March 26, 2008


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March 26, 2008

  1. 1. CHILDREN’S MERCY HOSPITAL’S & CLINICS GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION (CMHGMEC) Meeting Minutes ~ 3rd Quarter March 26, 2008 @noon in Byways Present: Galeazzi, Joe ~ Vice President of Medical Administration Graf, William ~ Pediatric Neurology Fellowship Director Jordan, Kerrie ~ Graduate Medical Education Coordinator Kallur, Ravi Kallur ~ Graduate Medical Education Administrative Director Knapp, Jane ~ Medical Education Director, DIO & GMEC Chair Roge, Desiree ~ Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellow Wolf, Amy ~ Child Neurology Program Coordinator Zimmerman, Amy ~ Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellow Absent: Allaboun, Kadry ~ Child Neurology Resident Gardner, Tonia ~ Pediatric Rehabilitation Program Coordinator Kayyali, Husam ~ Child Neurology Resident Maiteh, Mamon ~ Child Neurology Resident Rinaldi, Bob ~Pediatric Rehabilitation Program Director The Children’s Mercy Hospital Graduate Medical Education Committee met Wednesday, March 26, 2008, at 12:10 PM. Approval of Minutes The minutes from the December 19, 2007 (07-08; 2nd Quarter), CMHGMEC meeting, were approved as written. GME Disaster Policy & Procedure The ACGME requires that all teaching hospitals and programs have a disaster plan in place. This plan was distributed and approved. Annual Program Evaluation An ACGME common program requirement is that the program document formal, systematic evaluation of the curriculum at least annually. The program must monitor and track each of the following areas:  Resident performance  Faculty development  Graduate performance, including performance of program graduates on the certification examination; and,  Program quality. Specifically: o Residents and faculty must have the opportunity to evaluate the program confidentially and in writing at least annually, and o The program must use the results of residents’ assessments of the program together with other program evaluation result to imp prove the program. Final Evaluation of Fellow 1
  2. 2. An ACGME common program requirement is that the program director must provide a summative evaluation for each fellow upon completion of the program. This evaluation must become part of the fellow’s permanent record maintained by the institution, and must be accessible for review by the fellow in accordance with institutional policy. This evaluation must:  document the resident’s performance during the final period of education, and  verify that the resident has demonstrated sufficient competence to enter practice without direct supervision. Tracking of Fellows sick leave Please make sure your section is keeping track of fellow’s leave time, specifically sick leave. This can be entered and tracked in New Innovations. Fellows who stay on as staff will be able to roll over 60 days of sick into staff position. New Innovations tracks this and is a reference for administration when fellow transfers into staff position, thus allowing verifying available sick leave left to roll over into new position. FYI, all PWF’s must go through the GME office. Letters of Offer Please send Kerrie Jordan a copy of the acceptance/offer letter & CV for your new fellows in order for her to mail the welcome packet. The 09/10 new fellows will not be sent packets until Jan/Feb 2009, due to changing forms and stipend amounts. The 08/09 stipends receive additional amount of $14,000.  PGY1-$48,800  PGY2-$51,000  PGY3-$52,500  PGY4-$54,500  PGY5-$56,500  PGY6-$58,500 The GME Office must receive a copy of offer letter or email confirmation of fellowship position acceptance from candidates before packets go out to new fellows. Statistics for interviewed positions Ravi Kallur from the GME Office is requesting that all Program Directors send him the number of applicants interviewed, with number of them being male/female and ethnicity. Re-organizing the Program Coordinators The GME Office has requested the Medical Administration to add additional coordinators to coordinate and help Program Directors. If approved, this core pool of coordinators will work exclusively with fellowship programs and be responsible for several fellowship programs. This would take the burden off of the current administrative assistants in each section and centralize the education piece for the ACGME and other reporting bodies. The proposed responsibilities and job description was handed out to the group. 2
  3. 3. Director of Evaluation The PhD evaluator position has been posted. The GME Office has received a few CV’s. Recruitment continues until position is filled. Child Neurology Quarterly Program Report Child Neurology recently went through the San Francisco Match for the 3 rd year. The program interviewed 12 people for resident positions this year. Three of the interviewees are Pediatricians for the 2007 year and two of the interviewees are MD/PhD’s who want clinical training for the 2009 slots. Two candidates matched for 2007 start and 1 matched for the 2009 start. One of our current Pediatric residents will transfer into Child Neurology starting July 2008, finishing up her prelim years in general pediatrics. The 3 year Child Neurology Program currently has 3 fellows. The ACGME Accreditation notification letter grants accreditation of 1 fellow per year for a total of 3 fellows. Dr. Kayyali is graduating June 30th and Dr. Yuen (current Pediatric Resident0 is starting July 1st. A semi-annual review will be completed May 2008, of the fellows. The faculty and the fellow have reviewed the program. Resident’s duty hours are regularly monitored, there have been no duty hour violations during the last quarter, there have been no problems with resident work environments, there have been no issues with attendance at conferences and there has been disciplinary actions taken towards a resident in the program. A written warning has been issued on 3/27/08, with follow-up in 90 days. The citations will be reviewed during the programs internal review scheduled to take place in November 2008. Pediatric Rehabilitation Quarterly Program Report The 2 year Rehabilitation program currently has 2 fellows. The ACGME Accreditation notification letter grants accreditation of 1 fellow per level of training. Dr. Roge is graduating June 2008 and Dr. Ramsey will be starting fellowship July 2008. The semi- annual review has been completed of the fellow. The faculty and the fellow evaluation have been reviewed by the program. Resident’s duty hours are regularly monitored, there have been no duty hour violations during the last quarter, there have been no problems with resident work environments or attendance at conferences and there have been no disciplinary actions taken. The RRC cited the program for inadequate block diagram and inadequate selection and appointment process for fellows. A progress report was submitted December 2007, with a block diagram for 24 months of training and a description of resident appointment process was addressed. The progress report also stated that the program will offer one year training to some fellows. The progress report responses and each citation will be reviewed during the programs internal review scheduled to take place in August 2008. Internal Review Reminder The GME Office will start looking at PIF and RRC letters to review at midpoint between site visits for CMH accredited programs. Pediatric Rehabilitation’s midpoint will be August 2008, and Child Neurology’s midpoint will be November 2008. Once the 3
  4. 4. program information has been reviewed and an internal review report is produced, the GMEC will review and finalize the same. Announcements CMH GME is offering test taking skills workshops (The Jollies) for fellows to attend in order to prepare them for boards. The ACGME has updates in which they are requiring all programs to document competencies and how they are met. The ACGME requires that Program Directors keep in contact with graduating residents/fellows up to 5 years and conduct surveys on an annual basis to see if their educational experience is being used as related to the competencies. The ACGME will take into consideration the graduates board passing rates/percentages. These results will be included with the review of the programs by the RRC and could affect the accreditation length awarded. 2008-2009 New Fellow Orientation is Monday and Tuesday, June 30th and July 1st, 2008. The times and location vary for both days. A detailed schedule is attached. The meeting adjourned at 12:54 PM. 4