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  1. 1. Neurology For further information visit
  2. 2. Special Introductory Price New Edition Uncommon Causes of Stroke 2nd Edition Edited by Louis R. Caplan Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Founding editor: Julien Bogousslavsky Valmont Clinique, Glion, Switzerland Most strokes are attributed to atherosclerosis of neck and intracranial arteries, brain embolism from the heart, and penetrating artery disease; these are discussed in detail in many other books. This compendium fills an important niche by providing authoritative discussions on the other, less common causes of stroke, including various forms of angiitis, coagulation disorders, infective, paraneoplastic and metabolic disorders that may be associated with stroke, and a number of rare syndromes such as Eales disease and Fabry’s disease. This new edition contains detailed, up-to-date information about the nature, diagnosis, and treatment of those relatively uncommon types of cerebrovascular disease that cause strokes. It is therefore Key Features a unique scientific and clinical resource that provides a useful reference to help physicians diagnose and treat stroke patients ➤ Fully updated, new edition who do not fit well into the usual clinical categories. New chapters ➤ Emphasizes effective diagnosis and include stroke in patients with Lyme disease, scleroderma, Cogan’s syndrome, Chaga’s disease, and HIV. management ➤ Comprehensive – most complete reference on rare forms of cerebrovascular disease Review of the 1st Edition: October 2008 576pp ‘There is no doubt in my mind that this is a book worth having. I would recommend buying a personal copy and 978-0-521-87437-3 HB c. £110.00 £97.50* predict that it will become a standard text to be found in all departmental libraries’ *Introductory price until 25 December 2008 neuroradiology
  3. 3. Special Introductory Price New Edition Cognitive Neurorehabilitation Evidence and Application 2nd Edition Edited by Donald T. Stuss Gordon Winocur Both from Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest and University of Toronto Ian H. Robertson Trinity College, Dublin This updated edition summarizes the latest developments in cognitive neuroscience related to rehabilitation, reviews the principles of successful interventions and synthesizes new findings about the rehabilitation of cognitive changes in a variety of Key Features populations. ➤ Covers the topics important to cognitive With greatly expanded sections on treatment and the role of rehabilitation, from basic anatomy and imaging, it provides a comprehensive reference for those interested in the science, as well as including the most up-to-date information chemistry to methods, and from for the practising clinician. techniques to pyschosocial considerations It provides clear and practical guidance on why cognitive rehabilitation may or may not work and how to use imaging ➤ Emphasizes evidence-based methods to evaluate the efficacy of interventions; what personal procedures; a strong emphasis on the and external factors impact rehabilitation success; how biological and psychopharmacological changes can be understood and treated; scientific approach to rehabilitation how to treat different disorders of language and memory, and ➤ Includes updated reviews of the where the field is going in research and clinical application. principles underlying successful rehabilitation, the methods and values Review of the 1st Edition: of imaging, and new rehabilitation ‘ … well-written, well-compiled book that is of great value methods to a range of professionals in the fields of rehabilitation, September 2008 624pp neurology, and neuropsychology … a valuable, timely, updated 978-0-521-87133-4 HB c. £100.00 £90.00* review of pertinent issues in cognitive rehabilitation.’ lnda laatsch , phd , university of illinois *Introductory price until 31 December 2008 For full contents and sample material: check it out today!
  4. 4. Transient Ischemic Attack Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Stroke in Clinical Practice Diagnosis, Investigation and Management Lars-Olof Wahlund Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Sarah T. Pendlebury Timo Erkinjuntti Matthew Giles University of Helsinki Peter M. Rothwell Serge Gauthier All from Stroke Prevention Research Unit, University of Oxford McGill University, Montréal Recent research has shown that accurate diagnosis, Vascular cognitive impairment is the second most common appropriate investigation, reliable risk stratification, and cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease and is expected urgent treatment are essential after TIA and minor stroke to grow in prevalence with the aging global population. The and can reduce the risk of stroke recurrence by up to purpose of this authoritative book is to give a broad clinical 80%. This book reviews recent developments in each of perspective on vascular cognitive impairment and create a these areas. foundation for the implementation of good dementia care. ➤ Topic of central importance to all neurologists and ➤ Presents detailed information on treatment – practical stroke physicians advice on the management of patients with vascular ➤ Clear, concise approach to investigation, diagnosis cognitive impairment and management with high-profile author team ➤ Discusses the scientific background of vessel-dependent ➤ Effective management of TIAs will reduce morbidity cognitive impairment – gives the reader insight into how and healthcare costs vascular disease affects cognitive functioning February 2009 424pp ➤ Advises the reader on how to use the most modern imaging 978-0-521-73512-4 PB c. £35.00 devices as well as neuropsychological and neurochemical techniques to diagnose vascular dementia ➤ Presents pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of cognitive and psychiatric symptoms February 2009 272pp 978-0-521-87537-0 HB c. £65.00
  5. 5. The Neurology of Olfaction Manual of Botulinum Christopher H. Hawkes Neuroscience Centre, Barts, Toxin Therapy The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London Edited by Daniel Truong Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center Richard L. Doty University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Dirk Dressler Universität Rostock, Germany Testing the sense of smell is often omitted or trivialized Mark Hallett during neurological examination. This book will address National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, this shortcoming by emphasizing the significance of this National Institutes of Health, Baltimore important sensory modality. Written by experts in the field, this book provides information useful to physicians Provides practical guidance on the use of botulinum toxin for assessing and managing chemosensory disorders and in a wide variety of disorders, in many areas of medicine. summarizes the current scientific knowledge of human Using clear line drawings, it describes the relevant injection olfaction. sites for each condition and gives comparative dosage tables for the various formulations of toxin used in different ➤ Comprehensive summary of human olfaction and its muscle groups. disorders – this is the only book you’ll need ➤ Gives clear guidance on locating anatomical sites for ➤ Clinically oriented – focuses on loss of smell in neurological injection with high-quality illustrations disease, with illustrative case-histories ➤ All procedures described in detail – can be used as a ➤ Enough basic science to underpin clinical sections and act as practical handbook to guide clinical practice a useful introduction for neuroscientists ➤ Clear comparisons of the available botulinum toxin ➤ Clear guidance on assessing sense of smell preparations February 2009 240pp February 2009 264pp 978-0-521-68216-9 PB c. £45.00 978-0-521-69442-1 HB c. £45.00 For full contents and sample material: check it out today!
  6. 6. Neuroimaging in Developmental Clinical Neuroscience Edited by Judith M. Rumsey Monique Ernst Both from National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland Modern neuroimaging offers tremendous opportunities for gaining insights into normative development and a wide array of developmental neuropsychiatric disorders. This book is unique in its focus on ontogeny, covering basic processes involved in healthy and atypical maturation, and also addressing the range of neuroimaging techniques widely used for studying children. ➤ Includes summaries of developmental neuroimaging studies – will provide a quick and easy reference to key research findings on development ➤ Includes copious illustrations of the types of brain images acquired using a variety of techniques, as well as key findings. Visual presentations help the reader understand the types of data that can be acquired and derived using neuroimaging approaches ➤ Includes an extensive glossary of imaging and genetic terms – serves as a ready reference for understanding technical imaging and genetic terms February 2009 472pp 978-0-521-88357-3 HB c. £95.00
  7. 7. Common Neuro-Ophthalmic Case Studies in Neurological Pitfalls Rehabilitation Case-Based Teaching Tarek A-Z. K. Gaber Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust Valerie A. Purvin Indiana University Medical Center Rehabilitation medicine is one of the fastest growing Aki Kawasaki specialties in medicine. This timely book, presented as a Hopital Ophtalmique Jules Gonin series of case studies, describes the wide range of clinical scenarios encountered by the rehabilitation medicine team Using real-life cases describing patients with neuro-ophthalmic and advises on management issues and options. disorders, this book is a case-based teaching tool that bridges the gap between textbook information and everyday clinical ➤ A concise, case-based and practical summary of the field practice. Each case illustrates a particular area of frequent ➤ Accessible to all members of the rehabilitation diagnostic confusion, and highlights the specific clinical medicine team features that should point to the correct diagnosis. ➤ Includes MCQs for self-testing and exam preparation ➤ Includes the most common neuro-ophthalmic disorders encountered by practising neurologists and March 2008 204pp ophthalmologists 978-0-521-69716-3 PB £29.99 ➤ Case-based approach to teaching clinical neuro- ophthalmology allows wide coverage of conditions, highlighting the particular aspect of each that commonly causes difficulty ➤ Well-illustrated, including patient material and radiographic studies to help clinicians detect and identify characteristic abnormalities January 2009 328pp 978-0-521-71326-9 PB c. 45.00 For full contents and sample material: check it out today!
  8. 8. The Behavioral Neurology Sleep Medicine of Dementia Edited by Harold R. Smith University of California, Irvine Edited by Bruce L. Miller Cynthia L. Comella University of California, San Francisco Rush University Medical Center, Chicago Bradley F. Boeve Birgit Högl Mayo Foundation, Minnesota Inssbruck Medical University A unique and modern approach to the diagnosis and Covering disorders from insomnia to narcolepsy, and treatment of patients with dementing conditions in the specialty areas from pediatric to geriatric, this wide ranging twenty-first century. Edited by two leading authorities in the and accessible guide allows non-sleep specialists to approach field of dementia and written by an international group of and understand important information that is clinically opinion-leaders from the United States, Europe and Asia. relevant in everyday practice for neurologists, psychiatrists, ➤ Comprehensive account of all dementing conditions guides psychologists, pulmonologists and internists. clinicians when diagnosis is in question ➤ Clear, accessible summaries of normal sleep and ➤ Includes the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment sleep disorders including the latest advances in understanding and ➤ Further reading lists in each chapter to guide the reader managing these conditions to more detailed study ➤ Includes suggestions for future work in areas that are in ➤ Summary tables, figures and treatment algorithms need of more research throughout May 2009 432pp Part of the Cambridge Clinical Guides series 978-0-521-85395-8 HB c. £95.00 April 2008 284pp 978-0-521-69957-0 PB £35.00
  9. 9. Neuropsychological Neurology Frontotemporal Dementia The Neurocognitive Impairments of Syndromes Neurological Disorders Edited by John R. Hodges A. J. Larner University of Cambridge Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool In the past decade there have been enormous advances in This book examines in detail the neuropsychological features our understanding of frontotemporal dementia and related of neurological disorders. An essential reference text, the syndromes. This book provides a much needed review of book will be useful for all neurologists as well as general the current status of our knowledge of these syndromes. physicians and specialists who deal with disorders that may It will be essential reading for neurologists, psychologists, compromise cognitive function. psychiatrists, and basic scientists working on ➤ Systematic approach to cognitive impairments in neurodegeneration. neurological diseases ➤ Provides a comprehensive update of a dynamic area of ➤ Grounded in day-to-day clinical practice research from a team at the forefront of the field ➤ Therapeutic options are discussed which will benefit ➤ Covers the very latest advances from the fields of genetics, practising clinicians neuroimaging and neuropsychology ➤ Proposes a multidisciplinary approach to patient April 2008 248pp management 978-0-521-71792-2 PB £38.00 November 2007 346pp 978-0-521-85477-1 HB £55.00 For full contents and sample material: check it out today!
  10. 10. Upper Motor Neurone Syndrome 2008 Best Selling Title and Spasticity Clinical Management and Neurophysiology 2nd Edition Dizziness A Practical Approach to Edited by Michael P. Barnes Diagnosis and Management Garth R. Johnson Both from University of Newcastle upon Tyne Adolfo M. Bronstein Charing Cross Hospital, London Spasticity is a disabling problem for many adults and children Thomas Lempert with a variety of neurological disorders. In this second Charite University Hospital and Schlosspark-Klinik, Berlin edition, all chapters have been thoroughly updated, with new references and descriptions of new techniques and This book offers a novel approach to the diagnoses of drugs. Invaluable for physicians, physiotherapists, surgeons, dizziness, with chapters organized by clinical presentations. othotists, clinical engineers and health professionals. Differential diagnoses, history taking, clinical examination and treatment are covered. Common disorders are ➤ Covers all aspects of motor neurone syndrome that are highlighted, with brief coverage of rarities. A useful relevant to professionals in the field CD-ROM shows the clinical examination, positioning and ➤ Chapters are practical without too much theory, making exercises for vestibular rehabilitation. them useful for practising clinicians, not just academics ➤ Organised to assist differential diagnosis ➤ Each chapter is well referenced to guide the reader to ➤ Inspires confidence in a difficult clinical area further study on each topic ➤ CD-ROM shows how to position and examine the patient April 2008 264pp 978-0-521-68978-6 PB £45.00 ➤ Hints on what to do in moments of uncertainty Contents: 1. Essential anatomy and functions of the balance system; 2. Symptoms and examination of the patient with dizziness; 3. A single episode of prolonged vertigo; 4. Recurrent vertigo and dizziness; 5. Positional vertigo; 6. Chronic dizziness and unsteadiness; 7. Dizziness and falls in the elderly; 8. Treatment of the dizzy patient ‘This is a pragmatic text, steeped with the authors’ experience. … Short of having Adolfo Bronstein universally available to sort out dizzy people, this book is a very acceptable addition to a neurologist’s armamentarium for dealing with a common clinical problem.’ advances in clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation Part of the Cambridge Clinical Guides series January 2007 238pp 978-0-521-83791-0 PB + CD ROM £35.00
  11. 11. Stroke Promotion – 20% discount on these titles! The A-Z of Neurological Practice Acute Stroke Care A Manual from the University of Texas, Houston Stroke Team A Guide to Clinical Neurology Ken Uchino, Roger A. Barker Jennifer Pary University of Cambridge James Grotta All from University of Texas, Houston Neil Scolding Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, Bristol Part of the Cambridge Pocket Clinicians series Dominic Rowe April 2007 230pp University of Sydney 978-0-521-67494-2 PB £25.99 £20.80 Andrew J. Larner Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool The Stroke Book Edited by Michel T. Torbey An accessible, pocket-sized ready-reference organised from Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee A to Z. Magdy H. Selim Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Definitions of specific neurological conditions are given along with their clinical features, plus information on investigation, July 2007 346pp pathogenesis and treatment, as well as differential diagnosis. 978-0-521-67160-6 PB £25.99 £20.80 Topics covered range from an overview of major groups of diseases to more detailed coverage of specific disease Case Studies in Stroke categories. Common and Uncommon Presentations November 2004 938pp Michael G. Hennerici 978-0-521-62960-7 PB £26.99 Michael Daffertshofer Both from Universität Mannheim, Germany Louis R. Caplan Harvard University, Massachusetts Kristina Szabo Universität Mannheim, Germany Part of the Case Studies in Neurology series November 2006 290pp 978-0-521-67367-9 PB £35.00 £28.00 To claim your discount enter promtional code STR08Z when you add to basket but hurry, this discount ends on 1 March 2009
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