[Curs] Etica in PR

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  • 1. curs 15 ianuarie 2014 Etica în industria Relațiilor Publice. Ce este specific? 
  • 2. AGENDA Sensul eticii Dileme etice în industria PR-ului Importanta unui comportament etic Un cod etic pentru PR [Să ne amintim] Cum construiești încredere? Concluzii, give-aways
  • 3. WARNING! Urmează o prezentare cu “englezisme”
  • 4. SENSUL ETICII Când vorbim despre etică și profesionalism ne raportăm la palierul deontologic de înțelegere, jonglând cu: responsabilități și drepturi
  • 5. DILEME ETICE ÎN INDUSTRIA PR-ULUI Etici profesionale în PR Valori și principii personale Schema responsabilităților profesionale în PR
  • 6. Etici profesionale în PR • • • • • telling the truth making legal and reasonable claims being aware of libel & slander who you work for? (tobacco, fast food, pornography) who you work with? (Do any of your personal relationships have a conflict of interest with the organisation for which you work?) • keeping client confidentiality (Are you able to respect your clients’ confidentiality among your circle of friends and acquaintances?) ! Do not ‘gossip’ about clients or your organisation’s behaviour, decisions and actions, no matter how innocent discussing these issues may seem.
  • 7. Valori și principii personale • Your own personal values and principles should guide you through your PR career. Think about how you want to act and be perceived. Are you honest? Accurate? Responsive? Respectful? • As a professional you should keep yourself fully up to date using all of the information available, not just that from one source. You should undertake research on the best practices regarding the issues that you face. Are you continually improving yourself?
  • 8. Schema responsabilităților profesionale în PR
  • 9. IMPORTANȚA UNUI COMPORTAMENT ETIC A two-way communication strategic PR will open up a dialogue with the key stakeholders between the organisation and the stakeholders ⇒the long-term objectives of an organisation are more likely to be met. ⇒that may assist in the implementation of a corporate social responsibility programme or an organisation’s code of ethics A good reputation ⇒help build custom ⇒assist with attracting and hiring good employees ⇒the organisation will then gain public approval and build a positive reputation.
  • 10. UN COD ETIC PENTRU PR The main objective is to form guidelines for professional behaviour. Există numeroase coduri, precum: 1. The CIPR’s Code of Conduct is built on three principles – integrity, competence and confidentiality. 2. Codes such as those of the IPRA (International Public Relations Association) focus on 18 tightly written principles including observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, integrity, transparency, accuracy and not asserting undue influence. Industria PR-ului este în continuă schimbare In 2012 the PRCA made an addition to their codes about PR professionals working on the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia where editing it on behalf of clients showed a breach of interest from a duty to society and a duty to client. There have also been recent cases on the way promotional activity is undertaken by bloggers and on social networking sites.
  • 11. [Să ne amintim] Cum construiești încredere? • De a
  • 12. Concluzii, give-aways • Indiferent de activitățile/departamentele în care activăm zona de etică nu este detașabilă • Printr-un comportament etic învățăm, în principal, să construim încredere => 2 în 1 trust: încredere pe palierul relațiilor interumane + încredere în organizație ! Drumul de la comunicare la gestionare și generare încredere e pavat cu.. un comportament etic
  • 13. BIBLIOGRAFIE PRWeek and the PRCA’s PR Census 2011 The Holmes Report, Consultancy Rate Card, 2012 EMEA Fitzpatrick, K. R. and Bronstein, C. (2006) Ethics In Public Relations – Responsible Advocacy, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Parsons, P. J. (2008) Ethics In Public Relations – A Guide to Best Practice, London: Kogan Page.