Link your Way to Successful Content Management with MadCap Flare


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Making the most out of the Global Project Link Feature in Madcap Flare

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Link your Way to Successful Content Management with MadCap Flare

  1. 1. 8/20/2013 Footer 1 LINK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESSFUL CONTENT MANAGEMENT Making the most out of the Global Project Link Feature in Madcap Flare
  2. 2. 8/20/2013 Footer 2 • Introductions • Overview • What is Global Project Linking • Demonstration • Questions? AGENDA
  3. 3. 8/20/2013 Footer 3 • Information Architect with Blackbaud, Inc. • 15 years experience • Varied responsibilities - Creating and maintaining 1000s of pages of user-end documentation - Technical-project lead investigating new tools, best practices, and workflows for a 22-member documentation team - Led team’s move three years ago to MadCap Flare • Past presentations: - Adobe FrameMaker to Madcap Flare at the 2011 WritersUA Conference - Agile-based development process at the 2010 WritersUA Conference - Structured authoring, trends in Technical Communication, and indexing at various local and international STC conferences • Part-time instructor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH - Teach the Technical Writing course included in the school’s Professional Writing program ABOUT ME
  4. 4. 8/20/2013 Footer 4 • Global Project Link functionality available in MadCap Flare - How it can be used to maximize content reuse - While also helping you to manage large libraries of content - How to link projects - How to manage what content is included in each linked workflow - Sticking points/issues WHAT WE WILL COVER
  5. 5. 8/20/2013 Footer 5 - We’ve been at over three years now - This is why we selected Flare as our tool - We’ve had great successes - We’ve had headaches (version 8) - We’ve seen it all….. WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT I THINK?
  6. 6. 8/20/2013 Footer 6 LET’S GET STARTED
  7. 7. 8/20/2013 Footer 7 • Import content and project files contained in another Flare project (parent project) • Allows you to maintain information in one location but reuse it in other projects (child projects) • Process allows you to select which files you want to include and exclude • Bottom line: - Build output pulling in content from several different locations - Granular control WHAT IS GLOBAL LINKING?
  8. 8. 8/20/2013 Footer 8 • When you create a global link in a child project, you can: - Automatically re-import before generating output - Remove “stale” files (deleted, renamed, moved) - Specify what type of files you want to include - Specify what type of files you want to exclude - Select specific files to include - Add additional filters based on condition tags WHAT IS GLOBAL LINKING?
  9. 9. 8/20/2013 Footer 9 • For example: - Include all topic (htm) and image files - Exclude all template files: CSS, condition tags, masterpage • Best to include template files in a separate “Template” import - Include all content tagged with “Online” condition tag - Exclude all content tagged with “Print” condition tag WHAT IS GLOBAL LINKING?
  10. 10. 8/20/2013 Footer 10 LET’S GO TO THE DEMO
  11. 11. 8/20/2013 Footer 11 • It is complicated • If you hurry, you will make mistakes • Not for everyone • Imports can hang/break • Error message that stop the process and tell you NOTHING DRAWBACKS
  12. 12. 8/20/2013 Footer 12 • MadCap’s Global Project Linking Guide • Feel free to contact me with any questions/observations/tips: RESOURCES