Q1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and
conventions of real media products?

We created the feeling of being stalked by including shots for example we had high
angles and shots from behind the charac...
The conventions I meet:

   •       We meet the theory which Propp put forward saying that there is always
       an evil ...

     Here is a close up sHot (rigHt) of
     tHe sticks in tHe woods wHicH we
in tHe pHoto on tHe left wHicH is a
long sHot is from our video tHere is
tHe female cHaracter walking
towards tHe camera. ...
Q2) How does your media product represent particular
Social groups?

     In the two tasks we had two completely different...
Q3) What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and

      I believe that Hammer Film Product...
In both of our productions we followed the thriller conventions like silence and black
outs which would be an important po...
Q5) How did you address your audience?

In the preliminary task we mainly addressed our audience by the choice of props an...
When planning our productions I thought about our target audience so that we
addressed the correct viewers by the choice o...
look back at other blogs; witch gave me a clear idea on what is expected from me. It
helped me develop more ideas and it h...
Q7) Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in
the progression from it to the full product?...
Improvements from Torment To ‘Rumour’

       We had more skills the second time we recorded so we got different angles so...
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  1. 1. Q1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? When we decided on the narrative for our Torment video we wanted it to be different and original. When people talk about thriller films people imagine of bloody scary scenes. So we chose to set our story in the 1920’s telling a story of a woman being blackmailed by a character. In most thriller films it’s the woman who is being hurt and less dominant. We made our one different because it’s the female character that is in power; even if we left it on a cliff hanger it is obvious that the woman is the one who pulled the trigger. Propps theory was based on characters; saying that there is always an evil character which in this case is the mafia and there is always a victim which was the young lady. Our Torment video was a psychological thriller, where we used the conventions as well as different principles creating suspense. We did this by having a shot of an unknown building which made the audience want to know what was going on. Also we had shots of her going up a dark staircase which once again created suspense. We used thriller conventions like silence and going to unknown locations so that the audience would be nervous which is the typical intended effect. We used circular panoramic shots so that we created a feeling of suspense and mystery but also confusion. Normally the audience would of expected the young lady to be in danger even at the end but the lady taking out her gun changed the whole idea of her being the only victim so it challenges the thriller conventions even thought it had a link at the beginning. In our second project once again we wanted to fit in with real media products so we chose to have a location who didn’t have anyone around so that the two characters who were there seemed more in need and abandoned, without help if anything goes wrong. The setting we used a park with trees and bushes around which also had a link with our strap line at the end of the video which said ‘Is it all a rumour or is the truth hidden beyond the bushes?’ There is no dialogue and no character seen in the first few seconds of the video which creates suspense as the music played along with the clip builds tension. When they are attacked by the mysterious character the audience can hear yells and screams which is a convention of the genre. Lastly the editing was done strategically were pauses which added deliberately. The black outs was used to show the disposition of the two girls in need of help. Through out the main task I tried fitting in with the media conventions by using the sound and the editing to create anticipation and a felling sympathy of the girls. We had a bloody scene at the very end of our main task, which was shown after a black out. This is a typical convention which a lot of thriller films do, they use cliff hangers leaving the audience wondering. This production also followed Propps theory that there are victims and evil characters. Having a mysterious, evil character is a thriller convention which we included in our production. Also Binary Opposition can be found in our production as we the mysterious character has black clothing on which has a connotation of danger and death which is scene in the last scene.
  2. 2. We created the feeling of being stalked by including shots for example we had high angles and shots from behind the characters to show that they were unaware of the ‘mysterious character’ which had the theory of vague in films. We also had a shot behind the bushes which showed that they were spied on which made the audience want to know who was watching them making them think of scenarios that can happen to them. Like in most thrillers and horrors we made sure that only the music was heard in most of time which created more tension on the audience, when we had short clips of the surroundings showing that it was an empty area we only had the music we chose which made it even more thrilling to the audience, making them look for answers for their questions. Most of the parts were quite which made the audience expect something wrong to go on. The main prop we used was the red dye which gave the blood affect in our main task which fits in to all horror films as bloody and gruesome scenes can be found in them. When recording Rumour we wanted to use as many different angles as possible, which we did when compared with our first product Torment. We didn’t use many shots for our first production so we included many shots in the second production to show that we developed our skills. Apart form the different shots we used in the scene when the second character was trying to escape we had the girls walking to the area they were going to do their plan. We recorded them when they were walking towards the camera unaware of what was going on, when we included the shot from behind the bushes. We included this shot so that it matched with our strap line ‘is it all a rumour or is the truth hidden beyond the bushes?’ we also included it because they were being watched at the shot behind the bushes was a good shot to show this. The red food dye we used worked really well as it looked realistic when we used it on the characters clothing and the floor. We used it to give it an effect and also to meet the conventions of thriller films. Bloody scenes are used so we added it in our production to meet the principles of a thriller film. When we were recording we wanted it to be in day light so we went to the park early. The reason for this was that the girls wanted to scare people coming to the park. When we had he last shot of them on the floor with blood, I included an effect which made it darker, to show that it was late and that things didn’t work the way they wanted it to be. In my research I looked at the film ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and saw that our production had similar conventions as we had the similar shots in our ‘Rumour’ production. Our camera angles like the wide angles and the close ups were found in this film as well and we had a similar storyline when compared with the film. We also left our media productions on a cliff hanger which is found in most Thriller films once following the ideas in real thriller products. Both ‘Rumour’ and Torment was left on a cliff hanger having the same design like really popular Thriller films; ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Hills Have Eyes.’ This is a significant point as it is seen in well known films, making the audience want to know what's going to happen next.
  3. 3. The conventions I meet: • We meet the theory which Propp put forward saying that there is always an evil character in films. We had the evil character in our Rumour production which killed the two teenage girls at the end of the short task. This was also found in our preliminary task were the mafia was tormenting the young lady once again proving Propps theory correct. • We also met the conventions which are found in most thriller films, that there is mostly a mysterious character that caused trouble to the victims. We also had a mysterious character in our Torment video which was the mafia, as the audience didn’t expect the lady to be tormented by a mafia and it was an unexpected shock to them. • We also met the convention that all bad things happen at night or in the dark so we recorded our main task when it was quite dark and adjusted the colour to make it darker on Adobe Premier. I believe this is an important convention as most thriller films bad things happening at night, for example in Hills Have Eyes and The Blair Witch Project the mysterious characters came at night-time. • In both of the productions I made I included the media convention of having no dialogue in most of the clip with just the music building up tension for the audience. There was just music playing in Torment which made the audience know what is going on, and what the girl is saying which makes it more interesting to them. In Rumour I met the same convention as there was music playing as they entered the woods. This is significant as it created pressure to the audience as there are screams and crimes in the quite music playing at the background. • Also we included Binary Opposition in our production as we had a mysterious character which has a connotation of danger and death which is scene our last scene. Also having a dark setting is a thriller convention. • I also had a slow motion effect in my when the mysterious character was walking. The shot was done as if it was from his eye. This is normally found in thriller films as it makes it remarkable and dramatic. Throughout both of my productions I made sure I met some thriller conventions and tried to prove some theories correct.
  4. 4. COMPARING RUMOUR TO BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Here is a close up sHot (rigHt) of tHe sticks in tHe woods wHicH we piled up to give an effect of someone being tHere and playing witH tHe tHings in tHe woods. it makes it suspicious and we wanted to do tHis as a really famous film wHicH is blair wHicH project used similar sHots. in tHe pHoto wHicH is a close up sHot on tHe rigHt tHere is a sHape witH sticks Hanging down from tHe trees. once again it sHows tHat someone or sometHing was tHere making it more distrustful for tHe cHaracters and tHe audience.
  5. 5. in tHe pHoto on tHe left wHicH is a long sHot is from our video tHere is tHe female cHaracter walking towards tHe camera. it once again makes it doubtful as sHe is not aware of tHe creature watcHing Her. i believe it’s a good sHot as sHe walks towards tHe camera as if sHe is walking to tHe evil creature waiting for Her creating a sense of loss. in tHe pHoto on tHe left wHicH is a medium sHot from tHe blair witcH project tHe man is looking at tHe camera aware tHat He is being recorded by is friends but does not know tHat tHey are being followed by tHe ‘witcH’ in tHe film. it is a similar sHot and a similar point wHen comparing tHe two videos.
  6. 6. Q2) How does your media product represent particular Social groups? In the two tasks we had two completely different characters in, as the Mise en scene and time periods were different. In the preliminary task entitled Rumour produced a continuity task called ‘Torment’ where we had a young pretty girl one can guess she belonged from the high class as she was really classy and a from her clothing and jewellery. We depicted her as innocent and wealthy but were black mailed by a man. The male character we had was portrayed as belonging to the Italian mafia. The suit and the hat were used to reinforce this. Also him smoking a cigarette and his conversation showed how relaxed and dominant he is, but in the last 10 seconds of the clip the female character challenges this convention where the reverse roles and take a more dominant and masculine role. In the second product we produced which was ‘Rumour’ we had two female teenager characters, who are shown clearly by the way they talk and by the plan they had. It represents teenagers as people that look at the funny side of life and that they don not take in consider the part that of life which is not good, and that there are bad things which can happen to you. Teenagers today seem careless when looked at the media and people around us so we wanted to show this in our film. Lastly the music I chose was not a copyright file which was really scary, it had silent sections which created more tension which is a thriller conventions. There were cries and yells in the sound track as well which is similar to the diegetic sounds we recorded. We are going to use a combination of non diegetic and diegetic sounds which would crate more tension as the real screams and crying for help would be more effective on the audience. The language we chose was more like a street talk as they were talking in between them. Teenager’s today talk in a different way when compared with the way they talk at home or in school. We wanted to make this clear in our Rumour production. Also the costume they had on was appealed to the young audience as; teenagers wear tracksuits like the two girls in Rumour. The editing I used was black outs so that I showed the point of views of both the girls and the mysterious character, I chose this way to show that they were being spied on. Also the colour black has connotation with death and danger which can link back to the girls being in risk and dying. The choice of locations and the trick that the characters play reinforce the stereotype of careless teenager’s naïve and burning for adventure with very little maturity we reflected this concept through the props but also through the narrative of our production.
  7. 7. Q3) What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? I believe that Hammer Film Productions would be one of the best distributors as they distributed really famous films like Dracula and The Mummy. Hammer Film Productions are famous for distributing Horror Thrillers and Psychological Thrillers which suits both of our productions. The statistics show that the films that this company distributed were famous and that the films they distributed one many awards like the Best Dramatic Presentation. Torment was Psychological Thriller as the girl was being tormented by a mafia. So for this reason I believe that it this company would be the best decision to distribute my preliminary product. One of the main reasons for me to choose this was because that the films they distributed Psychological Thriller films like Paranoiac and Fear and The Night. These two films were well known when they were produced and distributed as Hammer Film Productions made series of what was known as Mini Hitchcock. This is a really significant thing as Alfred Hitchcock is known as the best director for Thriller Films so I would choose this company to distribute my first production. I will also choose the same company for my second production as they distributed Dracula witch is also well known bringing large incomes to the producers and directors. There is a vampire in the film who killed young women sucking there blood which can have a small link with our ‘Rumour’ production as the mysterious character there killed the two young girls in the story. There is a small link in between the two productions so I would like to distribute my media productions with this company. Hammer Film Productions would want to distribute my productions as they have a similar storyline with the ones they distributed before. I think the unique selling point for my preliminary production was that there isn't many films set in that particular era. Also that there is a wide audience which would be a good reason for them to pick my production. Another reason would be that costumes and the settings we used for Torment was really realistic as we researched before choosing them. We set out the room to fit with the era, with barley twist furniture and a gramophone, showing that we thought about before starting our presentation. We also chose the characters clothing so that it showed their character and moods as the girl had white dress on which is known as purity and the man had a black suit on which the colour is connotation of danger and death. The editing I used fitted the era as I didn’t use many transitions affects apart from fast cut shots. I also used many camera shots like close ups and wide angles to set the scene and to show the moods of the characters. Lastly the music I chose creates tension and the films they distributed was really catchy and the music meant a lot as it kept the audience focused building up nervousness. They might want to distribute my main product as its storyline is interesting and it has a wide audience from the ages of 15 to 24. Younger adults like watching films and are the groups that go to cinemas mostly so it would be a good choice for them. The location was in a park which links back to teenagers and young adults again showing that it is a film aimed at them. The clothing of the characters were clothing of typical teenagers, we made sure this was clear in our productions again showing that we researched before choosing the props, clothing and setting. The unique selling point for our production which will make the company want to chose this particular video is that the plot, music and setting works together creating tension and excitement which is wanted by the young audience.
  8. 8. In both of our productions we followed the thriller conventions like silence and black outs which would be an important point making producers like Hammer Films Productions chose our text Torment and ‘Rumour.’ Q4) Who would be the audience for your media product? Our media product represents a particular social group because of the way it is set out and with the props and settings we used. For example wealthy women wear pearls and make up so we included this in our Torment production witch can attract wealthy people to want to watch our product. The age group for the first task is 25+ and onwards, also people who are interested in the history (1920’s). In the first video we made we had objects which were wooden and barley twist which was made in the 1920’s. Also the building we chose to do the steps was a historic place which again fitted our era. We did this to make it realistic and so that it didn’t It was clear from the black and white video, with the furniture and props that it was set in the 1920’s making it seem realistic attracting more older audiences. One of the main props was the gun so we looked for a plastic gun that did look like it was an old one with the brown bits to it. Our second product which is Rumour is aimed at over 15’s because it has bloody scenes in it which would not be appropriate for younger individuals. The language in our first video was formal English with no slang words in it which would not be difficult to be understood if the audience finds English difficult to understand. In contrast the second one wasn’t formal; it was a typical teenager talk, as they are more relaxed when talking to each other. The language choice was not formal and from their dialogue it was clear that it was like a ‘street talk.’ This would be an important factor as all teenagers speak in a certain way when they are together. Also the clothing they had on was tracksuits which most teenagers wear which would also appeal to them, making it more realistic to the younger audience watching. The audience that would be perhaps more inserted in the productions would perhaps be teenagers and young adults ranging from 15 to 24. This is because when I researched statistics of whom normally watches such films, these were the age groups. It seems to sell since it promises excitement and thrill. Also that the children under the age 15 cannot watch it because of the bloody scenes involved.
  9. 9. Q5) How did you address your audience? In the preliminary task we mainly addressed our audience by the choice of props and wardrobe. Our audience would have watched our production for the era, the storyline and for the history it was set in. For example we made sure that the furniture we had fitted our era, we chose to include barley twist furniture with a gramophone which made it realistic to the audience watching. We also made sure the young lady had pearls, and expensive clothes showing her wealth which could be attractive for targeted audience. The audience watching our production would be an older audience as they are more interested the history which the production set and I also believe that people interested in gangster and thriller films would like to watch it as it has a different storyline when compared with normal psychological thriller films watched. We also addressed our audience with the camera angles as we had shots of the furniture around the house. There was a close up of the vintage phone and gramophone to show the audience the time periods it’s in. We included those particular shots so that the audience would familiarise themselves with the setting. Our main task addresses its young audience also with the wardrobe and the mise en Scene. For example the tracksuits and the jeans the girls had on appealed to the audience as the young audience wears similar clothing because of their age and because of the trend of that particular type of clothing. We chose to do this to make the audience imagine themselves in the same situation as they are at similar ages and that they look at life in a comparable way. I believe that the clothing and the choice of language draws the audience in, as the girls speeches were informal, casual and more relaxed when compared to the dialogues between older characters in other films. We wanted the audience to feel comfortable when watching our production so that the audience can identify themselves within the characters, as it’s relevant to their life styles so they can relate to the situation that the two girls are in. Also another way that Torment pulls its audience to it is that it shows a relationship of two close friends which the audience can relate to themselves. The music we chose was excellent to use as there was no copyright issues with it, I combined two music together building up more tension as they worked well together. There was silence in some areas which made our audience want to know the reason for it , also making them look for something ‘jumpy’ as they are there to be ‘excited’ and to be amused. There is an alarm sound in one part of our production, this makes the audience react. We made sure that we used more camera angles so that it’s more interesting to our audience. Younger audience likes catchy shots so we included shots from different angles, for example we had a shot from the girls back as she was walking backwards scared. This was a powerful shot as the audience expected something bad to happen as it gave a feeling of being watched by the mysterious character. Also we wide angles which set the scene make it appealing.
  10. 10. When planning our productions I thought about our target audience so that we addressed the correct viewers by the choice of our Mise en scene, camera work, music and dialogue. Q6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Throughout the process of making our two productions we had to use the camera and the equipment which we were given with it like the microphone and the tripod. It seemed easy to use it and set it up but we realised that the wires had to be placed correctly as one little mistake can ruin the whole recording. We learnt how to keep the camera still and how to move it around on the tripod to get different angles to get good and useful shots which would later give us a wider range of shots to choose from. We had a few problems with our preliminary task because our sound wasn’t detected properly which led to some anomalies in our product, which we then had to fix and record over. That was an important thing we looked out for in the second time we were recording because we didn’t want to face the same problems again so we set up our equipment and checked if it was working alright before we recorded all of the short clip making sure all wires were plugged and that the camera was fully charged as it could of caused many problems if we ran out of charge. We made sure that it worked correctly as we wasted a lot of time when we tried to fix the sounds, as it affected the characters dialogue. Using the camera was the easy part when compared with the editing as the Mac's were new equipments to us with the Adobe Premier. The Adobe Premier was a new programme for us so we found it difficult to use it at first, but the more we used it the better we got. I have learnt many things from the programme and I feel more confident to edit when looked at the first few sessions. Now I can cut the sections I want from the clip and insert it in the area I want. I also know how to edit them together and add transitions to it to make it flow smoothly and the way which will suit a real thriller film. I can also add effect, for example in the first one I made it black and white to fit the era and now I made the setting slightly darker to put across to the audience that it was getting late and darkness is a symbol of danger and alarm. The software Adobe Premier allowed us to play around with the sound, the paste and the colours of the clips. This was really important as we had to make our Torment production black and white in a quick paste. It was also important for our second production as it was longer with mostly music playing at the back creating tension. The software allowed me to make the sounds louder or quitter so that the production ran smoothly. The colour adjustments were significant as changing the setting making it darker in the park for Rumour made a difference showing that it was late making the audience know that something bad can happen at night to two girls in an empty park. I think the best part of the software was that you could change the mistakes you make and that it can be corrected easily and quickly. The Blog I updated regularly helped me as it showed all my steps which made it easier for me to see how I was doing. It was also important as I looked back at it so I can see what I can do next and how I can improve my work. I also had a chance to
  11. 11. look back at other blogs; witch gave me a clear idea on what is expected from me. It helped me develop more ideas and it helped me plan my work in a better and clearer way so I looked back frequently to update with new information. Apart from the camera and Adobe Premier, we had to learn how to set up a Blog page so that we can update it regularly. During the process we had to know how to use a Blog page and how to change the settings; colours and fonts so that it matched well with our Thriller topic. Even thought using Microsoft PowerPoint wasn’t known to me, I had to know how to hyperlink each page so that it ran smoothly. I had to know how to set it out correctly so that there was no problem when I tried opening my work. The Animatic also helped me in both of my productions because we followed the Animatic and the storyboards so that we didn’t miss out anything as we had to follow a particular storyline in our first production Torment with the 180 degree rule and walking into a room and sitting down. The Animatic was done on movie maker which allowed us to put the photos together with transitions and music which we found really helpful as it gave us an idea of how it would look like. Technology is an important factor in films. This is significant because it makes everything easier and quicker and that you cannot find a good film or a media product without technology used. When producing films there is technical equipment used to make the films more interesting, for example there is special effects which is done on the computer with particular software's and programmes which makes the films much better for example films like Avatar are made with lots of editing which proved that the audience wants to see films like this. I believe that it is really hard to make or find films without the use of technology and that it is found in nearly every media product made. Technology makes producing films easier and much quicker which makes more independent media which then leads to convergence of other media.
  12. 12. Q7) Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? I believe that there is a big difference between our preliminary and main task because when compared the two productions I can see the improvement between the two. In the first one thing didn’t work out the way we wanted to, for example we had a problem with the sound which took us a lot of time to try and fix. When we did our main task we were aware that it could have happened again so we looked over it before we started to record the product. Apart from the sound we realised that we didn’t have as many as different shots in the first production we made which was torment. So when looking at the second task Rumour we can see clearly that more time and more thinking was put in to get the different angle shots. We had a wider variety in the second one and we put across clearly by the camera angles that they were being watched and spied on. Also when looked at our Animatic for both of the productions it clear that we paid attention to detail , which is clear from the way that the Animatic and the product looks really similar. In the first one we couldn’t find the car we needed, as it was difficult to have access to a vintage car. We searched for the cars but we only found cars that was driven in the 60’s and 70’s and not the old vintage cars, and the one we found we couldn’t get photos or recordings of it, so we had to exclude that option from our plan. We would have liked to have the car because it would have got our era to the audience clearly, but it didn’t work out the way we wanted so we had to cut out the vintage car idea from our production. We checked museums and vintage car companies and couldn't arrange a suitable car for ‘Torment’, there were many rules such as not touching the car and not sitting in the car which wouldn’t be useful for our production so we didn’t include that particular scene. In the second task, which was the main task we made sure that the props needed was easily findable so that there wasn’t no problems when recording. The main thing we needed was the food dye which was easy to find which allowed us to start earlier than we expected. In the first production I didn’t include any good transitions or effects apart from one or two as it was based in the 1920’s. In the 1920’s there wasn’t good technology so we didn’t want to over do our transitions so that it was realistic and not over done. In the second productions editing sessions we knew how to use the adobe premier better who meant that we could of experimented more. Also we already had some skills from the first sessions we had, so we developed our skills and included more effects which pulled up our second product into a higher standard when compared. We knew how to change the speed which made our text better which giving it a good effect. I included a slow motion as the girl let go of her friend’s hand which made it more dramatic and memorable. Another noticeable leap from Torment to Rumour is that I played around with the music and the sounds more which created more tension as I lowered the music as they came to the woods and made it louder when the girls were screaming for help.
  13. 13. Improvements from Torment To ‘Rumour’ We had more skills the second time we recorded so we got different angles so that we can set the scene better the second time. For example we had close ups and shots from different angles which made it more realistic when compared with real media products. When the young girl was moving backwards we got this shot from three different angles which built up tension and made it much better when compared with our first product. Also in the second product we had more confidence when we were editing as we had more skills the second time around. I learnt how to play around with the sounds and colours which helped me change the colour making it darker which gave it a better effect as it is a thriller convention to have mysterious things happening in the night in deserted areas. I also joined to music together lowering the sounds when I want to build up tension as silence makes the audience wait for something negative to happen. I couldn’t play around with the music for Torment as I didn’t have the skills to, if I had a second time to work on my Torment I would have liked to add lines to make it more realistic as just having it black and white doesn’t make it as practical I want it to be to the audience. In my second production I showed the story from both of the sides, so I had a shot of the girls talking to each other and I had the mysterious character watching them. I believe that it was a good way of editing as it showed both of the sides point of view showing that there is voyeurism taking place. We were more experience and we had more knowledge on how to use the camera, including different camera angles in the second production. We improved our editing skills, so when we had our second go at out full production we realised that we were more able to improve our main task. Our editing skills improved as we experimented using adobe premier and I believe this improvement can be seen when looked at both of our productions Rumour and Torment. In my second production I had two slow motions which gave a good effect as it showed clearly to the audience the facial expressions of the girl leaving her friends hand. It shows that she is scared and upset to let go of her hand, wanting to save her own life. Her body language and face expressions are shown as she gets up running to escape. I also had a slow motion effect at the end when the girls are on the floor dead, the camera tilted from their legs to their face in a slow way, which makes the audience want to see there face quickly, wanting to know that they are alright.