An american hauntingsss


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An american hauntingsss

  1. 1. Black Water This film started with the name of the film written blurry with a scary song at the background. The writing was blurry so that it fitted in with the water being blurry. It also may have been done in this to make the audience want to know what its called Black Water and why it might of been done blurry. From this straight away we can understand that it is a scary horror movie. This is because when something is blurry its hidden and its hard to be read , so it would show that there is something different , blurry about the film. In the corner of the screen there is little writing in white showing that it is a real story. This would make the audience think about how it happened in real life and it would make them imagine themselves in the same situation. There is a family in a jungle area and they are going back from the country. They get into there car and starts the journey. The zooming out and panning of the car can show that they are being followed and that there is going to be something happening to them. This fits in with the genre because in most horror films when the characters are in a cool safe environment and there is panning/following then something wrong is expected. When the names of the actors come on the screen there are pictures from the film. They have photos of there holiday and them having fun. A picture that made me think was the picture of them pretending to kill each other. This is something ordinary, a joke between friends and people but it makes it look is something wrapped around man joking about death. This at the beginning makes the audience think extraordinary. There of deaths in the film and they would start to create there own ideas in there heads. They would also want to know what happens next so they will carry on watching the film , they would be drawn to it. The movie being a thriller created a path for the audience and made them think when they saw the picture. The girl wants to go to a crocodile area for the last time. They have a map showing that they don’t know the area much. This is expected in horror films as well. Once a character looks lost something bad always happens. There is always the unknown. The map can be symbolic it can show dependence and Vulnerability . It can show dependence. The camera zooms to the map to show that they rely on that and that they will be lost without it. Everything is normal in this scene there is nothing wrong with the opening. It shows a happy families journey back home during the ten minutes. They go to a pub like most British people and talk about routines situations. When they go to the crocodile area then tension is created. In the scene there is a man holding food down to a crocodile and it shows the crocodile eating it within seconds. This is important because there is a zoom to the crocodiles mouth showing that it has power and that can happen to the visitors as well. The music was also creating tension to the audience but not to the characters. It creates anxiety and awareness that something bad is likely to happen. They were there having fun enjoying themselves. There were zooms and shots of people in the crocodile place of children and happy families. This is done to show that they are innocent and unaware of the things that is going to happen to them. It is done to make the audience feel sympathetic for them. This could have been done to once again show innocence and that they are not aware of what is waiting for them. It may indicate the sense of danger. It also can indicate the problems they can be exposed to.
  2. 2. An American Haunting The opening scene of this movie was different to the other two films I watched. It started in a forest during the winter time. The film was set in the olden times and was based on a curse. The camera angles in the first scene showed a girl running home with something following her which was not scene. The camera zoomed in to the girl when she fell over to show her innocence. The camera moved around really quickly to create suspense and the camera was representing the girl’s eyes showing her confusion and her feelings. The young girl is out of breath when she gets home. The clock ticking can show the time for to escape is going down maybe getting closer to her death. During the opening seen we see that it was a dream. The girl wakes up screaming and hugs the mother. She wrapped her hands around her knees to show that she is scared and the camera shows this shot to show her feelings once again. The mother is an alcoholic she sits down and has a glass of alcohol in her hand. In this scene the camera had the mother in shot as well as the photo of the family. This can show that they had a problem because of her drinking, or that the mother is upset about the situation something that she cannot solve and finds the only way in drinking. The mother has a letter in her hand and the rest of the film carries on in a forest from the past. So they skip from the present back to the past. There is two lovers in a forest area and we can see them joking around. The camera in this scene then zooms in to a house slowly showing the whole family and the Mise on scene. The props and clothing shows that it was a long time ago and that people still believed in witches and curses. The important thing in this scene was that it was Christmas time showing that they were religious. The scene starts with a zoom in the fireplace. The sound of the fire burning can show that it’s called and can be done to show relaxation. Then this is disturbed by a crying noise. When the mother and father walks up the stairs the noise carries on they whisper to each other to create tension they look around the house. There footsteps are herd and the creaking noise creates suspicion as well.
  3. 3. Paradise Lost The start of in the film was different to the other two films because it had a bit where there was a woman lying in a white room crying tied on bed. It is similar with the other films as well because she is also in danger. She is screaming and there is zooms to her eye. This was done to show the reflection of the person or creature torturing her. It’s a really bloody scene and the torture is shown step by step to show what the woman is being through. This is done so that the audience would feel sorry for the woman. Then it jumps to a group of tourist in Brazil. This makes the audience want to know what happened next and why the woman is in that situation and who that person is. The scene being shown in Brazil is clear because of the Brazilian song at the background. It’s a happy song and they are travailing in a coach around Brazil. The driver is not concentrating on his driving and he is really fast. There is a zoom in to the baby drinking milk in this scene showing her purity showing that she is not aware of anything. The characters are shown vulnerable by the camera angles. When the characters are shown from an birds eye view or a high angle then they seem smaller and weaker. It is a frightening scene but there is comedy in it as well. The main character which is a man is scared and tells the driver to slow down and the girls are not interested in his opinion and they joke and laugh about it. When the coach whizzes pass a motorbike then the music changes from happy to a song that creates pressure and implies that there is going to be something wrong. Straight after this they have an accident and the coach slides to the edge of the mountain. It is stuck and the camera zooms around the wheel showing that they are in danger. There is a 180 and 360 angle in this scene showing everyone running around trying to get out the coach screaming and yelling. Loud noises , yells and needing help is found in all horror films it is a convention to horror films. When everyone escapes from the coach then the coach rolls of the mountain, this created tension to the audience because they were worrying about the character s in the coach and the innocent baby with the mother. The effect on the viewers by this shot is that they want her to save her baby and want to know that the innocent baby is safe. The shot of the coach was from a high angle and it was shown from the characters eyes as if it was them looking down to the coach. This could have been done for the audience to feel like they were a part of them as well.