Information retrieval

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  • Overall familiarization with the problem and problem statement – acquaintance in the subject, user need general info for the subject to build an overall ideaGathering scientific knowledge about the subject of the study – user is engaged in retrospective searching of the BROADEST possible scope of the literatureCoordination and interpretation of scientific data – user attempts to make critical evaluation of ideas and hypothesisFormulation of the problem – user make in-depth analysis rather than broad coverageProving the working hypothesis – user need lot of factual data at this stageStatement of conclusions and recommendations – user need a good amount of consolidated infoDescription of the research results – user check bibliographic and other details for documentation


  • 1. By GeraldineGaray Mallo 1
  • 2.  Refers to the theory and practice of providing services that link information seeks to information sources Providing an information service calls for information specialists, 2
  • 3. OralDocument aryAudio- Visual 3
  • 4.  User Utilization of resources Education and training of information specialist Establishing 4
  • 5.  Computerized Information Services Library/Infor mation Center-Based 5
  • 6.  Online Information Services – provided by organizations like DIALOG and INFOLINE 6
  • 7.  These organizations buy databases on many subject fields, mount them on host computers, and allow remote access to them by users for a fee. 7
  • 8.  arecomputerized or machine-readable equivalents of abstracting/indexing journals, directories, handbooks, data compilations etc., which are searchable 8
  • 9. 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. 1. Dissemination of Primary Products Interlibrary Loan  Provision of Circulation of Preprints and Library Reprints Materials  News Reviews Provision of  Press Clippings 11
  • 12. 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. 16
  • 17. RSS(Really Simple Syndication) 17
  • 18. 18
  • 19. 19
  • 20.  Referral Services Current Awareness Services List of Acquisition Bulletin of tables of contents Bibliographic Bulletins Indexes Selective Dissemination of Information Retrospective Search Services 20
  • 21. 21
  • 22.  Reference Services Question-answer Services Data Banks Analysis of Information Consolidation of Information Evaluation of Information 22
  • 23.  Liaison Services Flash Information Dissemination through direct contact The mass media Feedback from users 23
  • 24.  Usersmay be limited bythe organization theywork for, the nature oftheir work orprofession, theirage, sex, or other socialgroups and so on. 24
  • 25.  Overall familiarization with the problem and problem statement Gathering scientific knowledge about the subject of the study Coordination and interpretation of scientific data Formulation of the problem Proving the working hypothesis 25
  • 26.  Education, training, experience Position and nature of the user’s job Role of user in a group Subject interest of the user Language preference of the user Level of IT literacy Professional bodies of which the user is a member 26
  • 27. Feature of the World Users’ Difficulties Informationof Information Service/System CapabilityGenerators and users Awareness of Current awarenessof Information are information generated services, extensionusually located a is difficult services, publicationdistance apart and publicityCumulation of Overabundance, need Indexing, classificationinformation into vast for selection and storage systems,quantities reference servicesAccelerated growth of Obtaining information Reviews, state-of-the-information; increasing quickly for specific art trend reports,rate of obsolescence problem area digests, information analysis and evaluationInterdisciplinary Can specialize only in a Indexing techniques tonature of information restricted subject interlink subjects; field information analysis and enquiry service 27
  • 28. Feature of the Users’ Difficulties InformationWorld of Service/SystemInformation CapabilityMultiplicity of Familiar with only Translation Serviceslanguages one or a few languagesWide range of Only some standards Selection andstandards and and patterns are presentation ormodes of convenient for users repackagingpresentation of according to users’ideas needsWide variation in Difficulties and Information andquality and inadequacy of time data analysis andreliability for evaluating and evaluation selectingDelays in final stage Difficulty in Obtaining copies ofof document obtaining copies of documents, 28
  • 29. 29