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Behavior Disorders.doc

  1. 1. BEHAVIOR DISORDERS TITLE AUTHOR DATE DESCRIPTION 1.Insight-A Card Shapiro, Lawence 1999 These card games will encourage players to Game That Teaches talk about thoughts and feelings and to think Emotional Intelligence about ways to understand others and Game themselves. For ages 8 and above 2.Self-Control-A Card 2-4 players Game That Teaches Emotional Intelligence Game 3. The Empathy Game-A Card Game That Teaches Emotional Intelligence 131 Creative Carr, Tom 2000 This practical guide is full of insight, Strategies For techniques and activities for managing and Reaching Children helping chronically angry children. It provides With Anger Problems- teachers, counselors, parents and other A Practical Resource professionals with numerous helpful strategies Of Approaches And for dealing with the challenges they face when Activities For Helping attempting to reach and help these children. Chronically Angry 105 Pages Children (K-8) Book ABC’s of Bullying Shore, Kenneth 2006 This book takes a school as a community Prevention: A approach by presenting the necessary Comprehensive information, training, and guidance needed to School-wide Approach the various stakeholder groups-administrators, Book teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and students. 113 pages ABC’s Of Bullying Shore, Kenneth, Psy. 2005 This book presents information, training, and Prevention-A D. guidedence for the school community Comprehensive stakeholders: Teachers, administrators, Schoolwide Approach paraprofessionals, guidendence counselors, Book and parents on bullying prevention and intervention Cyber bullying is included. 109 Pages After the Diagnosis: Tourette Syndrome 2001 This video about Tourette Syndrome for The Next Steps-Video Association parents and educators offers information critical for dealing with Tourette syndrome personally and educationally. The video is narrated by Richard Dryfuss. 35 Min. Anger Control McKay, Matthew 2000 This workbook offers techniques that are Workbook: Simple, And streamlined and presented in a clear, step-by- Innovative Techniques Rogers, Peter step format, including numerous exercises for Managing Anger and worksheets. It is arranged to make it as And Developing easy as possible to put together a program Healthier Ways of tailored to the obstacles and triggers of the Relating-Book individual user of this workbook. 185 Pages
  2. 2. Anger management Sweet, Mary Ann 2000 This kit for grades K-2 contains a video, video pack-MAD ME discussion guide, and activity sheets. The Video objectives of the lessons are: Video Guide, Activities  To introduce the emotion, anger and Discussion  Demonstrate physical and emotional Materials reactions to angry feelings  Show people have a choice in how they react  Show how reaction elicit consequences  Identify safe ways to react 30 Min. Video Angry All The Time: Potter-Efron, Ron 1994 This book helps older teens and adults An Emergency Guide understand their chronic anger and assist To Anger Control them in making changes in their thinking and behavior. 136 Pages Angry Kids, Frustrated Hyland, Terry 1999 This book can help parents make the tough Parents: Practical Davis, Jerry decisions and take the caring steps needed to Ways To Prevent And assure your child a happy and successful life. Reduce Aggression In The book covers: Your Children  The five levels of aggressive Book behaviors  How to stop the negative behavior  Crisis Teaching-Staying calm  Help your child be a problem solver  Help your child learn positive ways to interact with others 172 Pages Angry Monster Shore, Hennie 1995 The Angry Monster Workbook is designed to Workbook help children both understand their anger and develop alternative ways of expressing themselves. The activities are designed as “therapeutic homework” to give children the extra time to learn and practice anger-control skills. The pages are reproducible. 64 Pages Anxiety and Phobia Bourne, Edmund 2000 This book is a practical and comprehensive Workbook, The guide offering help to anyone who is struggling Book with panic attacks, agoraphobia, social fears, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, or other anxiety disorders. 430 Pages Anxiety Disorders In March, John 1995 Bringing together experts in the field, this book Children And presents the important theoretical Adolescents perspectives currently informing research and clinical practice: discussions on the diagnosis etiology, and treatment of specific DSM-IV childhood-onset anxiety disorders; as well as detailed descriptions of current treatment methods. 447 Pages Anxiety Disorder- Educational Services, 2002 This Success 4 Kit on Anxiety Disorder Success 4 Kit Child And Adolescent includes videos, books, resources, handouts, Psychiatry-University and references. of Iowa
  3. 3. Anybody Can Make A Shore, Hennie 1995 This workbook includes: Cake: A Motivational Marcozzi, Beth Ann • profiles of famous people who have Workbook For Kids and Shapiro, overcome obstacles to succeed Lawrence • Things to remember to help motivate children when they are discouraged • Written activities to help children explore the elements of success • Drawing activities to help children express their feelings and explore new solutions to their problems 76 Pages Back Off -Cool Down, Rockwell, Sylvia 1995 Skills in managing groups of students with Try Again: Teaching behavioral and emotional problems are Students How To complex. This book offers anecdotal sections, Control Aggressive developmental tables, behavior management Behavior strategies, instructional techniques, and group development stages. 140 Pages Bipolar Disorder: A Mondimore, Frances, 1999 In this book for persons with bipolar disorder Guide For Patients Mark and their families, Dr. Mondimore offers a And Families-Book comprehensive, practical, compassionate guide to the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and causes of this psychiatric illness. 252 Pages Boy Who Couldn't Stop Ropoport, Judith M. Drawing on the extraordinary experiences of Washing, The: The D. her patients, the author explains the nature of Experience And obsessive compulsive disorder and reveals Treatment Of breakthroughs in diagnosis, behavior Obsessive Compulsive therapies, and drug treatments. Disorder 275 Pages Building the bonds Of Hughes, Daniel 1998 This book illustrates the process of repairing Attachment: children who have been severely damaged by Awakening Love In abuse and neglect. This book explains Deeply Troubled reactive attachment disorder and through a Children-Book quasi-novel format, helps the reader understand the disorder and offers clinical information. 306 Pages Can This Child Be Cline, Foster 1999 Children who are have been severely Saved: Solutions for Helding, Cathy damaged by their past often have behavioral, Adoptive and Foster psychiatric, emotional, and/or neurological Families-Book disorders. These children who are now in foster or adoptive homes need more than conventional techniques and approaches to their behavior. This book explores the reasons for the difficult behavior and offer techniques and therapeutic approaches the can succeed with these children. 333 Pages Challenging Child, Greenspan, Stanley 1995 This book helps parents construct a parenting The-Understanding, Salmon, Jacqueline style suited to their child’s individual Raising, and Enjoying personality, from infancy to adolescence, the Five “Difficult” helping each child build on strengths, master Types of Children weaknesses, and embrace life with confidence Book and skill. The five difficult personality types are: Highly sensitive Self-absorbed Defiant Inattentive Active/aggressive 318 Pages
  4. 4. CHAMPs-A Proactive Sprick, Randy 1998 The book offers practical strategies to the and Positive Approach Garrison, Mickey classroom teachers to: To Classroom Howard, Lisa Structure their classrooms to prompt Management responsible student behavior Overtly teach students how to behave responsibly (i.e., be successful) in every classroom situation. Focus more time, attention, and energy on acknowledging responsible behavior to ensure that they will respond in a brief, calm and consistent manner. 459 Pages Children and Trauma: Monahon, Cynthia 1993 This book teachers parents and professionals A Guide For Parents about the effects of childhood traumas on And Professionals children and offers a blueprint for restoring a Book child’s sense of safety and balance. The author helps adults understand psychological trauma from a child’s point of view and explores the ways both parents and professionals can help children heal. 209 Pages Clear Thinking- Nichols, Polly 1996 Clear Thinking was written to teach Clearing Dark adolescents and young adults how to change Thoughts With New their minds-about themselves, each other, and Words And Images: A the world. The main use for this will be as Program For Teachers therapeutic material for teachers, counselors, And Counseling psychologist, residential care personnel, social Professionals workers and others with concerns for troubled youth. Includes Shadows Whispering curriculum. 200 Pages and 92 curriculum Pages Conflict Management Channing L. Bete Co. 1994 This folder has pamphlets on different aspects Pamphlet on conflict management: Anger Conflict Resolution How To Resolve Conflict Peacefully Healthy Ways To Work Out Problems Cooperation Zimmerman, Tracy 1997 This workbook provides counselors and Workbook, The teachers with nearly 100 activities to promote cooperation and “peacemaking. ” Activities are designed to be photocopied ad used to help individual children or groups of children learn specific skills including: • Understanding Other’s Feelings • Seeing The Value Of Cooperative Behaviors • Making Cooperative Decisions • Resolving Conflicts • Seeking Help When Needed Designed ages 6-12 Defiant Children -A Barkley, Russell 1997 This manual is designed to serve several Clinician’s Manual For purposes: Assessment And 1. Instructions for conducting clinical Parent Training evaluations of defiant or behavior problem children 2. specifies the step-by-step procedures to follow in conducting a highly effective, empirically validated program for the clinical training of parents in the management of behavior problem children. 3. provides a set of parent handout s to be used during the course of the program 264 Pages
  5. 5. Depression Cush, Cathie 1995 This book was written for teens to answer their questions about depression. There is also a list of organizations and resources for further information or help. 80 Pages Difficult Child, The Turecki, Stanley, Dr. ; 1985 This is a step-by-step approach for Tonner, Leslie understanding and managing hard-to-raise children. 224 Pages Discipline And Various` 1997-98 This folder contains handouts, booklets, and Students With other material on the IDEA law pertaining to Disabilities-Folder disciplining a student in special education. As the law becomes clearer, material will be updated. Don’t Be Difficult: A Shapiro, Lawrence 1997 This work with reproducible pages is designed Workbook To Help And Shore, Hennie to be used as an aid for teachers, parents, Children Consider The and counselors to help children see the Consequences Of consequences of their choices and learn the Both Positive And value of being cooperative and following adult Negative Choices rules. Recommended for ages 7-12 106 Pages Eating Disorders Patterson, Charles 1995 This book was written for teens to answer their questions about eating disorders. There is also a list of organizations and resources for further information or help. 80 Pages Eating Disorders- Schlotfelt, Marcy Jan. 1998 This is a collection of handouts, booklets, Folder articles, and brochures on eating disorders from Mercy Women’s Center. Marcy Schlotfelt from their Eating Disorder Program gave a presentation to GWAEA staff on anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive eating. Essential Elements- Thornburg, Kress and 1996 The authors of this handbook believe that the Handbook For The Blair, Jan relationship between student and teacher is Education Of Students the foundation of success a teacher may have With Emotional with challenging students. The first part of this Disorders handbook describes the factors that build these relationships and the second part identifies strategies teachers can use to help them build appropriate relationships with their challenging students. 60 Pages (plus reproducible handouts) Fighting Invisible Schmitz, Connie 1995 This guide for teens (and the companion Tigers: A Stress Leader’s Guide) emphasizes the Management Guide psychobiology of stress, focusing on specific For Teens stress management skills and incorporates concepts and techniques from science, counseling and educational psychology and other areas. 120 Pages File Factor, The-Filing Dana, Terese and 2005 This logbook is a model for use with children Away Disappointment- Meisel, Bradford who have behavior difficulties, especially A Daily Logbook dealing with the rules and frustrations of everyday life. The categories for processing what one wanted vs what one experienced are: Have to wait Other people’s decisions Luck of the Draw Rules Rule Majority Rules Safety First Mess-ups Time’s up Not Available Up to Parents 56 pages
  6. 6. Focal Point-Families, Portland State 1997 This Focal Point has articles pertaining to the Juvenile Justice, And University needs of children in the juvenile justice system, Children’s Mental their mental health, educational, and emotional Health needs. 39 Pages Forms For Helping Roban, Whitney 1998 These forms were developed to help The Oppositional professionals who work with children who Child-Book have oppositional defiant disorder. The forms were developed based primarily on the theories of behavior psychology and cognitive- behavior therapy. All forms may be photocopied from the book for professional use. 114 Pages Guidebook For Parents Pacer Center Inc. 2001 A book for parents who wish to better Of Children With understand the topic of emotion/behavioral Emotional Disorders disorders . Contains information they may need on treatment and programs that serve these children so that parents can make informed decisions. Helping The Child Who Nowicki, Stephen, 1992 This book off explanations and strategies for Doesn’t Fit In Duke, Marshall parents and professionals who know children unable to use or understand nonverbal communication and therefore are socially rejected or unable to make lasting friends. 178 Pages High Risk-Children Magid, Ken 1987 This book discusses psychopathic individuals Without A Conscience Mckelvey, Carole and the reasons for the increasing numbers of deviant social personalities. The book is divided into five sections: 1. Disease of Psychopathy 2. Attachment and Bonding 3. Changing Roles of American Families 4. Treatment 5. Realistic Preventative Suggestions 338 pages How I Learned To Pincus, Debbie 1995 The first half of this book is a story about Control My Temper: A Michael who can’t control his temper. The Storybook And second half of the book teaches readers the Workbook Of same skills Michael learned by completing 24 Activities To Help activities aimed at helping children understand Children Learn Self- their anger and develop alternative ways to Control express themselves. The activities are reproducible. 68 Pages How I Learned To Rowland, Amy 1995 This workbook offers a story and exercises Make Friends: A aimed at helping children understand how to Storybook And Work make friends and keep them. These Book Of Activities To reproducible and fun exercises teach children Help Children Make how to identify the differences in people, how Friends to recognize what others are feeling, how to make friends, and more. 78 Pages How The Special Sousa, David 2001 This book is for educators and parents who Needs Brain Learns- want to better understand the way their Book children process and retain information. It also offers practical classroom activities and strategies for children with special needs. 220 Pages I Can’t Get Over It: A Matsakis, Aphrodite 1996 This book directly addresses survivors of Handbook for Trauma trauma. It explains the nature of post traumatic Survivors stress disorder and describes the healing Book process. 385 Pages
  7. 7. I Wish I Could Have Zuba, Marge 1995 This book, written by the director of a chronic Told Your-Portraits Of truancy program in Oak Park, IL, is intended Teenagers Almost for parents, teachers, and others interested in Dropping Out youth and education. The stories and profiles give the perspective of the students who are struggling with school, home, and societal issues that make quitting school look appealing. 150 Pages IBI Kit On Depression Iowa Dept. Of Ed 1997 This Kit contains books pamphlets, video, notebook guide, and other aids for those persons seeking more information about depression or for those teaching about depression. IBI Kit On Obsessive Iowa Dept. Of Ed 1997 This Kit contains books pamphlets, video, Compulsive Disorder notebook guide, and other aids for those persons seeking more information about OCD or for those teaching about OCD. IBI Kit On Oppositional Iowa Dept. Of Ed 1997 This Kit contains books pamphlets, video, Defiant Disorder (Odd) notebook guide, and other aids for those persons seeking more information about ODD or for those teaching about ODD. IBI Kit On Iowa Dept. Of Ed 1997 This Kit contains books pamphlets, video, Schizophrenia notebook guide, and other aids for those persons seeking more information about schizophrenia or for those teaching about schizophrenia. IBI Kit On Serious Iowa Dept. Of Ed 1997 This Kit contains books pamphlets, video, Emotional Disorder notebook guide, and other aids for those With An Emphasis On persons seeking more information about this Self-Mutilation disorder or for those teaching about serious emotional disorders. IBI Kit On Tourette Iowa Dept. Of Ed 1997 This Kit contains books pamphlets, video, Syndrome notebook guide, and other aids for those persons seeking more information about Tourette Syndrome or for those teaching about Tourette Syndrome. If Your Adolescent Evan, Dwight 2005 This is a concise, authoritative, and readable Has Depression or Andrews, Linda book is a guide to understanding and getting Bipolar Disorder: An help for adolescents with depression or bipolar Essential Resource disorder. for Parents The book has information on: Book • Warning signs • Getting a diagnosis • Latest treatments • Coping at home and school • Prevention strategies • Advise from other parents 170 Pages It's Nobody's Fault: Koplewicz, Harold S. 1996 This book discusses in depth 13 of the most New Hope And Help common mental disorders in children and For Difficult Children gives parents a concrete plan of action to work And Their Parents effectively with mental health professionals, teachers, principals , and others to help their child. The author calls the disorders discussed "no fault" brain disorders. 300 Pages
  8. 8. Jake’s Story-The Kid’s Obsessive- 2000 The video features children with OCD. They Panel Compulsive discuss their stories with Jake McDowell and Video Foundation have dialogs with the audience. This is a good video for disability awareness along with helpful in understanding OCD. 20 Min. Kids, Parents, and Kurcinka, Mary 2001 This author of Raising Your Spirited Child Power Struggles Sheedy offers effective strategies that will help Book parents: Stay connected with their child Bring down the intensity Understand why the child is misbehaving Stop the tantrums And other ideas and strategies for parenting your children. 302 Pages Kids’ Solutions Shapiro, Lawrence 1996 Solution-Oriented Therapy has become an Workbook, The increasingly popular approach to dealing with a wide variety of problems. The first part of this book consists of exercises for parents and teachers and other adults in the child’s life. the second part of the book consists of exercises for children seven hears and older, with each activity based on a principle of Solution- Oriented Therapy. Most of these exercises will require some help from an adult. but they will give children new ways to look at their problems. Reproducible pages. 75 Pages Leader’s Guide To Schmitz, Connie 1995 This is the companion to the revised and Fighting Invisible Hipp, Earl updated student book Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Management Guide Teens by Earl Hipp. There are 12 independent For Teens flexible sessions to choose from, background information on today’s stresses for teens, and 24 reproducible handout and overhead masters. 130 Pages Mainstreaming Lasher, 1978 This book was written for teachers, parents, Preschoolers: Children Ariam; and others who live with or work directly with With Emotional Mattick, Iske; emotionally disturbed preschoolers. 141 Disturbance Perkins, Frances; Pages Vonhippel, Caren; Hailey, Linda Meeting The Kaiser, Barbara 1999 This book gives teachers information and Challenge: Effective Sklar Rasminsky, skills needed to cope with children with Strategies For Judy challenging behaviors. The book is divided Challenging Behaviors into Part 1 which explains theory and research In Early Childhood that underlie effective practice. and Part 2 Environments which is practical strategies. 39 Pages Mind of Its Own, A- Bruun, Rugh Dowling 1994 The story of Michael Lockman, who typifies Tourette’s Syndrome: Bruun, Bertel the average child with TS, is woven into the A Story and A Guide factual text which contains information on Book symptomology, diagnosis, natural history, biochemistry, genetics, associated disorders, treatment and related topics. 167 Pages No Thanks, I Just Had Ogden, Sally 2002 This video is geared primarily for students in A Banana: Responses Northway grades 6-12. Teachers, counselors, parents, To Put Downs, Power and anyone who has to deal with difficult or Struggles and Button challenging people would benefit from the Pushers-Video strategies shown in this video. 27 Min.
  9. 9. Obsession And Nichols, Polly 1998 This is a two video set of a Compulsions In Kids- presentation/workshop given by Polly Nichols Video on children with Obsessive Compulsive disorder. 2 Tapes-3 hours total Odd Girl Out-The Simmons, Rachel 2002 This author maintains that the subtle and not Hidden culture Of so subtle aggression in girls is a long Aggression In Girls- overlooked problem that needs to be tackled Book by teachers and parents. The author explains the “why” of this behavior and offers ways to help girls who are the target or the perpetrator of aggressive behavior. 289 pages One in Thirteen-The Portner, Jessica 2001 This book looks at the incidence of teen Silent Epidemic of suicide and through interviews with teens, Teen Suicide-Book parents, educators, and experts. The author hopes to help families and schools recognize the warning signs of a child in emotional distress and describe what some schools are doing to help. 105 Pages Oppositional Child, Braman, O. Randall 2000 This book introduces the oppositional child The-Book and how to recognize, diagnose, and change children’s self-defeating behavior. 212 Pages Parenting the Green, Ross 2004 In this 2 hour video, Dr. Ross Green and his Explosive Child-The colleague, Dr. Stuart Ablon, help parents Collaborative Problem understand the specific cognitive skill deficits Solving Approach that can impair a child’s capacities for DVD flexibility and frustration tolerance and provide step-by-step guidance on their approach. Two Hours Parenting Your Out- Kapalka, George, 2007 This book offers step-by-step help for of-Control Child-An Ph.D. overcoming temper tantrums, arguing and Effective Easy-to-Use defiance, bed and bath resistance, getting Program for Teaching reading in the morning, homework issues. Self-Control 172 Pages Book Perfectionism-What’s Adderholdt-Elliott, 1987 This book helps you find out if a student is a Bad About Being Too Miriam perfectionist, reasons why, and useful Good? strategies for doing something about it. This book also has other students share their thoughts and feelings about what’s bad about being too good. 121 Pages Problem Solving Zimmerman, Tracy 1995 This workbook with reproducible pages Workbook teaches children a five step problem-solving process including: • Identifying the problem • Gathering the facts • Weighing and comparing alternative solutions • Determining the best solution • Acting on the solution and making changes if necessary Recommended for ages 7-12
  10. 10. Problem-Solving Janny, Rachel l989 This Booklet is for people who have Approach To Black, Jim developmental disabilities and serious behavior Challenging Behavior: Ferlo, Mary problems. It outlines a problem solving process Strategies For Parents to develop non-aversive(positive) ways to And Educators Of address serious behavior problems at home, People With school, and in the community. Developmental Disabilities & Challenging Behaviors Psychology For Kids Kincher, Lonni 1995 These fun and fascinating experiments helps 2: 40 Fun students learn what makes people tick. There Experiments That are step-by-step instructions, “Explore More” Help you Learn About sections, and a “Why It Matters To You” Others section that relate the experiment to the Book student’s life. 145 Pages Psychology For Kids: Kincher, Lonni 1995 This book filled with cartoon, quotes, fill-in-th- 40 Fun Tests That blanks, brain-teachers, experiments, and Help you Learn About fascinating facts make self-discovery fun for Yourself preteens, and teens. The activities help Book students make choices and decisions that are right for them. 132 Pages Raise Your Child’s Cohen, Cathi 2000 This author offers a practical step-by-step plan Social IQ-Stepping that will help children: Stones To People • Handle teasing Skills For Kids-Book • Join in successfully with other children • Read social cues • Feel better about themselves • Express anger appropriately 229 Pages Ready-To-Use Social Begun, Ruth-Editor 1996 This is a ready-to-use curriculum based on Skills Lessons And real-life situations to help teachers and others Activities For Grades build children 4-6 And Ready-To- s self-esteem, self-control, respect for the Use Social Skills rights of others, and a sense of responsibility Lessons And Activities for one’s own actions. For Grades 250 Pages 7-12 Responding To Anger: Bilodeau, Lorraine 2001 This book is a how-to-manual that combines A Workbook up-to-date information with questions and exercises to help one recognize, understand, and respond to other people’s anger in positive, effective, and constructive ways. 243 Pages Safe Schools Iowa Dept. Of 2001 This CD has all the documents from the binder Leadership Education of the same title on Microsoft Word, PDF or Handbook: A both. Sample document titles are: Technical Assistance • Laws and Policies Guide-CD • Violence Prevention • Risk-focused Prevention • Early Intervention • Intensive Interventions • Crisis Management • Resources Schizophrenia-Folder Alliance For The 1997 This folder includes information from the Mentally Ill Alliance for the Mentally Ill and other sources about schizophrenia, the causes, symptoms, treatments, effects on family, and other issues. The material can be reproduced.
  11. 11. Second Family, the- Taffel, Ron, Dr. 2001 Dr. Taffel describes the immense collective Dealing with Peer With Blau, Melinda power of the peer group and pop culture on Power, POP culture, adolescents today. Using interview with teens The Wall of Silence- and adults, the author write about the negative and other Challenges and positive aspects of this “second family”. of Raising Today’s 209 Pages Teens Book Sensory Processing 2000 This video features families who use various For Parents sensory strategies to help their children with behavior and learning. The video interviews parents and experts on the benefits of a sensory diet. 30 Min. Skillstreaming The McGinnis, Ellen 2003 Skillstreaming is a prescriptive instructional Adolescent: New Goldstein, Arnold intervention designed to teach prosocial Strategies and behavioral alternatives to adolescents. This Perspectives for book addresses the implementation of this Teaching Prosocial strategy with the adolescents, emphasizing the Skills-Revised Edition- importance of family involvement in the Book endeavor. 275 Pages Skillstreaming The McGinnis, Ellen 2003 Skillstreaming is a prescriptive instructional Elementary School Goldstein, Arnold intervention designed to teach prosocial Child: New Strategies behavioral alternatives to elementary aged and Perspectives for children. This book addresses the Teaching Prosocial implementation of this strategy with the Skills-Revised Edition- elementary aged child, emphasizing the Book importance of family involvement in the endeavor. 275 Pages Skillstreaming inEarly McGinnis, Ellen 2003 Skillstreaming is a prescriptive instructional Childhood: New Goldstein, Arnold intervention designed to teach prosocial Strategies and behavioral alternatives to children and youth. Perspectives for This book addresses the implementation of Teaching Prosocial this strategy with the preschool and Skills-Revised Edition- kindergarten child, emphasizing the Book importance of family involvement in the endeavor. 275 Pages Sometimes I Feel Like Zimmerman, Tracy 1996 This psychological storybook is designed to be I Don’t Have Any And Shapiro, read by an individual child or to stimulate Friends (But Not So Lawrence group discussions. In the book, Mark finds that Much Anymore): A his inability to make friends has made him Self-Esteem Book To isolated and lonely. It is not so much that he Help Children Improve doesn’t have the desire to make friends, but Their Social Skills rather he doesn’t have the skills. With the help of his parents, and friends Mark learns the importance of good listening, good manners, and cooperation. Sometimes I Like To Shapiro, Lawrence 1995 This book is designed to be read to children by Fight, But I Don't Do It Ph. D. caring adults who will hopefully use it as a Much Anymore: A Self- jumping off point for interventions which will Esteem Book For lead to behavioral change. Children With Difficulty In Controlling Their Anger
  12. 12. Staff Guide for Juvenile Justice 2006 The guide begins with a page on how and why Working with Problem Advisory Council and to use the Staff Guide. It offers several Behaviors-25 Problem Mental Health Issues reasons why a behavior may occur and the Behaviors and Their Committee solutions suggested depend on the many Related mental Health variables also discussed. The guide is meant Issues: for individual problem solving, team problem solving, and staff development. 129 Pages. Step On A Crack-A Lorre, Arlene 1994 Six individuals discuss how Obsessive Video On Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD) has affected their Compulsive Disorder- lives and how they have come to cope with it. Video 29 Min. Straight Talk About Faraone, Stephen 2003 In this compassionate book, Dr. Stephen Your Child’s Mental Faraone provides expert guidance and Health-What To Do practical tools for taking good care of your When Something child’s psychological health. You will learn: Seems Wrong-Book • When to seek help and when to wait • What to ask and tell the professionals • How to get help in the schools • What to do if you disagree with the diagnosis • How to weigh options and more. 370 Pages Succeeding With Canter, Lee Canter, 1993 This book is for teachers who and to learn Difficult Students: Marlene how to help the handful of students in their New Strategies For classroom with whom nothing seems to work. Reaching Your Most It will help those teachers build positive Challenging Students relationships with difficult students and guide students toward more constructive behavior. 250 Pages Survival Strategies Lynn, George 2000 Because bipolar disorder is being increasingly For Parenting diagnosed in children, the author is offering Children With Bipolar clear, practical advice on recognizing the Disorder symptoms, understanding medication and accessing the necessary support at school as well as managing the day-to-day challenges. 224 Pages Taking the Mystery Tsai, Luke 2001 This book focuses on three types of Pervasive Out Of Medications In Developmental Disorder (PDD). They are Autism/Asperger autistic disorder, Asperger Syndrome, and Syndromes: A Guide PDDNOS/atypical autism. This is a For Parents And Non- comprehensive medication guide for parents Medical Professionals and non-medical caregivers. Although Book research on the use of psychoactive, psychotropic, or psychotherapeutic medications to change or improve troubling behaviors, disturbed emotions, or impaired cognitive function in persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, has focused primarily on autistic disorders, the information and guides described in this book are also applicable to persons with Asperger Syndrome and PDDNOS/atypical autism. 388 Pages Teaching Children To Charney, Ruth 1992 This book, written by a teacher, offers Care-Management In techniques about the creation of self-controls The Responsive and community for children in schools. “The Classroom basic goal is to teach children in such a way that they gain affection for ethical behavior. ” 304 Pages
  13. 13. Teaching The Skills Of Cowan, David, 1992 This book is a developmental and sequential Conflict Resolution- Palomares, Susanna program of activities designed to: Activities And and Schilling, Dianne 1. Build a base of awareness, understanding, Strategies For and skills required for conflict prevention Counselors And and resolution Teachers 2. Give students proactive 3. Create opportunities for students to apply strategies 4. Encourage students to transfer their learning 185 Pages Teaching The Tiger-A Dornbush, Marilyn 1996 Teaching the Tiger is designed to help Handbook For and Pruitt, Sheryl teachers, parents, students and relatives Individuals Involved In maximize the educational plans necessary to The Education Of help children with ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Students With and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Attention Deficit 268 Pages Disorders, Tourette Syndrome Or Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder Tough Kid Book, The- Rhode, Ginger 1996 This book is a resource for both regular and Practical Classroom Jenson, William special ed. teachers. The solutions in the book Management Reavis, Kenton are designed to maximally reduce disruptive Strategies behavior in tough kids without big investments on the teacher’s part in terms of time, money, and emotion. The solutions also provide tough kids with behavioral, academic, and social survival skills. 120 Pages Tough Kid Tool Box, Rhode, Ginger 1996 The book provides teachers at all grade levels The Jenson, William with straightforward, classroom tested, ready to Reavis, Kenton use materials for managing and motivating tough-to-teach students. It is designed for teachers who want to save time but who also want to use effective, positive procedures to manage “tough Kid” behavior in their classrooms. 213 Pages Tough To Reach- Rockwell, Sylvia 1993 This book focuses on students who have Tough To Teach: behavior disorders. The anecdotal sections Students With Behavior represent typical events. The interventions Problems described are designed to help teachers remain in control of the classroom and themselves. 105 Pages Transforming the Glasser, Howard 1998 The book gives a clear understanding to Difficult Child-The Easley, Jennifer parents of how a challenging child responds to Nurtured Heart normal ways of parenting and why traditional Approach methods actually make the situation worse! Book The book provides a set of strategies designed specifically to turn the challenging child around to a new pattern of success. 268Pages Troubled Children- Success 4 and the 2001 This ICN presentation features Polly Nichols, Troubled Futures- Iowa Dept. of Mark Cannon, Beth Troutman, Susan Knau, Video Education and Carl Smith. These experts in the area of behavior disorders in children and youth present information and teaching strategies for parent and professional about children with behavior disorders. 2 Hr.
  14. 14. Volcano In My Whitehouse, Eliane 1996 This resource book is about helping children Tummy: Helping Pudney, Warwick 6-15 handle their anger so that they can live Children Handle successfully, healthily, and nonviolently. Anger The book has stories, easy-to-use games and exercises designed to encourage children to deal constructively with anger. 80 Pages When Chicken Soup Barris, Bradley 1999 This book addresses the needs of those Isn’t Enough: individuals struggling to manage their anger. Managing Your Anger Once the origins of anger are explained, In An Increasingly readers are given the tools necessary to help Angry World them choose an emotion, other than anger, Book that helps them be more assertive, helps them solve life’s problems, and results in their being better parents and partners. 111 Pages When Love Is Not Thomas, Nance 1997 Normal Parenting techniques such as Enough-A Guide To lecturing, grounding, removing privileges that Parenting Children may work with normal children are not With Reactive successful with children who have severe Attachment Disorder behavior problems. The tools and techniques presented in this book are for children with problems such as Attachment Disorder, ADHD, bipolar and other severe behavior disorders. 94 Pages Why Isn’t My Child Goldstein, Sam 1994 This video featuring child psychologist, Dr. Happy? Sam Goldstein, offers frank, honest information concerning the causes of depression in youth, warning signs, the process of diagnosis, proven and unproved treatments and guidelines to assist parents, educators and professionals, in helping their children with depression. 110 Min. Your Defiant Child-8 Barkley, Russell 1998 This book offers a comprehensive eight-step Steps To Better program which emphasizes consistency and Behavior cooperation, promoting changes through a system of praise, rewards, and mild punishment. The goal is to get your child’s behavior back on track and reduce family stress overall. 230 Pages