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  • 1. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People INDEX SERVICE PAGE 1. Community Nursing 2 2. Community Matrons 3 3. Community Respiratory Team 3 4. Continence Advisory Service 4 5. Palliative Care Team 4 6. Physiotherapy – Musculo-Skeletal Outpatients/Triage 5 Chronic Pain 5-6 Neurological & other Outpatient 6 Community 6 7. Integrated Community Therapy Team 6 8. Adult Speech Language Therapy 7 9. Foot Health 7-8 10. Dietetics 9 11. Diabetes Specialist Clinic 9 12. Audiology 9 13. HIV/AIDS Community Nursing Service 10 14. Wheelchair Service 10 Other Useful Services: - Social Services 11 Psychology 12 Home Repairs and Minor Adaptations 12 August 2007 Page 2 of 12
  • 2. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People 1. Community Nursing Patients should be: - • Resident within the London Borough of Haringey • Housebound • Have a clear need for nursing intervention. The Haringey District Nursing Service has an open referral system, which can be accessed directly via the Health Centres listed below or the GP surgery. Common conditions or reasons for referring to the district nursing service include: • Care Management/contributory assessment of complex care packages • Long term management and support to patients with chronic degenerative conditions • Wound Care • Teaching self care procedures to enable patients to manage their own care needs • Terminal and palliative care • Preventing health complications associated with immobility, disease and disability • Advice and support for carers Whenever possible, referrals should be made in writing using the District Nursing Service/SAP Referral forms and current medication. These can be obtained from the nearest health centre. If you are unsure of the location of your nearest nursing team, telephone St Ann’s Hospital - 020 8442 6000 who will be able to provide a contact number. Services are available seven days a week from: 9am – 5pm 8pm – 12 midnight Contact: Bounds Green Health Centre Crouch End Health Centre 1A Gordon Road 45 Middle Lane London London N11 2PA N8 8PH Phone: 020 8889 0961 Phone: 020 8341 2045 Fax: 020 8881 6362 Fax: 020 8341 5006 Lordship Lane Clinic The Laurels 239 Lordship Lane 256 St. Ann’s Road Tottenham Tottenham London London N17 6AA N15 5AZ Phone: 020 8365 5910 Phone: 020 8442 5555 Fax: 020 8365 5915 Fax: 020 8442 6849 August 2007 Page 3 of 12
  • 3. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People 2. Community Matrons – Generic (Formerly Health Advisors for Older People) These Community Matrons are specialist nurses who have particular knowledge of older people and long-term conditions. They will focus on and case-manage very high intensity users of health services and will work to support improved management of their care in order to avoid hospital admission and ensure appropriate services are involved. The caseload is primarily, but not exclusively, older people who are resident in Haringey, and each of the community matrons is linked to a locality. If possible refer using the SAP form with attached medical summary and current medication. Contact: Central North East Bounds Green Health Centre Lordship Lane Clinic 1A Gordon Road 239 Lordship Lane London London N11 2PA N17 6AA Phone: 020 8889 0961 Phone: 020 8365 5910 Fax: 020 8881 6362 Fax: 020 8365 5915 West South East Crouch End Health Centre Tynemouth Road Health Centre 45 Middle Lane 24 Tynemouth Road London London N8 8PH N15 4RH Phone: 020 8341 2045 Phone: 020 8275 4000 Fax: 020 8341 5006 Fax: 020 8275 4003 3. Community Respiratory Team This is a multidisciplinary team that provides specialist respiratory service for adults requiring respiratory intervention in the community. The service is mainly for clients diagnosed with COPD but may provide respiratory review for other respiratory clients The following services are provided by the team: Spirometry: Spirometry and reversibility testing: vital for diagnosis of COPD, or routine measurement of FEV1. This is provided in various GP surgeries and in client’s homes for house bound clients Home Support Service: For patients with severe respiratory problems needing additional clinical support and advice at home, from a multidisciplinary team. Aiming to prevent admissions, and manage exacerbations at home when possible. Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme: 8 week exercise and education programme (twice weekly for 2 hours). This programme is for people whose daily activities are limited by breathlessness and improves their fitness and ability to Self-manage. It is provided by a specialist respiratory physiotherapist with support from the multidisciplinary team which includes psychology, dietetics, Occupational therapist and a chest physician. August 2007 Page 4 of 12
  • 4. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People Referrals can be completed by using the SAP form and sent to the central referral point at St Ann’s Hospital. Contact: L1, St Ann’s Hospital, St Ann’s Road, N15 3TH Phone: 020 8442 6144 Fax: 020 8442 6588 4. Continence Advisory Service A team of specialist nurses and support staff who provide a service to all individuals resident in Haringey who have an incontinence problem. The Continence Nurse Specialists take direct referrals for active treatment of continence problems at the nurse-led Continence Clinics at Bounds Green Health Centre and the Urology Department North Middlesex Hospital. Enuretic nurse-led clinics are held at Bounds Green and Lordship Lane health clinics for children who bed wet. The Advisory Service team regularly provides training and updates for community nurses in continence assessment and gives advice on treatment and management (including products). They also offer support and training to carers and service users. The home delivery service of continence products is managed from Bounds Green Health Centre by the service. The district nurses, school nurses or health visitors carry out the majority of the assessments for management of bladder or bowel problems, but if the problem is complex, they refer to the nurse specialist. Contact: Continence Advisory Service Bounds Green Health Centre 1A Gordon Road Bounds Green London N11 2PA Phone: 020 8889 0961 Fax: 020 8889 6362 5. Palliative Care Team This service provides and promotes the principles of palliative care by being a resource for advice, support and education to people with advanced progressive disease. This includes cancer, HIV, motor neurone disease and advanced respiratory and cardiac disease. This support is provided to patients, their families, carers and to health professionals in the community involved in caring for this client group within their own homes. This Specialist Team consists of 6 Clinical Nurse Specialist with medical input from a part- time Consultant in Palliative Care. The service is available 9.00am – 5.00pm seven days a week. August 2007 Page 5 of 12
  • 5. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People Referrals should be completed using the North London Palliative and Support Care Network referral form. Contact: Haringey Palliative Care Team The Willows St Ann’s Hospital, St Ann’s Road London N15 3TH Phone: 020 8442 5544 Fax: 020 8442 6288 6. Physiotherapy Musculo-skeletal Outpatients Either: Physiotherapy Department Physiotherapy Department North Middlesex University Hospital St. Ann's Hospital Sterling Way St. Ann's Road London N18 1QX London N15 3TH Phone: 020 8887 2412 Phone: 020 8442 6272 Musculo-skeletal Primary Care Triage ESP Physiotherapy or GPWSI in Rheumatology referrals for all Musculo-skeletal patients who may require a secondary care opinion. Referrals sent to: Musculoskeletal Service Administrator Somerset Gardens Family Health Centre 4 Creighton Rd London, N17 8NW Phone: 08444 778 711 Fax: 0870 890 2661 Chronic Pain service- Haringey residents only. The Back to Life Programme is a psychologically based rehabilitative programme for people with chronic pain which remains unresolved by currently available medical and other physically-based treatments. The aim of the programme is to reduce the disability and distresses associated with chronic pain as well as improve the coping strategies of sufferers by teaching physical, psychological and practical techniques to improve the quality of life. Patients must: - • Have experienced stable chronic low back pain for at least 6 months • Be between 18 and 65 years old • Have no symptoms of serious spinal pathology or inflammatory joint disease • Have completed all diagnostic procedures August 2007 Page 6 of 12
  • 6. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People Patients referred into the service are offered a face-to-face joint psychology / physiotherapy detailed assessment to ascertain whether the programme will fulfil their needs. The assessment process includes management options, recommendations and onward referral when the patient is not suitable or able to attend the programme. Back to Life is held at Tottenham Green Leisure centre and runs for ten sessions, twice a week for consecutive weeks. Patients participate in group based discussion sessions, graded exercise and hydrotherapy. The course is led by experienced psychologists and physiotherapists in the field of pain management. To refer into the service use the specific referral form that can be obtained directly from St Ann’s physiotherapy department on request, or by emailing a request to (Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist – Pain) and an electronic copy can be forwarded. The referral has to be signed by the referrer and the patient, and all relevant sections completed. Contact: Jackie Wilkinson MCSP (Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist – Pain) Physiotherapy Department St Ann’s Hospital St Ann’s Road London N15 3TH Phone: 020 8442 6272 Outpatient Physiotherapy – Neurological, Lymphoedema, Respiratory Physiotherapy for patients who have neurological, respiratory or Lymphoedema problems is available on an outpatient basis at North Middlesex Hospital. Please refer to Physiotherapy at North Middlesex and the referral will be passed to the appropriate team Contact: Physiotherapy Department North Middlesex University Hospital Sterling Way, London N18 1QX Phone: 020 8887 2412 7. Integrated Community Therapy Team (ICTT) Physiotherapy and occupational therapy service that sees adults, over 18years of age, with predominantly physical difficulties (e.g. stroke, head injury, orthopaedic conditions and Parkinson’s disease) in their own homes, residential homes or other community settings. The team promote safety and independence in daily activities (e.g. personal care, domestic tasks and functional mobility) by using a multidisciplinary goal setting approach. The team also provides a falls and hospital admission prevention service as well as non- urgent intervention. Most clients require input for a period of several weeks, although this August 2007 Page 7 of 12
  • 7. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People may be shorter or longer, depending on clients’ needs. The team has strong links with other community services and the Haringey complex conditions forum. The team also carries out assessment for adults needing mobility assessments for Blue Badges and Freedom Passes. Referrals should be made using the SAP form and sent through the central referral point. Contact: Integrated Community Therapy Team Stuart Crescent Health Centre, 8 Stuart Crescent, Wood Green, London N22 5NJ Phone: 020 8889 1059 Fax: 020 8889 5162 8. Adult Speech Language Therapy The Speech and Language Therapists offer assessment, treatment and management of people with acquired communication and swallowing difficulties (e.g. secondary to CVA, Head Injury, progressive neurological conditions), disorders of fluency (stammering), voice disorders (ENT review is required prior to SLT referral) and swallowing / communication difficulties secondary to head & neck cancer. Outpatient (based at the North Middlesex University Hospital and St Ann's Hospital) and Domiciliary (for housebound people only) services are provided to Haringey residents. Please send all referrals using SAP FACE forms to the SLT Department at the North Middlesex University Hospital. Contact: Speech and Language Therapy Department North Middlesex University Hospital Sterling Way Edmonton London N18 1QX Phone: 020 8887 2979 Fax: 020 8887 2301 9. Foot Health The Haringey Foot Health Service provides care for Haringey residents identified as at risk of foot health complications. For example, people with: • Diabetes with complications, as described in the NICE guidelines ( • Rheumatoid arthritis • Severe hardening of the arteries in the legs and feet • Any illness needing long term steroids • Any illness that renders the foot liable to infection, ulceration or gangrene • Registered blind August 2007 Page 8 of 12
  • 8. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People The service offers a range of interventions for the above patients including education on foot care, the care of corns, calluses, thickened toenails, the treatment of ulcers and acute infections of the feet. There is an emergency service available to deal acute problems of those patients acceptable for treatment. The service is available at health centres or in patients' own homes if a podiatrist has assessed them as housebound. The service does not provide simple nail cutting or treatment for verrucas. August 2007 Page 9 of 12
  • 9. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People Diabetic Clients Screening the feet of patients with diabetes can identify those factors that contribute to the risk of foot problems, particularly callosities, nail deformity, peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy. People with diabetes maybe referred to the service as per the NICE guidance: • When corns or calluses develop. • When there is a nail deformity. • When pedal pulses are absent. • Where there is peripheral neuropathy. These are the factors that put the feet of patients with diabetes at risk of ulceration, infection and gangrene. Prophylactic chiropody/podiatry can significantly reduce the onset and reoccurrence of ulceration caused by increased pressure areas. Foot Health Education helps patients with diabetes to take measures to prevent foot problems developing, to recognize them if they do, and to be aware of what action they should take if this should occur. Foothealth Training: The Assessment of the Diabetic Foot. We offer training to healthcare professionals e.g. GP’s, Practice Nurses in line with the NICE guidance. This enables these professionals to perform their own diabetic foot assessments. The training will teach: • Testing of the foot sensation using a 10g monofilament. • Palpation of the foot pulses • Inspection of any foot deformity and footwear. • Identification of foot health risk in accordance with the NICE guidance. To arrange this training please contact Rupa Thacker on 0208 442 6428. Specialist Foot Health Clinics and Services Other specialist services are as follows, patients do not need to have an identified risk to be referred: • Ingrown toenail clinic • Podiatric Biomechanics-for treating mechanical foot and leg pain • Podopaediatrics-Developmental problems in childrens feet. • Patient self help sessions - Patients are given advice on managing their own foot problems. Contact: G Block, St. Ann's Hospital, St. Ann’s Road, London N15 3TH Phone: 020 8442 6433 Fax: 020 8442 6569 August 2007 Page 10 of 12
  • 10. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People 10. Dietetics Most GP practices have their own dietetic service providing one –to- one consultations with a specialist Primary Care Dietitian. Other practices can currently refer into a fortnightly access clinic at St Ann’s Hospital or once a month group education. Group Education sessions are offered for patients with newly diagnosed diabetes or raised lipid disorders. Sessions that are held at GP surgeries may be accessible to surrounding surgeries. Referral criteria and referral forms are available from the Nutrition and Dietetic Service. A structured 6-week weight management is now available to practices on request. Domiciliary visiting is available for the housebound requiring urgent assessment and treatment. Referrals are accepted from GPs, dentists and community nurses. All referrals into the access clinic and group education should be sent to the address below. Contact: Nutrition and Dietetic Service H Block, St. Ann’s Hospital, St. Ann’s Road London N15 3TH Phone: 020 8442 6476 11. Diabetes Specialist Clinics This nurse-led service provides two sessions per week on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, by appointment. Contact: Lordship Lane Clinic 239 Lordship Lane Tottenham, London N17 6AA Phone: 020 8365 5910 Fax: 020 8365 5915 12. Audiology Services The Audiology Service is a consultant led service that is managed within Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust. It provides Specialist diagnostics, assessment and treatment for both newborns, children living in Enfield and Haringey and adults living in Haringey. All referral should be made via the GP however there is a weekly drop in clinic for hearing aid repairs. All referral should be sent to the Department of Audiological Medicine. For further information around referrals or appointments please contact: Department of Audiological Medicine St Ann’s Hospital, St Ann’s Road London N15 3TH Phone: 020 8442 6523 August 2007 Page 11 of 12
  • 11. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People 13. HIV/AIDS Community Nursing Service This nursing position provides specialist advice to patients and professionals across the whole of the Haringey Borough and is operational from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00hrs. There is an open referral policy with a letter of diagnosis from general practitioner or consultant physician involved in the treatment and management of specific patient. It is important to note that the client being referred to the service must have given their permission and understand clearly the reason for the referral. The service provides a range of interventions in helping the HIV positive person remain well such as signposting to local voluntary service, drug therapy education and adherence issues, whole needs assessment, physical assessment skills, advanced nurse prescribing. The service will always endeavor to work in a collaborative manner with all stakeholders involved in HIV/ aids care and treatment both internally within Haringey and externally outside the borough for clients who choose to access treatment and care outside the borough. Lead contact: Catherine Tuite Community Clinical Nurse Specialist HIV/AIDS The Laurels Health Living centre 256 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, London N15 5AZ Phone: 0208-4425555 Fax: 0208-4426849 Email: 14. Haringey Wheelchair Service The Haringey Wheelchair Service is for people of all ages with permanent/long-term mobility problems, who are permanently resident in Haringey. The service provides assessment, provision, and maintenance of the client’s wheelchair, and associated special seating or cushions. Referrals are accepted from Consultants, Doctors, GPs, Therapists, Carers/Relatives, Nurses, Social workers and Self. All new referrals must be on a Haringey Wheelchair Services referral forms or the SAP form. For clients known to the service, a letter requesting a review with the following information, name, address, and telephone number of: - a) the referrer, b) the client. c) Client reference number (if known) and d) reason(s) for your review request. Priority is given to clients who are terminally ill. For clients’ with terminal illness, a standard attendant-propelled wheelchair will be delivered within 3 working days. If a different type of wheelchair were required, an assessment would need to be carried out in the usual way. Clinic sessions for complex mobility requirements, seating and posture management are held at St. Ann’s Hospital. Further information about the Wheelchair Service and leaflets are available on request. Contact: The Wheelchair Service St. Ann’s Hospital St. Ann’s Road London N15 3TH Phone: 020 8442-6202 August 2007 Page 12 of 12
  • 12. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People OTHER USEFUL SERVICES Social Services and Home Care GPs can refer via the Care Management Teams for people who have needs for support or care. Access by letter or phone with information as to name, address, date of birth, medical or social care needs (i.e. reason for referrals) as follows: Over 65s Physical Disabilities Older Person's Care Management Team Physical Disabilities Team 40 Cumberland Road 40 Cumberland Road Wood Green Wood Green London N22 7SG London N22 7SG Phone: 020 8489 1400 Phone: 020 8489 3093 Severe and Enduring Mental Health Needs: Community Mental Health Teams Hornsey and Highgate and Wood Green Teams (for North and South Tottenham Teams GPs in these areas) Canning Crescent Centre Tynemouth Road Health Centre 276 - 292 High Road 24 Tynemouth Road Wood Green Tottenham London N22 8JT London N15 4RH Phone: 020 8829 1000 Phone: 020 8275 4089 Learning Disabilities Combined Team (Health and Social Care): Unit 5, St. George's Estate White Hart Lane London N22 5QL Phone: 020 8489 1384 Fax: 020 8489 1327 Social Services Occupational Therapy This service is for people who have significant problems with being independent in everyday activities within their home environment, due to disability or a life limiting illness. Examples include getting in and out of bed or going up and down stairs. The service offers assessment on managing everyday tasks differently e.g. equipment and adaptations where assessed to be necessary. SAP referral to Occupational Therapy Service Unit 5, St. George's Estate White Hart Lane, London N22 5QL Phone: 020 8489 1603 Fax: 020 8489 1630 August 2007 Page 13 of 12
  • 13. Directory of Community Services for Adults and Older People Psychology Referrals for consultancy or for patients to be seen should go to: Health Psychology G2, St. Ann's Hospital Phone: 020 8442 6124 If they consider there is a more appropriate service, they will refer on to them. Home repairs or minor adaptations • Home Handyperson Scheme Take direct referrals from anyone, and can usually respond within days. DIY jobs e.g. repairs to appliances, heating, disability equipment; loose carpeting; moving furniture e.g. for downstairs living. Charge - cost of materials, plus £5 per hour labour. (Some flexibility re this depending on circumstances) Phone: 020 7226 8431 Fax: 020 7704 0391 Or contact Age Concern Haringey 020 8801 2444 for advice and referral forms. • Metropolitan Care and Repair. Free building advice to elderly and disabled home-owners with a need for repairs, improvements or adaptations. A Home safety service to check on home hazards e.g. lighting, carpet fraying, heating, clutter etc. Able to carry out and arrange for straightforward jobs to be done or signpost homeowners to other support services in order for them to remain safely in their own home. Anti-Burglary Support Project supported by Haringey Victim Support, Haringey Council and Metropolitan Police. Caseworker able to visit every elderly person burgled in Haringey with an emergency handyperson to attend to minor repairs. Metropolitan Care and Repair (Haringey) Suite B303 The Chocolate Factory Clarendon Road, London N22 6UH Phone: 020 8829 0040 Fax: 020 8888 9575 August 2007 Page 14 of 12