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Presentation on the advantages and details of Front Office Staff's Answering Service and System

Presentation on the advantages and details of Front Office Staff's Answering Service and System



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  • What is your breakthrough value proposition? Affordable Blend and use of technology Distribution model Business model
  • How does this address customer needs differently than other available solutions? Makes owner general contractor Makes him a technical designer Available solutions in the market today consist of three major industries: 1) telephone systems 2) Staffing and 3) Call center or CRM services. iTegraNET Front Office Support provides the functions and features of telephone systems without having to purchase or maintain equipment; provides live reception or secretarial services without having the business owner to provide space and they are on-demand; provide inbound call management and outbound telephone support in piece work basis. All three are unreachable or not affordable to our target market – but combined and delivered as we do our subscriber loves our service and can easily afford it.
  • How does your proposition address customer needs differently than other available solutions? Traditional cost is prohibitive Blend of technology Understanding of target market
  • What are the services we sale? Remote Staffing: This is staffing without the hassle of physical presence; i.e. our staff is present only on the phone. These are live professionals who interact with subscribers, customers and clients…remotely. Operator: Someone who answers the phone when there is a problem or when the caller requires an operator. Manually routes calls for the subscriber. Think of it as service that comes with sophisticated telephone and communications system. Receptionist: More than an operator the receptionist does all of the operator tasks plus provides much more relationship management and customer contact. The receptionist answers phones, direct calls, gives directions, provides information about the company and knows who works where and what they do. Secretary: The secretary function is more than both the receptionist and operator. With this package PLUS calendar management, appointment tracking/setting, confirmation calls, tickler/reminder calls and other additional services (for an added fee) such as event planning, mailers, filing (offset/depot), marketing, advertising and other secretarial and back office services. Hosted Telephony: Communications technology is the backbone that allows us to provide remote staffing to our subscribers. It is NOT sold as a separate service but is sold with staffing subscriptions. Telephone technology allows our subscribers to keep their existing plan old telephone and we convert it to a professional telephone, in function, like one you would have in a professional business office. Subscribers can put calls on hold, transfer calls, talk with their remote staff assistant (Receptionist or Secretary), route calls, use call screening, host conference calls and much much more.
  • All of our examples were given the capability to respond effectively to their business needs and issues. Maybe these examples don ’ t fit your particular circumstances. But would you be interested to know how these people were able to succeed? (SHUT UP) (Wait for a response) IF the answer is “ NO ” , then politely ask them if they know of someone who would benefit from these capabilities. Take at least five names. If ‘ YES ” then proceed to the next slide.

Front Office Staff Presentation Front Office Staff Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • LOST CALLS = LOST MONEYWhat Happens When Your Receptionist Calls in Sick? Most small businesses are not prepared for that dreaded day when yourreceptionist calls in sick. Or goes on vacation. Or, for that matter, goes to lunch. Who answers your calls during these critical times? www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • LOST CALLS = LOST MONEYYou Only Get One Chance To Make A Good First Impression! FRONT OFFICE STAFF’S Small Business communication service Virtual Live Receptionist Service Call Forwarding Appointment Setting Social Media Immediate Notify Dispatch Services www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • LOST CALLS = LOST MONEY“Thanks to Front Office Staff I can be anywhere to receivemessages and take care of business. They answer mycalls in a professional manner and send messages to myPC. I don’t get pestered with phone calls while working onfiles that need my undivided attention. They do all this at afraction of the cost for a full time person to sit in my office.”Michael Fluetsch, Attorney www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • LOST CALLS = LOST MONEY“The greatest benefit I get by using Front Office Staff is nothaving to pay for a full-time employee. It’s a fraction of thecost, and there’s no payroll taxes, no workers comp. and nocalling in sick. Plus, I can leave the office and not worryabout missing that important call I’ve been waiting for allday.” Dennis Fulfer, Farmers Agent www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • LOST CALLS = LOST MONEYDid you know that 75% of callers that reach voice mail hang up and call your competitors?*That same number will look for you online before they make their business decision• Catch opportunities before they are lost to voicemail.• Have your calls routed to you, anywhere.• Present a professional image to your callers, and in front of clients.• Have confidence that your clients are always taken care of.• * Elite Leads News Letter “RESOURCE” Volume 121 March 2004 (article reprinted by permission of Clint Rood) www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • We Bridge Competition Gap• Provide a bigger business Image• Give capability to compete• Provide affordable resources• Provide human user interface• Features of Technology• We handle the overhead www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • Current Solutions Inadequate Telephone Staffing Systems Front Office Staff CRM Social Call Center Media Services www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • Compare the Costs Ours Others• No equipment purchase • Purchase phone system• Benefit of staff w/out • Space for staff space requirement• Only when needed • Expensive resources• Affordable: $249-$999 • Costly: $1,200 - $3,500 per month www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • What services do we provide?• Live Receptionist• Multiple extensions• Call screening• Professional Social Media Presence• Never give out your cell number again• Custom greetings• Custom call routing www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • We give businesses the capability to:• Compete effectively• Look bigger than they are• Sound more professional• Provide Excellent Customer Service• Increase their capabilities• Increase their profitability www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • No added capabilities and resources required:•No equipment to purchase•No New Employees•No technology to learn or use•No space requirements www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • We Can Handle All Your Professional Business Communications www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • Let Us Handle Your Social Media andInternet Presence As Professionally As We Handle Your Phone Calls www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • The Internet and Social Media is No Longer An Option For Business www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • It Is A Important As Having A PhoneNumber and Will Grow In Importance www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • Contact Us Now For Your Custom Internet Marketing Plan www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • LOST CALLS = LOST MONEY“When I am working on a job or out making sales I can’tanswer my phone and I know I have lost jobs. Callersresponding to my ads don’t leave messages, they call mycompetitors. Since using Front Office Staff my sales haveincreased close to 20%.”Aaron Whitfield,Diamond Carpet Care and Repair www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • LOST CALLS = LOST MONEY“When I am in a meeting or traveling, it is a relief knowingmy calls are being attended to by someone who knows mybusiness. I can get so much more work done now and nothave to worry about missing a call.”Andrea Raymond, Appletree Advertisting www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • Let Us Help You With Your Success Story!! www.FrontOfficeStaff.com
  • Fill Out This Form Belowwww.FrontOfficeStaff.com