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  1. 1. LE BONHEUR CHILDREN’S PEDIATRIC On The Inside Appointment Set To Create CDC, notes Every day, top- Le Bonheur Partnership notch physicians choose not only Bryan Williams, Ph.D., an environmental to practice at epidemiologist-toxicologist at Le Bonheur Le Bonheur, but to Children’s, has been named deputy chief at share their knowl- the Centers for Disease Control and edge. Prevention. These doctors The new appointment could lay the Dr. Russell Chesney aren’t just sharing groundwork for Le Bonheur to be a national their skills and knowledge with leader in studying the effects of environmen- future caregivers at Le Bonheur. tal toxins on children. They are reaching beyond our walls Through the National Center for – even beyond our country’s borders Environmental Health, Williams will partner – to collaborate with other health with Le Bonheur to study how exposure to care professionals. toxins – largely heavy metals, dioxins, In this edition of Pediatric Notes, pesticides, and PCBs –- through air, water, you’ll read about our mobile health land and housing affect children’s neurologi- division launching a new partnership cal development. Williams hopes to set the with the Children’s Health Fund, in stage for Le Bonheur to be part of the Bryan Williams, Ph.D., will use his an effort to deliver primary care to National Children’s Study, which examines CDC appointment to partner with Le Bonheur. children in underserved neighbor- the effects of environmental influences on hoods throughout West Tennessee. the health and development of more than You’ll also read about an effort Exploring neurological disorders 100,000 children. to share information on childhood “I’d really like to see Le Bonheur become In his new role, Williams will work closely obesity and diabetes with physicians nationally recognized as a leader in children’s with Le Bonheur’s Neuroscience Institute in China, and about a pediatric environmental research,” Williams said. studying childhood neurological disorders – cardiac surgical program in India particularly autism. that was established with help from “The concern of an environmental toxin Le Bonheur physicians. Le Bonheur’s laying the groundwork affecting a child’s development is a common Finally, read about an epileptol- Williams has worked inside the Children’s question of parents,” said Dr. James Wheless, ogist and sleep neurophysiologist Foundation Research Center at Le Bonheur director of the Neuroscience Institute. who will soon serve as a visiting for the past year, studying exposure to lead, “Nowhere has this been truer than in professor of the University of West mercury and pesticides. childhood neurological disorders for which Indies while establishing a “Bryan has a strong science background, we do not understand the cause.” telemedicine program between our great knowledge of the epidemiology side of He and his group plan to continue institute and the university. environmental health and a strong biostatis- working with Williams to investigate Keep reading, and learn how tics background,” said Dana Barr, chief of environmental toxins for a potential Le Bonheur is working to ensure Pesticide Laboratory at the CDC. association with autism. that children all over the world have She added that his access to the “We also want to look at the possible the best possible care. resources in Le Bonheur’s Neuroscience association of non-toxic levels of multiple Dr. Russell Chesney is the Le Bonheur Institute and a new population of children – environmental agents to see if this can affect chairman of Pediatrics at the University of including African Americans, a demographic brain development in pre-school Tennessee Health Science Center. often underrepresented in similar studies – children,” Wheless said. “Historically, only the will allow the CDC and Le Bonheur to collab- effect of one toxin was looked at, and no Pediatric Notes is a quarterly orate on more informative studies in envi- one thought to look at multiple agents to 0 8 ronmental health. see if they had a combined effect.” publication for the medical staff of The CFRC will serve as a repository for Dr. Russell Chesney, chairman of the Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, samples collected through Le Bonheur. Department of Pediatrics for UTHSC, antici- produced by Le Bonheur Marketing “We have been very lucky to have Bryan pates that Williams will benefit from Le & Communications Services. based in the CFRC, and we hate to see him Bonheur’s wealth of informed physicians 2 0 april move,” said Dr. Dennis Black, director of the interested in early childhood development. Please submit comments CFRC and vice president for research at Williams also believes that Le Bonheur Le Bonheur. “However, Bryan will maintain will be key to recruiting children to studies. or story ideas by calling 287-6030. close ties with us in his new position, and we “Le Bonheur has such a positive image, it expect to see great progress with collabora- really helps with research,” Williams said. tive research to help us understand the role Nellann Mettee, Editor of environmental toxins in the neurological Jennilyn Utkov, Adviser development of children.” The primary pediatric affiliate of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center/School of Medicine
  2. 2. Le Bonheur Subspecialists physician Monica Lynch & Chris Bugnitz Add Services In S P O T L I G H T Tupelo Coming Home Medical students Bugnitz, Lynch return Le Bonheur Children’s to familiar setting at Le Bonheur Medical Center has joined forces with North Mississippi Medical For third-year University of Tennessee Center to provide pediatric medical students Monica Lynch and Chris sub-specialty services to children Bugnitz, completing their clinical rotation at in the Tupelo area, giving local Le Bonheur Children’s was a bit like coming families more specialized home. Both are children of long-time healthcare options closer to Le Bonheur employees, as well as former Le Bonheur Associates themselves. home. Chris Bugnitz is the son of Dr. Mark Located in the former Med Bugnitz, an intensivist in the Intensive Care Serve clinic at 410 Council Circle Unit and the director of the pediatric on North Mississippi Medical residency program. Chris’ decision to enter Center’s campus, the Le Bonheur Monica Lynch and Chris Bugnitz the medical field felt like a natural one, Outreach Program provides having been exposed to careers in medicine “I was able to shadow lots of different specialty services including all his life. During college and leading up to specialties, and it helped me decide what neurology, general surgery and his start in medical school, Chris worked in area I wanted to go into. As an Associate, my cardiology to Tupelo. Le Bonheur Children’s ICU as a utility aide co-workers were like family to me. And as a “NMMC has a history of and unit secretary. student, I realized what a huge role the providing great care to the Monica Lynch is the daughter of Sheon residents play at Le Bonheur.” Tupelo area. We hope we can Lynch, Le Bonheur’s director of quality Chris added, “Le Bonheur has always enhance that care by bringing improvement and medical staff services. been a second home to me. Dad is a well- Le Bonheur pediatric experts Thanks to her mother’s association with respected member of the Le Bonheur family, closer to the residents of North Le Bonheur, Monica has been able to fulfill and it was an honor to be associated with her dream of working with kids from an him as an employee.” He also commented on Mississippi,” said Meri Armour, early age, volunteering in high school and the camaraderie he felt when returning as a Le Bonheur president and CEO. working throughout college in the The physicians who see student, joking, “My fellow M3s called Ambulatory Care Clinics, Same Day Surgery, Le Bonheur my own personal ‘Cheers’ patients in Tupelo include and the Post Anesthesia Care Unit as a neurologists Dr. Ahmad Al because it seemed like everyone knew my nurse/secretary aid. name.” Hamda and Dr. Robin Morgan; According to Monica and Chris, their While Monica and Chris are still surgeons Dr. Max Langham, parents affected their children’s decisions not weighing their career options, a future in Dr. Trey Eubanks and Dr. Eunice just to enter the medical profession, but to pediatrics seems likely for both. Chris has Huang; and cardiologists work specifically with Le Bonheur. expressed interest in surgery and pediatrics, Dr. Courtney Anthony and “When I started expressing interest in a and Monica, who recently completed an Dr. Thomas Chin. career in the medical field, my mom international rotation in India, is certain that The neurologists see patients introduced me to different doctors, nurses a career with kids is in the cards. twice a month. The surgeons and physical therapists,” said Monica Lynch. and cardiologists travel to Tupelo once a month. In the future, other pediatric sub-specialty Tools To Help Patients, Families services may be expanded. Le Bonheur Children’s is offering several center videos, which help The specialists, who will new tools to help provide the best experience familiarize patients and travel to Tupelo from the possible to our patients and their families. families with Le Bonheur, Memphis area, will allow Physician referrals afford Le Bonheur an as well as facilitating families to stay closer to home. opportunity to provide exceptional care, and online access to the The clinics will also be able to the hospital has recently taken additional handbook, directions, strides to ensure that patients receive that care maps and other serve Tupelo patients who need in as comfortable a setting as possible. resources. Also online, to see specialists, but can’t travel To help familiarize patients and families Le Bonheur provides to Memphis to see them. with Le Bonheur Children’s facilities and access to health information, available For more information or to resources, a series of materials has been to help families both at home and in the schedule an appointment, please developed which can be accessed both in hospital better understand their child’s call the Le Bonheur Children’s hospital and via The new condition and treatment. Referral and Resource Center at materials include a patient and family hand- “These materials provide patients and 1-866-870-5570. book, which guides families through their stay families with the tools they need to find by providing information about their care quality pediatric care and ensure a comfort- team, hospital amenities, and other helpful able stay,” said Robert Riikola, M.D., physician topics. Facility maps, which show patients and liaison at Le Bonheur. families how to access various public areas of To request copies of these materials or for the hospital quickly and easily are also more information, please call the Le Bonheur available. Referral and Resource Center at 901-287-PEDS Thirdly, Le Bonheur offers online welcome or 1-866-870-5570. 2
  3. 3. RSV Researcher Makes Gains In Nurses Conduct Finding Treatments Study On Bedside Leading RSV investigator blocking oncogenic proteins that cause Reporting Dr. John DeVincenzo has cancer and applications to other diseases as taken another step toward wide-ranging as genetic diseases such as A research study conducted finding effective treatment cystic fibrosis and other common diseases by Le Bonheur neuroscience for the disease. such as cardiovascular disease. DeVincenzo’s nurses is studying the effects of Clinical trials of ALN- RSV study is the first definitive proof that bedside reporting on patient RSV01, a treatment that RNA-interference-based therapeutics can and family satisfaction. The Dr. John DeVincenzo applies new RNA processing work in humans. nursing staff on 5 South, discoveries, demonstrated He is working with Alnylam Le Bonheur’s neuroscience unit, that the drug was safe and had statistically Pharmaceuticals to develop the treatment. initiated this six-month study in significant anti-viral activity in experimentally He presented the complete results of the October 2007 after approval by infected adults. The treatment showed a study at the International Symposium on Methodist’s Institutional reduced infection rate from approximately Respiratory Viral Infections meeting in Research Board. 70 percent to 40 percent and doubled the Singapore in early March. While Le Bonheur’s critical number of uninfected subjects. DeVincenzo is using the process of RNAi care units already use this “ALN-RSV01 offers a potential new to target RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus – therapeutic approach for the treatment of the leading cause of bronchiolitis and pneu- method to transition between RSV infection, a serious respiratory viral monia among infants and children younger shifts, bedside reporting is a new disease that leads to the hospitalization of than 1 year of age, according to the Centers tactic for medical/surgical units. nearly 300,000 pediatric and adult patients for Disease Control. Nurse-to-nurse bedside reporting annually in the U.S. alone,” said DeVincenzo. The clinical trial, named GEMINI, was a happens when the outgoing DeVincenzo, an investigator at the double-blind, placebo-controlled, random- nurse and the oncoming nurse Children’s Foundation Research Center ized study of ALN-RSV01 in 88 healthy adult discuss the patient’s condition located at Le Bonheur Children’s Medical subjects experimentally infected with a and care plan while in the Center and the University of Tennessee, is wild-type clinical strain of RSV developed and patient’s room. Family members attempting to develop the first human manufactured from one of DeVincenzo’s are encouraged to be involved therapeutic that uses the 2006 Nobel Prize study patients at Le Bonheur. DeVincenzo’s during this process by asking winning discovery of RNA interference, or GEMINI study’s results and their potential questions and sharing concerns. RNAi. impact on human health were reviewed in Previously, the oncoming “Harnessing RNA interference could be the Wall Street Journal in early March. staff listened to the outgoing used to conceptually treat many diseases,” The next stage in developing the staff report on each patient on DeVincenzo said. “RNA interference can treatment will be to conduct Phase II trials in the floor – although each nurse theoretically block the production of any naturally infected adult patients. Subsequent only cared for three or four disease-causing protein.” studies involving children are being planned. patients. In a pre-survey, 5 South Thus, its potential application includes nurses said numerous interruptions during report Echocardiography Lab Earns resulted in fragmented, lengthy and disorganized reporting. Region’s First Accreditation While the study is on-going, the nursing team has already Le Bonheur has standard of child- noticed benefits. “Many of our been named by a focused care,” said patients have a long medical national organization as Dr. Vijay Joshi, medical history. Bedside reporting a top pediatric echocar- director of cardiovascu- empowers parents to ask diography laboratory. lar services. questions or explain their child’s The lab is the first pedi- Children who may specific needs. This allows and atric accredited lab in have acquired heart encourages parents to be more the state and the region disease or congenital involved in the care,” said Jessica including Kentucky, heart defects are Edwards, RN, one of the nurses Arkansas and referred to Le Bonheur’s leading the study. Mississippi. echocardiography The new method of report- The Intersocietal laboratory by a pediatri- ing encourages accountability Le Bonheur’s Echocardiography Laboratory team Commission for the cian or cardiologist. within the nursing team. The recently received accreditation for its work. Accreditation of Le Bonheur’s team also one-on-one time also provides a Echocardiography Laboratories, or ICAEL, serves the Newborn Center at the Regional built-in classroom for more accredited Medical Center. experienced nurses to teach Le Bonheur’s transthoracic and Transthoracic and transesophageal younger ones about clinical skills transesophageal echocardiograph services. echocardiography provide ultrasound images and patient interaction. Another ICAEL is an organization that has set the of the heart, allowing physicians to analyze added benefit is that nurses say national standards for echocardiography anatomy, function, pressure and blood flow. bedside reporting is a better use labs. Le Bonheur’s Cardiac Institute utilizes the “An echo is only as good as the person skills of pediatric cardiologists, cardiothoracic of time. performing it. The ICAEL designation demon- surgeons and a specially trained staff of strates that our team is committed to a high pediatric experts. 3
  4. 4. T O U C H I N G Physician Shares Knowledge On Childhood Obesity A Le Bonheur physician who has been explosive growth, and western watched American children battle obesity influences like McDonald’s and Burger King and diabetes is helping physicians in China are the norm. Kids are also playing more with their similar, newfound dilemma. video games and exercising less. Dr. Dennis Black, director of the And though schools in China do a better Children’s Foundation Research Center and job of encouraging physical activity, students Le Bonheur vice president for Research, are also challenged with competitive exams recently returned from a trip to Beijing and spend much of their time studying. Children’s Hospital, where he spoke to col- Endocrinologists are as overbooked in leagues about China as they are in the United States – as childhood obesity. Type II diabetes continues to grow. “They’re very interested in what we’re Black’s lecture focused on the environ- doing,” said Black said. “Now, they are mental influences and genetics of obesity – Dr. Dennis Black, left, with Dr. Chunxiu Gong, where we were five to 10 years ago.” along with affects of lifestyle. It also covered director of the Pediatric Endocrinology Black says that China is battling the treatment approaches, including drugs and Department at Beijing Children's Hospital. problem in urban areas, where there has medically necessary bariatric surgery. There may also be opportunity for Black, who was appointed a merit collaboration between Beijing Children’s professor at Beijing Children’s Hospital and its Hospital, Le Bonheur and the Children’s affiliated Capital Medical University, thinks Foundation Research Center in the areas of his Memphis colleagues could learn from basic and clinical research, as well as those in China as well. exchange fellowships and professorships. China’s success with battling obesity with Black hopes to continue to exchange strong intervention programs is something ideas on pediatric obesity intervention with Americans should pay close attention to, his new colleagues in China. He points out Black said. that Memphis is one of the worst U.S. cities “The prevalence of obesity has decreased for childhood obesity and Type II diabetes. in a few urban locations with some of their “We’ve had a long, difficult struggle intervention programs,” Black said, adding with obesity in this country, and we can Lighted signs at an outpatient clinic in Beijing that their intervention techniques are often always benefit from new perspectives and Children’s Hospital display patients’ names as they more regimented than those in the United approaches,” Black said. are called to be seen. States. Le Bonheur Epileptologist To Share Expertise with Caribbean Dr. Dave Clarke, an teleconferences and lectures. facilitate this interaction and is eager to see epileptologist and sleep “Part of Le Bonheur’s mission to provide this program get off the ground and neurophysiologist at exceptional health care to children is to reach progress. Le Bonheur Children’s beyond our walls and help share our “This should not be perceived as a one Medical Center, was recently knowledge with other health care profes- way mentorship program, the idea is to selected by the International sionals. Dr. Clarke and the Neuroscience foster both a clinical and academic interrela- League Against Epilepsy, to Institute are leaders at treating epilepsy and tionship in which both centers may learn and Dr. Dave Clarke share his expertise with the perfect ambassadors for sharing their benefit from each others different cultural epilepsy centers in the expertise,” said Meri Armour, president of environments, patient populations and Caribbean. Clarke will serve as a visiting Le Bonheur Children’s. possibly foster new research opportunities professor at the University of the West Indies, for the institutions,” Clarke said. and also work to establish a telemedicine Clarke was also selected to establish a “ program between Le Bonheur’s Neuroscience Part of Le Bonheur’s mission ... telemedicine program between Le Bonheur Institute and the University. Children’s and physicians in Jamaica. This Clarke is one of four visiting professors is to reach beyond our walls and project will provide the pediatric neurologists selected by ILAE from North American help share our knowledge with with the knowledge and resources of the ” Epilepsy Centers to travel to Latin America or neuroscience team at Le Bonheur in dealing the Caribbean to assist in teaching medical other health care professionals. with difficult to treat epilepsy cases. professionals, students and residents about Clarke is co-director of Neurophysiology developments in epilepsy research and - Meri Armour at Le Bonheur. He also serves as an assistant treatment. Clarke will focus his work with professor for the Department of Pediatrics the Jamaican Chapter of the ILAE. He will Clarke says his goal is to foster joint and Neurology for the University of travel to the Caribbean at least four times research projects and help the epileptologists Tennessee Health Science Center. He has a the first year to teach. He hopes to include in Jamaica and the Caribbean set up a special interest in pediatric epilepsy, sleep physicians from neurosurgery, psychiatry pediatric surgical epilepsy component to related disorders in patients with epilepsy, and the entire epilepsy team, all of whom their program. Dr. Amza Ali, president of the and the neurological complications of sickle have supported his efforts, during Jamaican Chapter of the ILAE, will help to cell disease. 4
  5. 5. T H E W O R L D Le Bonheur Partners With The Children’s Health Fund This month, Le Bonheur’s Community time medical director for Outreach mobile health division launches a the Memphis Regional new partnership with the Children’s Health Children’s Health Fund to deliver intensive primary care to chil- Project, as well as net- dren and families who do not have a medical working opportunities, home. technical assistance and The Memphis Regional Children’s Health access to best practices. Project provides services to children living in This new program medically underserved neighborhoods adds another dimension throughout Memphis and rural West to Le Bonheur’s mobile Tennessee by bringing care directly to the health program. In addi- children. tion to providing health “We hope to help families learn the screenings throughout importance of having an ongoing relation- West Tennessee, the “ ship with a primary care provider who knows Le Bonheur On the their children. In this relationship, families Move” mobile unit will learn to trust and communicate with the follow a medical home Le Bonheur Community Outreach’s mobile health division will launch a new partnership with the Children’s Health Fund to deliver intensive provider as an active participant in their chil- model which allows for primary care to underserved children. dren’s health,” said Sharyn Thompson, direc- more comprehensive serv- tor of Community Health. ices. The mobile unit will communities have histories of chronic The ultimate goal is to transition these visit five communities – three in rural West asthma, diabetes, obesity, elevated blood families to local providers when the time is Tennessee and two in Memphis – twice a pressure, elevated blood lead levels and teen right, Thompson said. month. On average, about 150 children will pregnancy. Residents have limited access to The Children’s Health Fund is a nation- be seen each month. medical care despite their proximity to a wide network of 21 Children’s Health Because the case load will be much hospital system, due to a lack of transporta- Projects, with most projects consisting of smaller than that of a normal clinic setting, tion, lack of health insurance or limited mobile medical, dental and mental health the pediatrician, nurse practitioner and knowledge of available resources. units that serve children and families in registered nurse will be able to spend more The unit will provide comprehensive underserved rural and urban communities. time with families and provide health primary care in order to decrease emergency The health fund was founded in 1987 by education and training. The family-centered room visits and assist families in learning the singer/songwriter Paul Simon and pediatri- approach will address the needs of the family value of having a primary care provider. cian/child advocate Irwin Redlener, M.D. rather than just the identified child. Funding from CHF will provide a full- Children and families in these Cardiologists Travel East To Help Create Surgical Program Physicians with Le Bonheur’s Drs. Umar Boston, Antonio Cabrera Le Bonheur partnered with the Cardiovascular Institute are helping their and V. Joshi, along with nurse Abigail General Board of Global Ministries, the colleagues in India establish a pediatric Peters, made the initial visit to Dharmsinh global mission agency of The United cardiac surgical program. Desai Memorial Methodist Heart Institute Methodist Church, in this project. in Gujarat this February. Boston says to reach the goal members of Le Bonheur’s team will make regular visits to India and the DDMM physicians will visit Le Bonheur. Le Bonheur’s team saw that the need for quality pediatric heart care is great. While DDMH Heart Institute treats simple defects, there are no centers in India Have a story equipped to perform complicated pediatric cardiac surgeries. During the February visit, the idea? Le Bonheur team performed complicated Call 287-6711 or e-mail heart surgeries on 12 children and Nellann Mettee at provided post-operative care. The team A 6-year-old recovers at the Dharmisinh Desai also had the opportunity to participate in Memorial Methodist Heart Institute in Gujarat, the Indian Association of Cardiothoracic India, after surgery to repair pulmonary stenosis. Surgeons Conference. 5
  6. 6. Forum Targets Le Bonheur Breaks Ground Resources For On New Hospital Children With $327-million facility will double space for patient care, research, teaching Special Needs Le Bonheur Children’s broke ground on a new $327 million hospital on Valentine’s Day. Parents of children with The new 12-story hospital has been designed special needs learned more about around the needs of children and their local resources available to them families and will double Le Bonheur’s current at Le Bonheur Children’s recent space for patient care, research and teaching Child Advocacy Forum. when it opens in 2010. The forum gave parents the “The new Le Bonheur Children’s is truly chance to meet and network an investment in our community’s future. with other parents. They also Every great city needs a great children’s heard information on various hospital. This new hospital will provide our topics – including therapy experienced caregivers with the facility and services, different disorders and resources that will allow us to help heal hundreds of thousands of children from their affects and disability law. Hundreds of Le Bonheur Associates, physicians, across the region and country,” said Special breakout sessions donors and community members gathered on Le Bonheur President Meri Armour. taught families more about Valentine's Day to celebrate the groundbreaking Hundreds of Le Bonheur employees, everything from the diagnosis physicians, patients and families, donors, for the new Le Bonheur, set to open in 2010. and treatment of autism to how volunteers and community leaders celebrated helped break ground on the facility, as to identify feeding and the milestone with a special ceremony – children dug into a pile of dirt with nutritional problems. Parents also which was capped with the formation of a heart-shaped shovels. learned how to meet their child’s 300-person heart. Commissioner of the Tennessee needs with sensory integration Those patients and families literally Department of Health, Susan R. Cooper, and adaptive equipment. M.S.N., R.N., Memphis Mayor W.W. Herenton “Many children have and Shelby County Mayor AC Wharton all cognitive impairments and spoke about the importance of quality health behavioral disorders that are care being available to all children. secondary to neurological To date more than $82.5 million has impairment,” said Dr. Vickie been raised toward the $100 million Brewer, chief of Neuropsychology fundraising goal. at Le Bonheur. “Because these To watch a short video on the disorders are less visible, parents groundbreaking event, go to often find it difficult to obtain up and click the services that they need for Flanked by his fellow physicians, Dr. Rick Boop waves on “Groundbreaking Event.” Visitors can also their children.” at the crowd during Le Bonheur's groundbreaking watch construction of the new hospital by The goal of the forum was ceremony. clicking on the live Web cam. three fold: to connect families of children with special needs to community resources appropriate Srinivasan Joins Pulmonology Team for their children; to give parents Le Bonheur’s pediatric pulmonology study heart function. of children with special needs the team has a new member. Srinivasan also has a chance to meet and network Dr. Saumini Srinivasan has joined UT special interest in researching with other parents; and to Medical Group, Inc., with a special interest in lung involvement in patients educate those parents of the exercise stress testing. with sickle cell disease and laws that pertain to their Srinivasan said she was attracted to the long-term effects of families. Memphis because of the opportunity to chemotherapy on the lungs. A luncheon panel made up practice a wide-range of clinical pulmonology Srinivasan is board Dr. Saumini of parents offered guests further Srinivasan and the ability to pursue research interests. certified by the American insight to age specific resources. She is especially interested in exercise Board of Pediatrics and the sub-board for “The process of obtaining stress testing – assessing lung function when Pediatric Pulmonology. She completed a appropriate services for these children and adolescents have discomfort residency with the Department of Pediatrics children in school is difficult exercising. in Delhi, and also with the Department of unless you are familiar with the Consider the high school athlete who has Pediatrics at the UCLA Medical Center, UCLA process and current law. trouble during a workout. Srinivasan might School of Medicine in Los Angeles. Obtaining services in the want to check lung function prior to exercise, She completed a fellowship in pediatric community is difficult unless you let the athlete run on the treadmill, and then pulmonology at the Children’s Hospital Los are familiar with which services check lung function after exercise. The test- Angeles and the Division of Pediatric Critical would be of most benefit to your ing can help determine whether the athlete Care Medicine at Duke University School of has asthma, or some other lung problem. Medicine. child,” Brewer said. Srinivasan hopes to work with cardiologist Srinivasan’s office is located in Memphis Dr. Vijay Joshi, who runs the Exercise Stress and Germantown. To make an appointment, Testing lab and performs similar testing to call 1-866-278-4966. 6
  7. 7. CVICU Opens To Care For Hospital’s Heart Patients Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center has acquired heart disease. The CVICU will opened a new Cardiovascular Intensive Care provide an optimal setting to care for these Unit designed around the unique needs of neonates, infants and children with anatomic critically ill neonatal and pediatric patients anomalies, said Antonio Cabrera, medical with congenital heart defects. director of Le Bonheur’s Cardiovascular In America, about 36,000 children are Intensive Care Unit. born each year with a congenital heart The unit also will serve children who defect. During the last three decades, those need staged heart repairs as they grow. children are living longer, thanks to advance- Le Bonheur’s CVICU is staffed by a ments in diagnosis and treatment. At the dedicated team of pediatric intensivists, car- same time, major advancements have also diac intensivists, cardiologists, cardiothoracic been made in the field of pediatric intensive surgeons, cardiac nurse practitioners, pedi- care. atric cardiac nurses and respiratory therapists. Dr. Antonio Cabrera examines the first patient Now, those children are treated in units The unit features five large rooms, with admitted to Le Bonheur's new CVICU. dedicated to their specific needs, rather than plenty of space to accommodate the in units the primarily care for adults with patients’ families and the large medical team who work in tandem on critical cases. The team also is excited about including parents in bedside reporting. At Le Bonheur, the CVICU is located near the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on the second floor. A waiting room for parents is attached. Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center offers extensive cardiovascular services in this area, including the evaluation and treatment of all forms of congenital and acquired heart disease, hypertension, cardiac rhythm disor- ders and other related pediatric cardiology diagnoses. The Cardiac Institute is the only pediatric cardiovascular program in the Mid-South, utilizing the skills of pediatric cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and a From left, Drs. Thomas Chin, Umar Boston, Russell Chesney, Antonio Cabrera and Glenn Wetzel specially trained staff of pediatric experts. celebrate the grand opening of Le Bonheur’s CVICU. SHORTSCRIPTS Symposium To Focus On The article is titled “Use of Bedside Ultrasonography for Endotracheal Tube Fellows To Present Studies Pediatric Scientific Advances Placement in Pediatric Patients: A Feasibility Pediatric emergency medicine fellows Drs. Study. In it, the authors concluded that bedside Mindy Longjohn and Anjali Singh has been invit- Le Bonheur Children’s, St. Jude Children’s ultrasonography can be used to accurately and ed to deliver poster presentations of data from Research Hospital and the University of rapidly determine the placement of the their prospective observational clinical trials. Tennessee Health Science Center will co-host endotracheal tube within the trachea in Longjohn is investigating the role of point- “Scientific Advances in Pediatrics,” combined pediatric patients. of-care echocardiography in acutely ill with the Etteldorf Symposium on April 18-19. To read the entire article, go to Emergency Department patients and will present The conference, which will be held in her work at the upcoming international Pediatric Le Bonheur’s Auditorium, is designed for Academic Society meeting in Honolulu. Her physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals interested in learning more Battle For Le Bonheur Raises scholarly project is a result of collaboration between the Division of Emergency Services and about the advances of, diagnosis of, and Money For Neurological Dr. Vijay Joshi of pediatric cardiology. treatment of children with serious illnesses. The symposium is approved for 9.75 CME Research Singh is investigating the role of the Vein Viewer in facilitating peripheral IV insertion in credit hours. the ED, in collaboration with Dr. Joel Saltzman. To register and review the agenda for this Four of Shelby County’s best high school soccer teams recently took the field to advance Preliminary results will be presented at the conference, go to and click on Society of Academic Emergency Medicine “Symposiums at St. Jude” in the right column of pediatric neurological research. Battle for Le Bonheur raises money for the meeting in Washington D.C. in May. the page. “I am extremely proud of their John Talley Pediatric Neurological Research Fund – which supports advanced research in pediatric accomplishment and appreciate the Pediatrics Publishes Bedside brain tumors at Le Bonheur. The first Le Bonheur collaboration with the divisions of cardiology and anesthesiology,” said Dr. Jay Pershad, Ultasonography Article All-Star Game was held in November and raised $25,000 for the hospital. co-director of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine John Talley was instrumental in fellowship. “Pediatric emergency medicine in Le Bonheur’s Dr. Sandip A. Godambe is the developing the Mike Rose Soccer Complex in many ways can be viewed as an ‘interface’ co-author of an article published in the southeast Shelby County. Talley died from a specialty. The support of our subspecialty December 2007 edition of Pediatrics. Godambe brain tumor in March 11, 2002, at the age of 46. colleagues in advancing the science of is a physician in Le Bonheur’s Emergency emergency medicine at Le Bonheur is extremely Department. valuable.” 7
  8. 8. Memphis, Tennessee 38103 Permit No. 3093 50 North Dunlap Memphis, TN PAID U S POSTAGE Non-Profit Org. Cardiology Fellow Wins Young Investigator Award Dr. Kenneth Knecht, second-year pedi- sounds could be used to atric cardiology fellow at Le Bonheur accurately estimate Children’s, recently received the 2008 Society blood pressure. for Pediatric Research Young Investigator “Our study showed Award for his research on Korotkoff sounds in that blood pressure can blood pressure measurement for infants and be accurately measured children. Dr. Knecht was selected for the by cuff and auscultation award from a field of finalists. in young children,” Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Partnering with Dr. Bruce Alpert, Knecht Knecht said. “Because Center Physician Advisory Council conducted an innovative study on the validity this information was of using Korotkoff sounds to measure blood not previously known, Dr. Kenneth Knecht Robert Riikola, M.D. pressure in children younger than 3. our research can allow Ahmad Al-Hamda, M.D. While Korotkoff sounds – the sounds better health care management and Stephen Bauch, M.D. emitted by blood flowing through the artery diagnoses of young children.” Martin Blakely, M.D. as a blood pressure cuff is deflated – are cur- The Young Investigator Award honors the rently the accepted method for measuring early and outstanding research accomplish- Mark Bugnitz, M.D. blood pressure non-invasively in adults and ments of scientists and physician-scientists James Carter, M.D. children 3 years of age and older, no data engaged in a discovery-based career address- Russell Chesney, M.D. existed for children younger than 3 prior to ing diseases that affect children. The award Thomas Chin, M.D. the completion of Knecht’s study. also recognizes the department and institu- Barry Gilmore, M.D. To test his hypothesis, Knecht obtained tion responsible for establishing and main- Jay Hayes, M.D. auscultatory blood pressures for Le Bonheur taining an environment conducive to pro- John Hill, M.D. Children’s patients from birth to 36 months found research accomplishment. and compared them with invasively measured A graduate of the University of Tennessee Michael Lacy, M.D. blood pressures to see if Korotkoff sounds Health Science Center, Knecht completed his Linda Lazar, M.D. were audible and accurate in estimating pediatrics residency at the Naval Medical Bill May, M.D. blood pressure. Center in Portsmouth, Va., followed by three Deborah Nelson, M.D. Studies showed that in children younger years practicing general pediatrics on active Stephanie Storgion, M.D. than 1 month, Korotkoff sounds were not duty in the Navy. Knecht has been serving as Jerome Thompson, M.D. heard frequently enough to be useful. But in a pediatric cardiology fellow at Le Bonheur children 1 month to 36 months, Korotkoff Children’s since August 2006.