Online content marketing for publishers


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This slidedeck is an introduction into content marketing for publishers.

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Online content marketing for publishers

  1. 1. online content marketingfor publishers.introduction to leveraging yourexpertise and content.dennis saaltink2013
  2. 2. the rise of content marketing  64% of marketers consider content marketing to be more important than strategies used by US B2B marketers in advertising (% of respondents), 2012  86% of B2C marketers are using it Content Marketing 87 SEO / SEM 67  55% of B2C marketers will increase budgets on it over the next 12 months Events 62 PR 56  between 18 and 40% of marketing budgets are allocated to it Traditional Advertising* 26 Other 15  87% of B2B marketers do it result: brands need to become publisherssource: Econsultancy / Adobe, 2012 ; BtoB Magazine, Sep 2012 / Curata, Nov 2012 / Content Marketing Institute, 2012
  3. 3. the good news + you are a publisher already! +brands need you have tons of to become great content publishers + you can help other brands be publishers
  4. 4. the bad news - it will happen at the expense ofbrands need advertising budgets to become - publishers you will get more competitors with good content
  5. 5. the big question are you using your content only as a product you can sell? brands need to become are you also using publishers your expertise as a marketing tool to get customers?
  6. 6. enter content marketing “the translation of an organization’s knowledge and contentmarketing = expertise into distributable content to drive valuable prospect and customer action.”
  7. 7. wait a minute… yes. if you believe content is the best you’ve got.“we should giveaway content – it will help you build trust. for free?” and trust is the ultimate thing a brand can have. [ obviously, you don’t give it all away for free.. ]
  8. 8. goals of content marketinggoal measure1. drive sales revenue2. make customers happier retention3. save cost cost [ these are strategic marketing goals! ]
  9. 9. content marketing is answering real questions business question answer leaddescription customer question or content created by the stepping stone to problem drives online user marketer provides the conversion is created behavior solution example “By the way, you might “Here’s a practical guide. “I want to buy a house. be interested in these It will help you manage How does that work?” attractive mortgage the process.” rates.” here’s where you build trust here’s where you develop preference for your business
  10. 10. inspiration what are the 20 most frequently asked questionsabout your product or service?like: how do i use this product? how do i solve this problem? how do i minimize risk? how do i maximize opportunity? where do i need to think about when buying a product like this? what do other people think about this product?
  11. 11. content marketing in the funnel sell more“this is us and this is “sell” your product or what we do” service to a marketable person customer upsell brand lead customer customer awareness generation acquisition service customer retention make a person help a customer “marketable”, i.e. optimize use of your specified and product or service accessible give your customers something extra
  12. 12. formats in the funnel customer upsell brand lead customer customer awareness generation acquisition service customer format retention your website article video infographic (buying) guide b2c product spec sheet & newsletter b2b demo instructional checklist decision tree calculator slideshow report b2b whitepaper specific webinar case study
  13. 13. the mechanism your people and your business hold translate your knowledge into basic huge amounts of knowledge on your (digital) content – content that re-format your content to fit the markets, products and customers answers real questions various platforms you will use guide formats whitepaper article your valuable your business content slideshow knowledge report checklist video webinar infographic newsletter tap into the relevant reach andyou hand-over your qualified reputation already accumulatedleads to sales – and generate by content and social platforms more business audiences platforms prospect p environment social you “receive” prospects in an content and social platforms environment specifically tuned to meet reinforce each other in their additional information needs – but addressing specific information also to make them “marketable” needs of your audiences
  14. 14. in other words it’s about: translating your knowledge into contentformatting the content for different channels making the reached audience marketable
  15. 15. content is the missing link between search and social social search social networkers stumble searchers have a mission across interesting stuff they won’t stop until their a latent need may surface problem is solved [ focus on interesting content ] [ focus on functional content ] demand generation demand fulfillment
  16. 16. rise of content marketing is driven by ROI long term relevance branding SEO better conversion = high value great ROI low cost content creation distribution cost
  17. 17. 6 questions publishers need to address 1. what are the 20 most asked questions by your1 customers? 2. to answer these questions, what content is2 available and what is lacking? 3. on what content and social platforms are your3 (prospective) customers present? 4. can you re-format the content to match the4 selected channels? 5. what information do you need from a prospect to5 make him marketable? 6. will your sales department properly deal with the6 leads you deliver?
  18. 18. and 8 tips to get started1 be neutral - people will distrust any1. 1. 5 re-format and re-use – this is not organization which only promotes about being lazy, it’s about being itself smart2.2 be timeless – timeless content has a 2. 6 put it all on your website – once you long shelf life and helps drive have created great content, don’t positive ROI forget to enrich your own website3.3 address a real problem – this will 3. 7 tell the world – press releases and make your content relevant to your posts on Twitter and Facebook about audience your new piece of content4 pay attention to style – people have4. 4. 8 connect to business objectives – a a built-in radar for crappy content piece of content is only great if it supports business objectives
  19. 19. “To me, a brand is trust” Steve Jobs
  20. 20. about I’ve gained vast online media experience in various B2C and B2B publishers in the Netherlands. I was active in many roles, including online product manager, online publisher and innovation manager, at large media companies such as Sanoma Media en Reed Business. At Reed Business, I was ultimately appointed Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for strategy and business development. I’ve studied International Business at the University of Maastricht. Currently, I’m the CEO and Founder of CheckZis. > > +31 6 2039 0289dennis saaltink