Infinite Possibilities - FrontEnd Conf CH 2016


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Sometimes making choices in our career paths is difficult. Wouldn't it be helpful to have guidelines to help us make decisions that open up your options rather than shut them down? Discover how choosing creativity, a growth mindset, finding your Flow, and being a Maker puts you on the path of having infinite possibilities in your career, creating a clear path to a future where you can not only be awesome, but also do meaningful work.

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  • Really cool talk! Encourages me a lot ;-)
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Infinite Possibilities - FrontEnd Conf CH 2016

  1. Possibilities Infinite Denise R. Jacobs Front End Conf CH | Zurich, Switzerland 2 September 2016
  2. @denisejacobs #FEC16 @FrontEndConfCH #infinitepossible
  3. Get the slides, y’all!
  4. Grüezi Y’all! Photo: Denise Jacobs
  5. In case you didn’t know Photo: Denise Jacobs
  6. Photo by Derek Kearney From Front-end Dev à Creativity Evangelist?!
  7. Clients can be…special
  8. Projects started feeling like this
  9. And then there’s these people
  10. My true love: speaking/training/teaching
  11. à Founder + CEO/Chief Creativity Evangelist
  12. So frontend devs/designers, much respect!
  13. 1,1,2,3…
  14. It’s the new Black
  15. IBM CEO Study, 2010
  16. Time Magazine Creativity Poll, 2013
  17. Survey of 684 Developers
  18. “The web can and should be a vibrant medium for creative expression.” – Andy Clarke, “Art Directing Web Design”, FrontEnd Conf CH 2016
  19. We have it. Then we lose it.
  20. This is Water.
  21. Whether you are a designer or a developer Photo: Denise Jacobs
  22. You are powerfully creative
  23. Masters of strategic simplification Can translate complex information & data into accessible visuals Evoke emotion & provoke thought Make the mundane beautiful Gifts of Designers
  24. Passion for accuracy Analytical Learn quickly Problem-solvers Curious Thinking critically Gifts of Frontend Developers
  25. You design + build + guide the web…
  26. Now’s the time to value yourself
  27. “The new scarcity: the time, energy, and brainpower of bright, creative people.” - Mary Poppendieck, “Think For Yourself”
  28. How to move forward?
  29. It starts with One
  30. (Thanks, Andy!) Photo: Denise Jacobs
  31. The pattern of nature
  32. We are part of this pattern
  33. The Golden Ratio
  34. Everything comes from this divine unfolding
  35. The Dark or the Light
  36. What direction should you go?
  37. Making one solid choice is the beginning
  38. The paradox of choice
  39. Let’s take a look at how this can work
  40. CHOOSE
  41. Non-Creative or Creative?
  42. & Who here is creative?
  43. “Creativity is all about making connections and seeing patterns.” Bruce Nussbaum, Creative Intelligence
  44. Child, please.
  45. My response:
  46. Internal fears = Inner Critic Photo: Denise Jacobs
  47. Creativity Denial
  48. In Tibetan, creative = natural
  49. Creativity ≠ Trying to be Creative
  50. Trying ≠ Practicing
  51. “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda
  52. “If I try to be creative, rather than just accepting that I am creative, I fail.” Andrew J. Epstein
  53. Not about effort
  54. More like breathing
  55. Like breathing, you can build
  56. Get in tune with the process
  57. What’s your creative frequency?
  58. Listen/tune in
  59. Filter out the background noise
  60. Frequency: Occurrence
  61. Frequency: Practice
  62. Become an idea machine
  63. Challenge/Homework: Ten Ideas a day
  64. “Deciding for creativity does not guarantee that creativity will emerge, but without the decision, it certainly will not.” – Robert Sternberg
  65. Decide upon Creativity. Choose it. Then, amplify your creative frequency.
  66. Fixed or Growth Mindset?
  67. Mindset, by Carol Dweck
  68. Which looks more familiar?
  69. Fixed mindset
  70. Perfection Talent Ability Accomplishment Comparison Fixed Mindset focused on
  71. “Maybe I don’t have enough talent.” “What if I fail?” “If I don’t try, I can protect my dignity.” “It’s not my fault. It’s something/someone else’s.”
  72. (Sounds an awful lot like the Inner Critic, no?)
  73. Perfectionist much?
  74. Growth Mindset
  75. Learning Willingness to fail Curiosity Expansion Being self-referential Growth Mindset focused on
  76. Embrace and enjoy learning
  77. How do you change from Fixed to Growth?
  78. 1) Listen for your Fixed Mindset voice
  79. 2) Recognize that you have a choice
  80. 3) Talk back to it with a growth mindset voice
  81. “I can learn to do this with time & effort.” “Most successful people have had failure along the way.” “If I don’t try, I automatically fail.” “If I don’t take responsibility, I can’t fix it.”
  82. 4) Take growth mindset action
  83. Growth Mindset Actions
  84. & Adopt a beginner’s mind
  85. Release the Tyranny of the Expert
  86. Rediscover the familiar
  87. Re-learn something from a friend
  88. Learn something entirely new
  89. In my own life: learning Improv Photo: Denise Jacobs
  90. Learning from experience is key
  91. “I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures…Idividetheworldintothe learnersandnonlearners.” – Benjamin Barber, Sociologist
  92. Approach everything with openness and eagerness. Continue to increase your knowledge and expand yourself.
  93. Blocked or in Flow?
  94. Creative blocks?
  95. Fears
  96. “[We have] An unwillingness to take risks, for fear of criticism or failure.” – Andy Clarke, “Art Directing Web Design”, FrontEnd Conf CH 2016
  97. Creative Flow
  98. Is @ the Sweet Spot
  99. Enjoy + Good at + Feeling Empowered
  100. = Empowered Play
  101. Aka
  102. Your brain on Flow
  103. Flow banishes the Inner Critic!
  104. The Flow “Afterglow”
  105. How do you reach Flow?
  106. “You can’t force yourself to get into (creative) flow, but you can set the conditions for it.” – Ted Neward, “Managers are from Mars, Developers are from Venus”
  107. 1) Get in touch with your brilliance
  108. Embrace your super-power
  109. “I realized that I was more of a writer than a designer.”– Heydon Pickering, “Test-Driven,HTML”, FrontEnd Conf CH 2016 Photo: Denise Jacobs
  110. 2) Have clear goals
  111. 3) Uninterrupted, focused time
  112. “How to ruin (developer) productivity”
  113. My Father built airplanes in his spare time Photo: Deloria Jacobs
  114. (Instill the Headphones Rule)
  115. Helps create space for ideas
  116. 4) Balance of risk & challenge
  117. The Flow Channel exits between the two
  118. 5) Immediate feedback
  119. Find your Flow to dispel fears and experience continuous creative growth.
  120. Taker or Maker?
  121. …Has little regard for their potential to shape the future or ability to take action on issues that truly motivate them. A Taker…
  122. …A maker’s work is characterized by morality, creativity, craftsmanship, and purposed problem solving. They view their work through the lens of service. A Maker…
  123. “….Makers choose their work based on impact and happiness.” Jason Cavnar, "Why developers should start choosing conscience over profit"
  124. Up-level your Makership-ness
  125. 1) Stay a passionate problem-solver
  126. 2) Make “Bug” Lists
  127. 3) Cultivate a healthy disregard for the impossible
  128. 4) Be clear on your “Why”
  129. “When your ‘whys’ don’t line up, the project will go horribly wrong.” – Rob Farr, The Last Responsible Moment, DPM Summit 2015
  130. Infuse meaning
  131. What are your objectives?
  132. Whom are you aiming to help?
  133. 5) Choose bigger, more creative problems to solve
  134. 6) Spur creative thinking at scale,_Inc.
  135. By using this:
  136. Like folks at Pixar
  137. Make things that matter – to both you and others.
  139. What do you get?
  140. Life is complex and so are decisions
  141. Two tracks
  143. Guidelines; stars to navigate by
  144. “Clarity brings about purpose, purpose brings about action, action brings about change.” – Joel Yeo
  146. Mobilize a dormant creative confidence
  147. While we can’t predict the future
  148. Because of the unknown
  149. Instead, we have an alternative
  150. “We are the creators of the future.” Umair Haque, “How to Have a Year That Matters”
  151. You are Master Creators
  152. Remember how powerful you are
  153. “[We] can create the magic of what the web can be.”– Una Kravits, “Practical Blend Modes”, FrontEnd Conf CH 2016
  154. Making them should be easier
  155. Critical
  156. Not creative Fixed mindset Blocked Taking what you can get We’re all too familiar with these
  157. “The decisions that most designers make are based entirely on guesswork.”– Andy Clarke, “Art Directing Web Design”, FrontEnd Conf CH 2016
  159. Release your inner Intrepreneur
  160. Proactive Committed Integrity Open-minded Courageous Resilient Adaptive Emotionally Intelligent Authentic Encourages Intrapreneur qualities
  161. Respect yourself (and recognize)
  162. “We all are both Designers and Developers.”– Heydon Pickering Photo: Denise Jacobs
  163. This is your compass
  164. Creativity is your True North
  165. Work that is more creatively satisfying
  166. All of space-time started with a singularity 1,1,2,3…
  167. Just as the Universe is expanding, so are we
  168. An reiterative process Photo: Denise Jacobs
  169. Our choices should flow out from each other
  170. Now you have a framework
  171. “Art direction is the gravity that pulls atoms together.”– Andy Clarke, “Art Directing Web Design”, FrontEnd Conf CH 2016
  172. Creativity is the “gravity” of your work
  173. The choice is clear
  174. “You need to trust yourself and your creativity and make a leap.” – Eva-Lotte Lamme
  175. Choose
  176. Get the slides, y’all!
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