Union church of manila


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Union church of manila

  1. 1. Union Church of ManilaPeople of all nations United, Centered, and Maturing in Christ. By: Lee, Tze-Yi BS ARCHITECTURE / 11195177
  2. 2. Location• The Union Church of Manila is located at the corner of Rada and Legaspi Streets, Legazpi Village, Makati City (two blocks from Greenbelt 1).
  3. 3. “Union church of Manila is an English-speaking, self- supporting, evangelical Protestant congregation, established in 1914, in response to the needs of growing American population. We welcome people of all nations and denominational backgrounds as we continue to fulfill the unique calling to serve theneeds of the international community. We seek to be a worshipping, praying, studying, caring, servant community, centered in Jesus Christ as Lord. Wepreach Christ as attested to in the Scriptures that all might become mature in Him.” -UCM
  4. 4. About UCM..• Founded in 1914 by American Protestant missionaries that came to the Philippines to spread the Good News.• It is a non-denominational evangelical chiurch.• It is an international evangelical, English- speaking church. Wherein people from all nations are welcomed to attend the services.
  5. 5. 3 Different Services• 1ST Service: • 2nd Service: Contemporary Service Traditional Service – This service starts – This service starts from 8:30 am – 10:00 from 10:30 am – 12:00 am. nn. – This service is the – This service is the called the called the traditional contemporary service service because it has because of the lively more traditional style of praise and elements of a church worship team. The service such as choir, worship team the robe worn by the members plays pastor, and even with instruments such as the use of piped organ  Piano, synthesizer, and piano as the main instruments for
  6. 6. 3 Different Services• 3rd Service: Contemporary Service with Communion – This service starts from 12:30 am – 2:00 pm. – This service is different from the first contemporary service mainly because of the practice of communion every Sunday in order to remind people of the death of Christ and celebrate for His glory until He comes again. – Less formality in terms of clothing is required for both the people attending and the pastors. As for the worship team, they also play instruments such as piano, synthesizer, electric guitar, bass,
  7. 7. Beliefs and Values“Our beliefs find simple expression in the Apostles Creed, the profession of faithconfessed by Christians around the world formillenia. We are a church that values grace,generosity, and the call to Christian discipleshipas expressed by Jesus Christ.”“Here at UCM, people from different continents,different walks of life, and different places intheir walk with Christ find a home. Amidst thiswonderful diversity is the stillpoint of JesusChrist - our center, our Lord, our savior, and
  8. 8. Pastors of the Church• Rev. Steve L. Ruetschle, Senior Pastor. – Pastor Steve serves as the living testimony of Christ’s miracle because his miraculous healing of his whole body paralysis after a dreadful car accident that almost took his life last July 2010. A fund raising concert of Gary Valenciano was event held in greenbelt
  9. 9. Pastors of the Church• Rev. Scott T. Loo, Executive Pastor. – Pastor Scott was born and raised in Oakland, California. –  His own story as a third generation, Chinese American creates insight and understanding into the challenges and opportunities of living in a multi-cultural setting such as Manila.
  10. 10. Pastors of the Church• Rev. Charlie Pridmore, Interim Pastor for Preaching and Pastoral Care. –  particularly known for his practical sermons and clever sense of humor. – Rev. Charlie Pridmore was the Associate Pastor of Union Church of Manila from 1988-1992, became Interim Pastor after Dr. Gordon Smith left in 1992 and was promoted to Senior Pastor in 1993, remaining in this position until 1999.
  11. 11. Ministries of UCM• Childrens Ministries – The Children’s Ministry welcomes children of all nations, ages 1 day to 12 years old (or older in Grade 6) to its regular Sunday School  program.  Sunday School is offered during all three worship services.• Women’s Ministry• Care Ministry
  12. 12. Ministries of UCM• Missions and Benevolence – is a mobilization arm of the Missions and Benevolence Committee of UCM that introduces the people of UCM to its Ministry Partners and shares Christs love and compassion to them through meaningful involvement in mission work. Example: Thursdays for Others- it is a program wherein the church goes to public schools or hospitals to help and spread the Good News to the needy.
  13. 13. Pictures• The weekly Order of Worship:
  14. 14. Pictures of the Church• Exterior
  15. 15. Interior• Ceiling Cross
  16. 16. Worship Hall
  17. 17. Falling in line for Communion
  18. 18. Praise and Worship Team
  19. 19. Offerings
  20. 20. After Service Get Together Fellowship• Basement
  21. 21. Children’s Area during Service (2nd Floor View)
  22. 22. • My Picture after the service:
  23. 23. For more information:• Please visit http://www.unionchurch.ph/.• For service videos, please go to this site directly: http://www.unionchurch.ph/index.php/home/all
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