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Gennadiy Avdeev

  2. 2. I.S.P.A.-SAT Company “I.S.P.А.-SАТ" was created in 2003 on the basis of telecommunication department of the company " I.S.P.А.--Engineering“ (on the market since 1989), which is in the group of I.S.P.A. companies Our Credo: Firsthand equipment. One project –one contact: all complex of engineering services by one team
  3. 3. Our competence: PROFESSIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONAL EQUIPMENT for TELERADIOCENTERS, SATELLITE OPERATORS, STUDIOS OF CABLE TV AND IP-BROADCASTING: 1.  Hardware formation, distribution and storage OF TV / PB programs and multimedia 2. Outside broadcast: Satellite system of video journalism (DSNG) Systems Fly AWAY Systems DRIVE AWAY, Fly / Drive Away Certificate of Conformity Video journalism systems (ENG) ISO 9001-2001 Mobile reportage system based on COFDM and RRL 2008 Mobile television station (TCP and mini-TCP) 3. Systems of delivery and distribution of TV / PB programs: Terrestrial broadcasting systems, distribution and delivery On-air TV and FM transmitters RRL VOLS Cable TV and IP - Broadcast I.S.P.A.-SAT - unique Systems of satellite broadcasting, distribution and delivery in Eastern Europe and the CIS Receiving and transmitting terrestrial station Authorized Tandberg TV VSAT system System Integrator and Service Center
  4. 4. Projects 2005-2009. 1. Satellite systems of distribution and signal delivery, DTH 2. IPTV 3. Satellite reporting stations (DSNG) 4. Systems of news gathering (DENG) 5. System of TV content delivery 6. Digital broadcasting DVB-T, DVB-H 7. Current challenges and problems of development of digital television
  5. 5. Systems of satellite distribution and signal delivery , DTH •  Satellite distribution system in the MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK TC "Era" Astana •  The system of direct satellite broadcasting (DTH) DVB-S MPEG-2. System of creating content, HS, receiving-transmitting teleport, subscriber kits for the Faculty of Distance Education Tyumen University. •  Content distribution systems DVB-S2 MPEG-4 . Head End (65 channels), teleport. "Effortel”. •  Federal Reserve HS MPEG-2 / 4 DVB-S2 satellite broadcasting of the central TV channels. Head End (14 +2 channel), modulators, delivery system through , reservation, management and monitoring systems. Federal company “Cosmic connection” (RSCC) •  Head End MPEG-4 DVB-S2 federal system of satellite transmission of TV radio programs for digital broadcasting. 30 +3 channels. (RSCC) •  Modernization of satellite distribution networks Russian Federal TV Radio Network company - Russian Federal TV Radio company. •  Over 1500 built and / or upgraded satellite receiving stations in 56 regions of Russia for six months (Football World Cup). Largest telecom project in 2006 in Russia •  Head End formation of program packages for cable operators in Russia (B2B). Modernization. The project «Stargate-TV» company "Orion Express", the launch of Head End “Orion-Vostok” •  DTH project NTV + •  Head End and teleports to GASCOM, "GeoTelekommunication, Yamaltelecom, "Moscow Teleport”, etc.
  6. 6. Modernization of receiving network RFTVRC-RFTVRNC Largest telecom project in 2006 in Russia
  7. 7. IPTV •  SD/HD MPEG-4 System for Forum SHOS-2009 in Yekaterinburg •  Head End MPEG-4 to 24 channels PrioCom Corp. Kiev •  Teleport and HE > 80 channels in Astana. KazakhTelecom •  Teleport and HE > 200 channels for the RF Presidential Administration •  MPEG-2 GS for Central Telegraph (draft Centel «QWERTY» B2B, B2C). Delivery of packages of TV and radio programming to cable and IP networks in Moscow and Moscow region. Distributed system (2 teleport, 3 sites of GS) with a full automatic, reserving. According to experts, the best "picture" in Russia •  Modernization of the HE (106 SD and HD MPEG-4 encoder), Comstar- Direct •  Modernization of the HE (quantity and quality of channels), Comstar-Direct " •  Multi-channel MPEG-2 complex IPTV and satellite broadcasting “Stream- TV “ for System-Multimedia” (Production, automation of broadcast systems, long-term archive, GS, teleport. The most successful IPTV project in the CIS) •  GS COMCOR, SAKHATELECOM etc.
  8. 8. Satellite reporting stations (DSNG) •  7 Multi-formatted SD / HD MPEG-2 / 4 DVB-S/S2 satellite reporting stations of class Fly&Drive Away (2 antennas, case line-up, chassis FORD Jumbo) for the regional branches of VGTRK •  Mass production, guarantee and service maintenance, repair and modernization of DriveAway stations. RFTVRC "REN-TV" TC "Star" "TV-Center" TRK "Peterburg-Channel 5" TC "TV-Dome" •  Mass production, guarantee and service maintenance, repair and modernization of FlyAway station. Mainly based on own unique antennas MAS-100/120/150. VGTRK RFTVRC "Saha" SC "Peterbrg - Channel 5” RFTVRC "Tyumen" «Energostroy » Light Sound Systems RTC "Kuban" REN-TV "Valex - Engineering" RFTVRC "Omsk" Administration of Yamalo-Nenets AO •  Organization and conducting of TV reportages from launching and landing of the International Space expeditions (since 2006) for the ZUP, news agencies and television companies
  9. 9. Direct transmissions from the place landing of MKS 2006 - 2008 DSNG FlyAway- station MAS150-MD200
  10. 10. Reporting FlyAway stations MAS150-MD200
  11. 11. Drive Away RFTVRC REN-TV TRC “Peterburg-Channel 5”
  12. 12. Systems of news gathering (DENG) •  DENG COFDM system of news gathering in the center of Moscow RFTVRC •  Reportage DENG COFDM system •  Special reportage helicopter Newscopter (unique in Russia) •  Network optic line Metrocom "in S-Pb Problems of frequency resources in Russia
  13. 13. Systems of delivery of TV content •  SD/HD MPEG-4 System for SOC Forum 2009 in Yekaterinburg •  System of collection of television channels through Optic line for back-up center for the compression of RFTVRC •  The system of Russia's channels delivery for satellite distribution systems and cable operators in Europe and North America (2005-2008) for “Synterra”, “Synterra Media”. •  Optic line CWDM-16 with automatic backup Skolkovo-Ostankino for NTV +. •  Optic line Network “Metrocom "in S-Pb •  A multi-channel signal for transmitting for IP-and optic line channels (with frequency compaction CWDM/DWDM). TV studio "7 channel", "Afontovo development", etc.
  14. 14. Telecommunication services ( ISPA-COM ): Organization of live commentaries and television space bridges Leasing reportage DSNG stations Optic line from 4 operators in Moscow International Media Center
  15. 15. Digital broadcasting DVB-T, DVB-H •  The system of automated insertion of regional content and advertising for the federal network of digital broadcasting •  System DVB-T digital broadcasting MPEG-4 SD / HD in Moscow. The software package "SPORT" RFTVRC •  HE DVB-T MPEG-4 broadcast and signal delivery system in Tashkent. (The first system of digital broadcasting in Central Asia) •  HE (16 +2 channels), monitoring system, teleports and regional sites network DVB-H broadcasting. It is second in the world according to number of channels of DVB-H system with full automatic reservation. It’s the first in the CIS DVB-H system. "Digital Broadcast" (SMM) •  Zone of test DRM digital radio broadcasting. Krasnodar •  Designing network DVB-T/H broadcasting in Moscow (Elaboration of options for placement of transmitters, mate. Simulation coverage and hundreds of measurements on the territory of Moscow and the nearest Moscow region). "Digital Broadcast", etc.
  16. 16. DVB-H main station "Digital Broadcast" (SMM), Moscow
  17. 17. Design and integration of DVB-T/H SFN/ MFN broadcasting networks:
  18. 18. Systems of automated insertion of content/advertising
  19. 19. Current challenges and problems of development of digital television in Russia and CIS •  Development of digital broadcasting in the CIS SD/HD, MPEG-2/4, a battle of technologies and business models, Composition of national MUX-s, STB, government support •  State Politics - Development Program DT - Tax policy (for example receivers) - Frequency planning •  Business model for broadcasters and advertising insertion Oil - the blood of the economy, Advertising – blood of Television - What is it for? Or, what’s new is brought by digital TV? - Method of STB distributing - Billing vs AD insertion (subscribers’ fee or revenue from advertising) - insertion of local content, "central” and local" advertising, to where? - Way to automate insertion process, inserting tags, where? - Insertion-piracy and monitoring of advertising?
  20. 20. Current challenges and problems of development of digital television in Russia and CIS •  Insertion of local content and the architecture of regional systems: -  Choosing technological solutions and taking into account of all participants of the process - Program of digitalization and satellite capacity, pilot regions - Place of formation packages (multiplexes) and inserts - "French" and "American" model of the formation of local content - "Multilayered" insert content - Way to deliver content to/from the regions and within regions •  Project Management: "New" philosophy of the industry or territory of "dead" projects - Appearance of "new" integrators, and new solutions, new approaches to solving problems and new rules of the game on the market - Customer's own design team - the pros and cons - "Integrator is responsible for all" - the pros and cons - The consequences of "political" decisions when choosing a vendor and integrator - Consulting
  21. 21. Our contacts Moscow123022, Affiliate I.S.P.А. 2-nd Zvenigorodskaya ---------------------------- str. Build. 13, 17 •  Minsk (Moscow International •  Kiev Media Center) •  St. Petersburg •  Yekaterinburg  784-7575 •  Krasnoyarsk «Hot»line of technical support 24х7