Fall Winter 2013/2014 Denim Collection from Soorty


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The latest denim collection from Soorty

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Fall Winter 2013/2014 Denim Collection from Soorty

  1. 1. Soorty - the denim fabric and apparel producer fromPakistan launches its Fall / Winter 2013/14 collection atDenim by PV , Shanghai. The collection includes noveltieslike•Denim VIP - for the sssoft touch! .•Flower collection- for the cool colors•Motorcycle world – for the leather looks.•Water and Stain repellant fabrics•Sustainable varieties & more..
  2. 2. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionSuper soft fabrics, that will make you look good and also comfortable. Its softness will mesmerize you and will shut all your senses except the sense of touch.The collection comprises of fabrics made of regenerated fibers like Modal, Tencel and natural premium fibers like Linen.These fabrics are certified by Lenzing, Austria. A good shine, excellentdrape, flexible and durable. These fabrics are excellent for Jeggings andsuper skinny jeans.
  3. 3. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection DENIM VIP
  4. 4. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionFlowers is a collection of “colored denim” stretch fabrics. The warp isrope dyed . It is available in both washable and non washable colors.“Play with the colors”
  5. 5. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection FLOWERS
  6. 6. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection FLOWERS
  7. 7. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionAs they say “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move thesoul”. A good rider has balance, judgment, and a unique sense of style. Ifyou combine the attitude of bikers with the carefree attitude ofdenim, the result will be Soorty’s “Motorcycle world”. No need to wearuncomfortable leather now. Get the same look and attitude with thiscollection. Motor Cycle World series is a collection of coated fabrics.
  8. 8. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection MOTORCYCLE WORLD
  9. 9. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection MOTORCYCLE WORLD
  10. 10. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionAncient Cities is a collection inspired by places which have passed thetest of time. Even after hard conditions and battles they have managedto keep their cultures and values intact. Similarly, our denim will remainstrong and pass the test of many washes and chemical treatments. It iscollection of durable Rigid and Stretch fabrics.
  11. 11. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection ANCIENT CITIES
  12. 12. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionAlloys is a result of conventional denim elements amalgamated to forma denim fabric with extraordinary visual phenomenon. This fabric is a“Sorcerers Stone” of all fabrics. Denim fabric is treated with three keyelements to form a fabric which reveals a different color on scraping andwashing. This collection has deep dark denim fabrics, adopting an overdyeing technique which is innovative and attractive.
  13. 13. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection ALLOYS
  14. 14. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionTraveler is a collection of water and stain repellent fabrics. Thiscollection was inspired by modern day travelers who wants to exploredifferent parts of world without any worries
  15. 15. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection TRAVELER
  16. 16. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionWool denim is a premium fabric collection. It is a blend of wool andcotton. It provides a comfort and warmth of wool and comfort of cotton.
  17. 17. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection WOOL DENIM
  18. 18. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionSoorty has evolved into an innovative company, with an extreme focuson Research and development development. Enigma collection is theresult of those efforts. Enigma collection is both puzzling and intriguingin its behavior. Enigma will revolutionize the way denim fades andenhance ageing effect.
  19. 19. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection ENIGMA
  20. 20. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionPolka,snake, paisley, stars or any other pattern you wish you had onyour denim, Soorty will get you that. Soorty, presents both durable andwashable prints in its printed denim collection.
  21. 21. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection DENIM RELOADED
  22. 22. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection DENIM RELOADED
  23. 23. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionElasto~soft is a synthetic fiber with physical characteristic of inherentstretch and softness. It’s chemical characteristic lies between polyesterand nylon. Denim with Elasto‐soft weft imparts unique properties onthe fabric. When blended with cotton, the fabric retains the soul ofdenim with excellent stretch which is comparable to other elastomericfibers
  24. 24. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection ELASTO SOFT
  26. 26. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection 2-FOLO
  27. 27. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 CollectionSustainable is a collection based on recycled cotton and other naturalfibers. Soorty is working hard to reduce waste, energy and water toproduce a high quality denim fabric which is least harmful to theenvironment. It is sustainable collection is a testament of Soorty’scommitment to the better world.
  28. 28. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection SUSTAINABLE
  29. 29. Soorty Fall Winter 2013/14 Collection For more presentations related to denim world – visit www.denimsandjeans.com