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Partner Centric view of the cloud. Why partenrs need to act now.

Partner Centric view of the cloud. Why partenrs need to act now.

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  • Important to re-visit what we mean by Cloud.Flexible/Agile to deliver up and down scale capability on an instant basis.Can move applications around due to virtualisation abstracting hardware layer from appilcations. Self provisioning capability delivered direct to end users, delivering on demand “pay as you use” charging mechanisms, Trackable SLA’s and QOS.Private – Cloud capabilities (internal or externally provided) used ONLY for that company’s consumption – no matter where their staff are located. Private Clouds are viewed as “on the corporate network”Community cloud – example Govt G cloud. Still a private cloud just shared between the community.….. Common issues and security, governance issues – work together to deliver private clouds delivering economies of scale/ commonality of issues (security of data, SLA’s etc).Public – Cloud resources shared by multiple organisations (multiple tenant) or even members of the general public. Fewer opportunities to sell hardware, software and services as bought by fewer larger providers who may buy directly.No one model will fit all end users needs, Indeed for a long time clients will pick the best delivery model to fit their businesses.Benefits – what are they????Reduced CostCloud technology is paid as it is consumed, saving organizations money. Opex not capex spend. Organisations are not paying for compute resources it MIGHT need one day. Green benefits too.Scalability/Highly Automated/Flexibility Organizations can scale up or down their infrastructure instantly,. Historically scaling a service could take months. End Users provision their services themselves, when they need it.More MobilityEmployees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks. Allows IT to Shift Focus from systems management to strategic service provisionNo longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues, IT Depts will be free to concentrate on innovation. BUT WHAT ARE THE RISKS????THE CREDIT CARD CLOUD……….
  • Hybrid Cloud – the ability for end users to CHOOSE which resource they need and where to have that delivered from and to move it as better/cheaper locations/resource providers become available.
  • Short term, companies must move to virtualised private cloud infrastructure. But channel must keep future in mind. How to move from here to full Cloud enabled businessThe danger is to regard this as the panacea and believe it will continue forever. As we have just discussed it won’t, so how do we benefit from this stage whilst positioning ourselves best for the Journey to the Cloud…….I have put together some”steps” – not sequential and not all for everybody. But ALL of us should do at least some to be cloud ready.
  • Step 1 – great opportunity with virtualisaiotndrving need for enhanced networks/storage/service opps. Still vast majjority need virtualisation and solution pull through ratio is fantastic.BUT channel must use this phase to move to a different engagement model.Become Trusted Cloud advisor – no longer your biggest strength to own the relationship for supply of solutionsMUST sell up the chain in your end users, Cloud will not be bought by the storage/network or server adminstrator or even the IT manager – Cloud will be a board level purchase. Do not leave this to the SI’sMUSt work on internal financing of your companies as Cloud adoption will drive more ongoing annuity revenue streams rather than solution sale revenue streams. Gradual transition but must start now…Start to put together your USPS for the CloudStart to put together your cloud portfolio Start to change your branding away from ONLY solutions supply, to internal Cloud supply leading to Trusted Cloud Provider.Partner with organisations who do offer other parts of the solution – no one company can do all of this.Step 2Strenghten position as trusted cloud adviro= sell consultancy. Prove worth to sell up the food chain. Gain IP in the Cloud space. Work with end users on defining their cloud strategy. Which they could move to public domain and which they can’t and why. How to satisfy board and stakeholders on governance etc. Step 3Gain IP on leveraging and recommending 3rd party providers to your end users. Re-sale opportunites.


  • 1. Highlighting the Cloud Benefits to your clientsIf you don’t, somebody else will!Denise Bryant, Country Manager, Magirus UK
  • 2. Page 2
    Magirus – Innovation in IT Distribution
    The Benefits of the Cloud
    The Journey to the Cloud
    Starts with the First Step….
  • 3. Magirus – Innovation in IT Distribution
    The Benefits of the Cloud
    Private Cloud
    Community Cloud
    Public Cloud
  • 4. Magirus – Innovation in IT Distribution
    The Benefits of the Cloud
    The Cloud Market “Motivator”
    Internal Cloud
    External Cloud
    Hybrid Cloud
    Private Cloud
    Community Cloud
    Public Cloud
    Private Cloud
    Public Cloud
    Community Cloud
  • 5. Magirus – Innovation in IT Distribution
    The Benefits of the Cloud
    “Selling the Cloud”– the First Steps
    Virtualised Private Cloud
    Virtualised Private Cloud worth $85bn in next 3-5 years
  • 6. Magirus – Innovation in IT Distribution
    The Benefits of the Cloud
    Step 1:
    Assist End Users to deploy Private Clouds
    Solution resale
    Consultancy/Migration/Implementation services
    Step 2:
    Assist End Users to take advantage of Public Clouds (move to Public/Hybrid/Community)
    BP Consultancy on security, governance, DP issues etc
    Consultancy on SLA setting etc and recommending ideal providers
    Step 3:
    Cloud Service Resale of third party providers
    Annuity stream
    Step 4:
    Build own Cloud services for re-sale
    Larger Annuity stream
    Step 5:
    Develop own Cloud applications using SpringSource etc
  • 7. Magirus – Innovation in IT Distribution
    The Benefits of the Cloud
    • Define the steps to transition your current business to a Cloud Centric business:
    • 8. Sales compensation plans
    • 9. Sales Training
    • 10. Benefits of the Cloud
    • 11. Your offering and USP’s
    • 12. Enable Sales at higher decision point
    • 13. Teaming with other Cloud providers
    • 14. Consultants (BPO, Data protection, Sox etc)
    • 15. Third party Cloud Service providers
    • 16. Branding /Messaging Transition
    • 17. Create Awareness
    • 18. Transition financing for recurring revenue streams
    • 19. First Sales – future proofed for the Cloud…..
    Introduction4 February 2010
  • 20. Innovation in
    IT Distribution
    That’s Magirus.