What is blogger engagement?


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These slides are relevant for organisations and brands interested to strengthen their digital presence using blogger engagement as part of their Public relations strategy.

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What is blogger engagement?

  1. 1. What is Blogger Engagement?
  2. 2. Blogosphere Engagement Is the process of connecting, participatingand interacting with blogs and bloggers thatare relevant to your value proposition. Is the act of getting influential bloggers totalk about your brand.
  3. 3. What is an influencer? a person who has a say in the decision-making process. The individual(s) who will influence(s) thedecision but may not necessarily use theproduct Individuals who affect purchasingdecisions, usually the ones that haveconducted research on specifications andpricing
  4. 4. Why engage bloggers? Its just good customer service.When peopleblog about their opinions, it shows thatengagement about the brand is real andauthentic.
  5. 5. Why engage bloggers? there are blogs which are increasingly asinfluential as the press.
  6. 6. Xiaxue6
  7. 7. The rise & influence ofbloggers 7
  8. 8. 8Bloggers becomingmore mainstream
  9. 9. Diner en Blanc saga reminded usabout the influence and power ofBloggers
  10. 10.  90% of consumers trust recommendationsfrom people they know and 70% of themtrust consumer opinions that are postedonline.
  11. 11. Why is CGM important?11(Nielsen BuzzMetrics)
  12. 12. Some compelling facts Brand mentions on the internet are the bestway to get users to visit your site to learnmore about your brand. Ninety five percent of the top 100 USnewspaper have reporter blogs. Four in five bloggers post brand or productreviews, with 37% posting them frequently. 184 million people world wide have started ablog
  13. 13. Double-edged sword Engaging with bloggers can, though, be adouble-edged sword. Get it right and theperception of your company can beimproved. Get it wrong, and word will travel fast.
  14. 14. Are you ready? You don’t really have a choice if you want tobuild a strong online presence about yourbrand.
  15. 15. How to do it properly? whether your company is actually ready tolaunch itself on a blogger engagementprogramme? To understand who you should be approaching. Decide on the approach. Craft the content.
  16. 16. Three Simple principles forsuccess Respect Delivery Transferrable value
  17. 17. Respect Treat every blogger equally Treat each blogger as the expert Take at least 10-15 minutes to read their bioand a few posts. Don’t talk above them Encourage transparency Expose yourself, don’t hide your realpersonality in the shade
  18. 18. Delivery Bloggers are connected Stuffing an email down their throat isn’t thebest way of going about things. Try to figure out the optimal communicationmedium for connecting with them
  19. 19. Transferable Value Offer them something that is of relevantvalue Talk to them because they are of relevance Be Creative
  20. 20. Top 5 bloggers in Singapore
  21. 21. No. 1 XiaxueLifestyleEntertainmentGossips
  22. 22. No. 2 Lester ChanITGadgetsElectronics
  23. 23. No. 3 Lady Iron ChefFoodDesserts
  24. 24. No. 4 Mr Brown
  25. 25. No. 5 Ieat. Ishoot.ipost – Drleslie Tay
  26. 26. Blogger campaigns arebecoming morepopular…
  27. 27. My Melbourne Experience
  28. 28. Best Job in the World
  29. 29. Maximum Creativity with myExilim
  30. 30. So how do we go about doing it?
  31. 31. Engage bloggers? Engage a PR agency to manage your bloggermanagement projects.
  32. 32. Want to Engage Bloggers? Create a master list of bloggers and be sure youknow their specialisation (i.eFood, Lifestyle, Beauty,Travel, Business, Parenting, etc)
  33. 33. Engage bloggers? Focus on the transferable value. Why shouldthey care about your brand?
  34. 34. Engage Bloggers? Make friends with bloggers. Follow them onFacebook andTwitter.
  35. 35. Engage Bloggers? Design a blogger contest that will make themand their readers excited.
  36. 36. Engage bloggers? Think Editorial. Provide bloggers with socialpress releases and invites.
  37. 37. Engage Bloggers? Give them the space to express themselves.Never ask them to show you their workbefore they publish.
  38. 38. By dennis toh, a Social Media and PR practitionerin Singapore.