Managing Up!


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A brief presentation on the art and science of managing up (managing your boss)

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Managing Up!

  1. 1. Presented to Tuesday Leadshare by Dennis Taylor, Paradigm Solutions Tuesday, April 7, 2009
  2. 2. Everybody has a boss…! Some are internal  (see your organizational chart) and some are external (customers) to the organization America has an abundance of underprepared  and over-promoted managers (causes pain for employees) America has a plethora of unmotivated,  uninspired and reactive employees who lack fundamental work ethic (causes pain for bosses)
  3. 3. Bosses often need to be managed because:  ◦ They have been underdeveloped & over- promoted ◦ They may be managers but are not leaders – may fear change vs. drive it ◦ They cannot “let go”; delegation is the last key skill most good managers learn ◦ Expectations have not been developed and clearly communicated to them or to you ◦ Levels of authority, responsibility and accountability have not been defined to them or to you
  4. 4. Know and understand your boss’s “hot  buttons”; learn what is important to them (peeves, likes/dislikes) Proactively communicate with your boss (it’s  a two-way process) Define and document expectations and your  levels of responsibility, authority and accountability with your boss Take leadership; own and drive initiatives,  communicate successes and achievements
  5. 5. Volunteer for projects; take stuff away from  your boss and help make it happen for them Don’t deliver problems to your boss – instead  offer solutions (multiple choice if possible) Be transparent – maintain integrity and  honesty at all times. Communicate concerns and bad news early (be prepared with solutions & recommendations) Use “management by exception” to move  projects/initiatives forward
  6. 6. Capitalize on your boss’s strengths and  recognize/compensate for their weaknesses Seek objective feedback from your boss, and  not just once a year Seek your boss’s advice and guidance when  needed – it is appreciated Practice being a good salesperson – sell ideas  and plans to your boss by highlighting benefits and positive outcomes – steer them - be persistent but not overbearing
  7. 7. What is your net value to the organization  and what will you do to increase your value…? How do you interact with and manage  others…? If asked, what would your employees or customers tell your boss about you…? How is your personal job performance…are  you delighted with your own work…? Are you part of the boss’s problem, or part of  the boss’s solution…?
  8. 8. Paradigm Solutions 8170 Quail Drive  Catlett, VA 20119 Phone: 540.788.9330  Fax: 540.788.1765 Web: Email:
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