Potty Training Guide 1: How Do You Know Your Baby Is Ready To Start Potty Training?


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Potty Training Guide 1: How Do You Know Your Baby Is Ready To Start Potty Training?

  1. 1. Potty Training Centre Potty Training Guide 1: How Do You Know Your Baby Is Ready To Start Potty Training? Learn how to find out when it is right to train your child for toilet. This guide takes you through the first step of potty training. It would reveal the few signs that tell you to start potty training for your child. Read over and learn how to start potty training for your child and forget about the public accidents that happen every now and then. Dennis Yew Author, Parentaneur As a parent, specially a mother, it can become one of the toughest tasks on the planet to begin potty training for their children. They are simply unaware of how to go about this process. In fact, first time parents are so nervous that they would rather buy endless packs of pull up diapers for their children and put an end to their public embarrassment that learn how a ‘real’ potty training system works. However, the reality is that you have to start with the potty training and learn the potty training how to sooner or later. The point here is that if your child is not potty trained at a younger stage, they might actually become more reluctant to start this kind of training later. 1
  2. 2. Potty Training Centre Obviously, you can expect spending more time and energy later. This leads to more frustration and makes you believe that parenting is the most difficult task on earth. You must understand that children and all their developmental activities can be handled with ease, if only you pay attention to their growth and understand which time is right. All that you need is a method to follow. The first step in this direction is to know when to start potty training. If you know that the time is right, you can always find the right method and start working on the same. Every child is different and they would have many different ways of letting you know about their pee accidents. No one can ‘define’ an age where children must learn to start potty training. It would be a kind of an injustice to kids to make them all start potty training without even knowing if they are ready for the same or not. Below, I am sharing with you a few telltale signs that would let you know that your child is ready for potty training. 2
  3. 3. Potty Training Centre  Co-ordinated physical activity Can your child walk steadily now? If they do, then it is time that they should be trained for potty. It is not a good time to potty train your child when they can’t even walk or stand properly. This would only be making you waste your efforts. If you have to pick them up and place them on the toilet seat every now and then, then you are simply not making your efforts count. Plus, your child would get irritated and would start to move away from the process altogether. So make sure that they are a little more independent when it comes to muscle movements.  Fair amount of urine If you have started to see that your child lets out a good amount of urine each time, then you can start the potty training. This can be the reason why the diapers are now heavily soiled. Time to discard them and start the training.  Predictable bowel times Many parents are worried about when to start potty training their child. A good sign for this is to check whether your child has started better bowel movements or not. Their time would also be more or less predictable now and you would be able to judge it equally well. 3
  4. 4. Potty Training Centre  The Dry Period If your child has dry spells for at least two hours in continuation and if he is not soiling his diapers during his naps, then they have started developing more bladder control and can hold their urine for longer. This is the perfect sign that would tell you when to start potty training.  Calmer behavior If your child has started to learn how to sit down at a place for at least 2 to 5 minutes before he starts to move, he can become very cooperative during the potty training. They would likely be able to pull their pants up and down and is generally not resistant to anything new.  Other behavioral changes Your child would not like dirty diapers anymore and this can work as a great motivation for them. Additionally, they would make a noise or do something to get your attention when he passes stools or urine. This may include a grunting sound, a squatting position or anything similar.  Cognitive Signs Your child would now have a word for pee and stools. They might even start showing more bladder control and would generally start ‘telling’ you that they need to go. 4
  5. 5. Potty Training Centre Conclusion Finding the right time to start potty training is very important to prevent any unnecessary waste of effort and time which is always followed by more frustration and irritation from both parents and the child. Proper strategies are important in potty training as it can lead to happier parents and children. Besides, you will enjoy more the sweet moments with your child and thus the bonding between you and your baby is strengthened even stronger. The benefits are just plenty that I can only list down a few. In this guide I have shared with you some important points how to tell if your baby is ready to start potty training. It is not difficult to identify it. Your patience and observation are important to give you a good head start of potty training. I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and benefited from it. If you want to get more guides from me do go to Potty Training Centre to sign up free membership. You will also get a FREE guidebook and an educational video instantly! To your success of being a HAPPY PARENT, Dennis Yew Author, Parentaneur P/S: You are recommended to read the next guide: Potty Training Guide 2: Pre-Potty Training Do’s and Don’ts. Do find it out from the same place where you found this guide! 5