how to be a google master, by denise howell


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from the midyear meeting of the international association of defense counsel, 2.20.09

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how to be a google master, by denise howell

  1. iadc midyear meeting “how to be a google master” 02.20.09 denise howell
  2. (go ahead, indulge your continuous partial attention - guilt free!)
  3. if you get nothing else out of this... twitter account;
  4. what’s a googley lawyer? using google is easy emulating google can be hard, for lawyers jeff jarvis: transparency? wwgd?
  5. most googley
  6. a brief history of internet time...
  7. ’89, sir tim berners-lee: “It seemed evident that it should be a space in which anyone could be creative, to which anyone could contribute.“
  8. ’96: creating credit card debt we’re still paying off; aside from taking our money, sites are static
  9. ’00: silly season
  10. ’01: free, easy tools spawn 2-way web
  11. ’06: 50+million blogs; other asynchronous, 2-way communications flourishing
  12. election year ’08 >> asynchronous two-way web goes real-time
  13. something big was *bound* to come of all this
  14. a lawyer’s most important commodity and resource reasoning? information gathering and sharing is foundation for all that follows high signal/noise in intake and output
  15. social news/net works rss tagging aggregation blogs vlogs podcasts microblogging photo/video sharing wikis remote conferencing live video+chat social bookmarking asynchronous and real-time tools - both firehose and filter
  16. eschew social media if - you’re engaged in criminal acts and prone to be up-front about it... you’re abrasive - people leave you caustic voicemails? death or other unpleasant threats?... you’re likely to disclose military intelligence... you’re incapable of expressing yourself in 140 characters or less...
  17. otherwise, have at it
  18. a word about marketing you get to fire them. particularly if they want to keep sending out brochures and newsletters. (or hiring atomic tangerine.)
  19. a word about law (see: firing marketing.) confidentiality, ethics, legal obligations are cross-platform. have simple policies+training. read eff’s blogging legal guide.
  20. “how to be a google master” presented by denise howell q&a - demos - discussion slides at
  21. licensing and credits this work is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial 3.0 license. to view a copy of the license, visit; or, send a letter to creative commons, 543 howard street, 5th floor, san francisco, ca 94105 USA images thanks to the following flickr users, technorati, and hugh macleod: •illuminated crowd by ritterskamp •lego people by joe schlabotnik •the silent people by wili_hybrid •internet statement by altemark •lawyer by erix! •tag on tim berners-lee's original NeXT machine -- first web server by robert scoble •tim berners-lee by silvio tanaka •podkast mascot by jacob botter •i'm blogging this by foxtongue •Laura Pisani in her Home Office, after the Circle of Dosso Dossi by Mike Licht, •Boy with a Blog, after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin by Mike Licht, •Two Bloggers, after Norman Rockwell by Mike Licht, •Pigeons with Cell Phones by Mike Licht, •lawyer dream, lawyer, twitter, and where the money is by hugh macleod, •legal lolcats, various frazzled law students
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