Alyssa santos st. michael church iglesia catholica filipina independiente


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Alyssa santos st. michael church iglesia catholica filipina independiente

  1. 1. Iglesia Catholica Filipina Independiente PARISH OF ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL Bacoor, Cavite “Paroqquia ng Maria Clara”
  2. 2. Our Logo
  3. 3. Mons. Gregorio Aglipay y Labayan D.D Unang Obispo Maximo
  4. 4. History… Melchora Aquino Teodora Alonzo They were some of the members of our Church Trinidad Famy during the early time Mother of Emilio Aguinaldo
  5. 5. Historically, the town of Bacoor was the first seat of the Philippine Revolutionary Government and the scene of the famous Battle of Zapote, Catographically, B acoor is the gateway of the province of Cavite, cradle of the revolution.
  6. 6. After the proclamation of the Iglesia Catolica Filipina Independiente in Manila on August 2, 1902, the people of Bacoor declared also their independence from the authority of the pope of Rome. 1902
  7. 7. Two Temporary Church buildings were constructed, one after the other, located within the Poblacion. 1906-1912
  8. 8. Blessing of the chapel in Barrio Dulong Bayan. 1950
  9. 9. Establishment of the Bacoor Parish School 1965
  10. 10. Consecration of the Rev. Fr. Jose Maria Alix Montenegro, Sr. as Bishop in the Church of God.  Bishop Montenegro, A native of Bauan, Batangas and a Former Roman Catholic Priest, was Diocesan Bishop of Cavite from 1957 until he passed away on February 19, 1966 August 18, 1957
  11. 11. The Rev. Lewis T. Lucea was ordained to the Sacred order of the Priesthood by the Right Reverend Alberto Ramento, Bishop of Cavite.  He was considered to be the first ordained priest, native of Bacoor who received formal theological education and granted a bachelor’s degree May 22, 1978
  12. 12. Rev. Lewis T. Lucea
  13. 13. Serious conflict in the church which lead to its division, one under Bishop Macario V. Ga and one under Bishop Abdias dela Cruz. April, 1980
  14. 14.  Consecration of Rev. Fr. Lewis T. Lucea as Consecration of Rev. Msgr. of God. Domestic Prelate in the Church Lewis T. Lucea as Bishop in Christ’s Msgr. Montenegro, II a native of Rizal, laguna was theApostolic Bacoor Holy Catholic and founder of Parish School, Rector of Bacoor From Church August 2,1949 until he passed away on September 3, 1984 October 5, 1983 March 19, 1995
  15. 15. Our Church at Bacoor, Cavite
  16. 16. Our Church at Bacoor, Cavite
  17. 17. Our Church at Bacoor, Cavite
  18. 18. Our Church at Bacoor, Cavite
  19. 19. Bacoor Parochial School
  20. 20. Bacoor Parochial School
  21. 21. Bacoor Parochial School
  22. 22. God Bless you all! The end.
  23. 23. In loving memory of Bishop Lewis