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am i your


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60 seconds of where I'm at my best and worst. If your passions look a bit like mine, I might just be your next great hire. …

60 seconds of where I'm at my best and worst. If your passions look a bit like mine, I might just be your next great hire.


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  • 1. Thanks for dropping in.If you’ll let me, I’d like to take a quick lapand share 4 things with you:1. what Google says about me.2. what Google doesn’t say about me.3. where I’m at my best.4. where I’m at my worst.ready, set…click II live …this is where live …this is where
  • 2. …this is was my resume
  • 3. …this is where I live(and what it looked like in 1890).
  • 4. …this is what Google … …says about me
  • 5. not everything,but at least the top 3 things you’ll find on Google
  • 6. @dennissmith smithtx
  • 7. here’s the problem:Google leaves out 99% of what defines me(who i am ~ what i do)
  • 8. but hey, 30 minutes & a cup of coffee provides mucho clarification(let me know when you’re game)
  • 9. …this is what Google won’t tell you …about me
  • 10. I am Versatile: skilled with budgets, teams, and c-level executives. I am a Connector: driven by the prospect of bringing people together and creating something new, and much bigger than ourselves. I am Optimistic: “There is “no limit to what people with different strengths and perspectives can create together.” - M. Buckingham I am Interested: in opportunities with like-minded, metric-driven talent acquisition pros.I am drawn to Oa, avao;ab;eTO YOU I am DRAWN
  • 11. where i’m at my best
  • 12. using data to drive decisions “smart decisions based on the facts”
  • 13. leveraging social technology “impacting the entire talent acquisition process/experience”
  • 14. solving problems “great big, hairy, messy problems everyone else avoids”
  • 15. thinking on purpose “robotic, expected, tunnel-vision is so 60 seconds ago”
  • 16. learning Quickly “6th sense forfiguring out how to go from 0 - 100, pronto”
  • 17. engaging teams “building effective, world-conquering teams one heart at a time”
  • 18. where i’m at my worst
  • 19. 6 things NOT on my bucket list:1. work without purpose 4. death by Meeting2. quit coffee 5. watch the clock3. passive Leadership 6. being serious 24/7
  • 20. regardless of where i live orwork, those things just aren’t in myDNA… On the other hand….
  • 21. 6 things that never grow old1. a challenge 4. living the brand2. active leadership 5. building great teams3. strong coffee 6. conquering the world
  • 22. i know…..that last bullet (#6) is a bit ambitious ~
  • 23. but great recruiters have to at least think“conquering the world” is possible, right?
  • 24. if you think that’s a no brainer, then…
  • 25. 1. maybe we should talk2. because i like to help people3. turn the worldupside down .4
  • 26. do you?
  • 27. if so…
  • 28. i just might be your…
  • 29. NextGreatHire
  • 30. you can find me at… (or, any of the following….)
  • 31. 214.718.1798 sjm.dennis.smith