely as companies compete for customers The Landscape
  • 13. The Landscape
    • Clear identity and niche
    • Alternatives with tailored options
    • Nimble and relevant
  • 14. Through historical changes
    • Age limit
    • Women
    • Empowerment etc.
    Hurts ability to promote and operate effectively In Contrast
  • 15. In Contrast
    • Cumbersome decision-making structure
    • Slow to change
    • Entrenched in tradition
  • 16. Time to shift from repairing to building At the Crossroads
  • 17. At the Crossroads
    • Clearer destination
      • - where we want to be
      • - where we will need to be
      • - what will work, or just our comfort zone?
  • 18. … and over to NVP Dave & ND James …
  • 19. ‘ 30,000 Foot’ Questions What type of organization? Primary motivation of members? Local autonomy? Quality control? Future of major programs?
  • 20. Making it Work 1. Requires communication, cooperation & trust 2. Being member-driven carries obligations for leaders & members 3. Delegation of decisions to leaders doesn’t mean a loss of voice 4. Positive energy & commitment
  • 21. Get On Board! Discuss the big questions Find our direction & GO Leave the excess baggage behind A call to members: Focus on the future!
  • 22. 21 st Century Kin
    • We will be shaped by
    • Making a difference starts with changing the lives of individuals
  • 23. We’re losing our sense of community
  • 24. Reaching our Potential
    • We haven’t reached our potential,
    • … because we don’t yet understand our potential
    • The community’s greatest need just may be
    • “ community”
  • 25. The Groundswell of Community Trending of young people to hands-on community involvement
      • You can help change the world!
      • (but not by social networking alone)
  • 26.
    • Corporations are engaging social capital
    Companies taking Notice
  • 27. In the words of Hal “… the Kinsmanship we originally planned…the heartwarming satisfaction of helping the other fellow; of serving our community’s greatest need, wherever there are Kinsmen clubs…”
  • 28. In the words of Hal “… I suggest a rededication, now, to the inspiration of Kinsmanship…”
  • 29.
    • Quality people in it for their community, not what’s in it for them
    • Respectful, caring for & helping each other & those less fortunate
    • Mentoring & engaging youth
    That Kin might look like…
  • 30.
    • 20,000 strong and growing
    • 600 vibrant clubs
    • supported by National, as a catalyst & champion of Kin’s mission
    That Kin might look like
  • 31. Mission, Vision, Values not statements bylaws or procedures a belief system excites inspires not for one day COMMITMENT
  • 32. … in the power of individuals to make a difference We Believe … that you’re never too young or too old, to get involved … that a stronger Canada starts with stronger communities … that the world can be a better place … that if we work together, anything is possible
  • 33. … We Believe. Do you?
  • 34. May not be for everyone Powerful Life Changing
  • 35. Start the conversation Start the journey
  • 36. Thank-you!