17 things science writers can pin on Pinterest that are not pillows or dresses


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Pinterest isn't just about travel, fashion and home decor. The third largest (and fastest-growing) social network is fertile ground for science journalists and science communicators. This talk looks at users who pin science-related material on Pinterest, and what science writers and communicators are sharing, from publishers, journals, museums, universities, companies, nonprofits and freelance science writers, too.

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17 things science writers can pin on Pinterest that are not pillows or dresses

  1. 17 thingsscience writerscan pin toPinterest(that are notpillows or dresses)Denise Graveline - @dontgetcaughtFor Science Writers in New York and theAmerican Society of Journalists & Authors, March 2013
  2. Relax. I won’t make a decoratorout of you. That would take work.You can find these slides at http://bit.ly/SWINYpin and allexamples in the slides link to the relevant Pinterest pages.
  3. Why bother with Pinterest? Third-largest social network: 15% of users overall  Right behind Twitter Fastest-growing social network. Ever. Valued at $2.5 billion Makes it easy to find things on the web Can have business presence or individual presence
  4. Why bother with Pinterest? Every pin links to a website—so it’s a great traffic driver Can link items for sale Consumers shop more and spend more on Pinterest
  5. You can use it without using it Even before I began using it, Pinterest was #2 driver of traffic to my blogs Using it enhanced those numbers, but… …so does making it easy for your followers to share items from your website or blog  Pin It buttons  Adding images  When they use Pinterest bookmarklet But you’ll do more and better with it if you actually post on the site
  6. I wish more journalists &publishers were using it to… Storyboard sources & data  Profile journalists and alongside finished stories highlight their expertise Share more topics than  Widen their audiences travel, fashion & décor  Easily boost traffic Share their own behind-the-  Share more quotes from scenes photos stories  Create their own “brand” so others can spread it around
  7. For most users, it’s addictive
  8. …including people who likescience More than 200 boards with “closet geek” in title More than 300 devoted to microbiology More than 1,000 about physics Nearly 1,000 about chemistryLike most social networks, your audience is there before youare, and your job is to find them and let them find you
  9. Geeky Pinterest users aresharing… Journal articles & covers  Field work photos & videos Science experiments  Science demos Vintage & new science  Charts and graphs magazine covers  Infographics Science photography  Data visualizations Ebooks and books  Slide presentations Videos  Explainers Research institutions  Famous scientists Quotes from scientists
  10. Share sciencecoverageNPR’s boards on Pinterest includeone devoted to its science andhealth news coverage.However, many major news outletsskip sharing science topics in favorof fashion, travel and décor.
  11. Build audienceand collectimages forprojectsScience writer Jennifer Freeman’sClimate Health Pinterest boardscollect images for the ClimateHealth Image Project, which helpspeople visualize the global healthimpacts of climate change.
  12. Collect your talksand interviewsScience writer Carl Zimmer’sboard on his talks shares videoand audio of his lectures andarticles in which he’s interviewed,taking advantage of Pinterestcompatibility with SlideShare andvideo. He also shares his latestarticles and books on Pinterest.
  13. Drive traffic toyour blogs andpromote appsand resourcesNational Wildlife Federation socialmedia manager Danielle Brigidauses NWF’s Pinterest boards tolink back to blog posts, share NWFapps and encourage photo-sharingof wildlife and backyard activities
  14. Pull and sharequotesThe Wall Street Journal’s robustPinterest presence includes aboard of compelling quotes from itsstories, capitalizing on thepopularity of sharing graphicquotes on the site. There’s noreason a journalist can’t share herpicks of the best quotes from anyarticle, too.
  15. Share archivalmaterialThe American Museum of NaturalHistory’s boards include one onThe Hayden Letters, from a 1950promotion in which the public wasencouraged to write letters abouttaking the first space trip—andwhere they wanted to go.
  16. Find workThis UK pharma recruiter has anentire board to recruit a sciencewriter, with posts on thelocation, offices, job descriptionand more. You also could startyour own Pinterest portfolio, withlinks to your publishedarticles, your CV, photos of yourprojects and more.
  17. Answervisitor/readerquestionsThe Arizona Science Center board“Never Stop Wondering” featuresquestions conveyed in easy-to-read graphics and answers onvideo from scientists at the center.The board drives traffic to awebsite of the same name.
  18. Announceresearch newsIBM Research shares researchinnovations. On this cognitivecomputing board, it shares aphotomicrograph of the new IBMHoley Optochip, and a descriptionof the novel approach used tocreate it. The pin links back to arelated Flickr page.
  19. Shareresources withreadersThe AAAS magazine ScienceBooks & Films shares issues of themagazine, along with sciencepodcasts, library resources andmore.
  20. Promote yourbookEbook publisher Boikeno sharesideas for books available inelectronic formats. Pinterest userslove sharing book covers, and givethem plenty of likes andcomments.
  21. Divulgescience historywith humorGeneral Electric borrows the RyanGosling “Hey Girl” meme to drawusers in to its links with inventorThomas Edison. The pins link backto a history page about Edison onthe GE website.
  22. Draw in visitorsto see field workin actionSouth Carolina’s ArchaeologicalResearch Collective includes aboard of urban excavations andsites that you can visit in the state.
  23. EncouragefandomOne of NPR’s popular and widely-shared boards includes NPRValentines, including this onejournalists might appreciate.Thismakes it easy for Pinterest usersto share your brand, have fun andsee you as approachable.
  24. Free report withmore examplesfor blogs andwebsitesGo to http://bit.ly/SWINY and signup for the SWINY/ASJA mailing listoption to getmy free report on how to usePinterest to promoteyour blog (works for websites, too)
  25. I’m on Pinterest at pinterest.com/dgraveline and I blog on socialmedia and communications strategies at dontgetcaught.biz. I helporganizations and companies with social media strategies, mediarelations strategies and speaker and media training. Check out myboard of great ways to use Pinterest.Denise Gravelineinfo@dontgetcaught.biz