Student Library Orientation

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  • 1. Welcome to PHES Library
  • 2. Our Librarian is Mrs. Sumida
    • She helps you find appropriate books and information
  • 3. Our Library Assistant is Mrs. Kiyonaga
    • She helps you check out books
  • 4. How do I get a book from the library?
  • 5. We use shelf markers to hold the space of books we browse through.
    • When you use shelf markers, you show respect for our library and school.
  • 6. There are many computers to use in the library
  • 7. Library Catalog
    • Search for books on the computer
      • Click on Search for Books tab
      • Click on “Destiny Quest”
      • Type in the author, title, or subject
  • 8. Sections of the Library
  • 9. This section of the library holds the Easy or Picture books.
    • These books have red dots on them
  • 10. The tags tell you the section the book is found and who wrote the book. E GAL
  • 11. This section of the library holds the Fiction or Chapter books.
    • These books have orange dots
  • 12. This is the Nonfiction section
    • This section contains true, informational books
  • 13. These tags have no dots
    • The tags have numbers and letters
    523 TAL
  • 14. How many items can you borrow? You may borrow 3 items at a time
  • 15. How long can I borrow it?
    • Two weeks
    • Students cannot borrow until they return all overdue books
    • Rewind videotapes
  • 16. What happens if you forget to return even one book? Can you borrow books?
  • 17. What happens if I lose or damage a book?
    • You are responsible for any items you borrow from the library
    • You must pay for any damages
    • You must pay for replacement cost of the book if you lose it
    • Your records follow you year to year
  • 18. Can I come to the library during recess?
    • Library open for students with passes
      • Each classroom should have 2
    • Students can
      • Borrow books
      • Go on the internet with teacher note specifying topic of study
  • 19. See you soon at the Library! Bye!
  • 20. Now it’s quiz time!
    • How many items can you borrow at a time?
  • 21. Answer:
    • Three items at a time
      • One videotape
      • One magazine
  • 22. When do you need to return your books?
  • 23. Answer:
    • Two weeks after you borrow it
  • 24. What section of the library do you find picture books?
    • A) Easy
    • B) Fiction
    • C) NonFiction
  • 25. What section of the library do you find true, informational books?
    • A) Easy
    • B) Fiction
    • C) NonFiction
  • 26. What section of the library do you find chapter books?
    • A) Easy
    • B) Fiction
    • C) NonFiction
  • 27. What is the name of our librarian?
    • A) Mrs. Sumida
    • B) Mrs. Kiyonaga
    • C) Mrs. Kelly
  • 28. What do you use to take a book off of the shelf?
    • A) Book Marker
    • B) Shelf Marker
    • C) Nothing
  • 29. Accelerated Reader
    • Testing for your levels - during Computer Appointment
    • Borrow 2 AR books, 1 free choice
    • Sticker Colors
      • Orange Book Level 0
      • Blue Book Level 1
      • Red Book Level 1
      • Green Book Level 1
      • Brown Book Level 4
      • Yellow Book Level 5
      • Purple Book Level 6