Eve PVP Corp Management
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Eve PVP Corp Management



Eve Uni Lecture

Eve Uni Lecture



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Eve PVP Corp Management Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PvP Corp Management An experience in Nullsec
  • 2. Some people think running a nullsec pvpcorp is like this but…
  • 3. …the reality is a lot more stupid.
  • 4. Founding a Corp & Corp styles• Reasons – Unhappy with current corp – Ambition, making a difference or making a lot of isk – Community Building, eg. National corps/website based corps• Different kinds of corps – Growth focused – Quality focused – Financial focused – Focus changes over time• Atmosphere – Ethics, scamming, smack talk, porn – Relaxed or Military – Play for fun vs Play to win• Support – Does isk matter? – Who is coming along? – Previous contacts and allies
  • 5. Internal leadership• Structure – Who is the Leader? (partnership, solo or council) – Getting the right number – Real life friends• Managing the Directorate – Picking your directors – Getting people to step up – Methods; High Activity Low Risk – Burnout• Power inside the corp – Director input ; Formal vs Informal – Keeping in the loop; Communication – Clear ranks vs Vague levels of leadership; distance from corp members – Titles don’t earn respect!
  • 6. Joining an Alliance• Do Research!• Know your alliance before joining• It’s a big commitment• Applying to join – what will an alliance look for?• Getting noticed
  • 7. Corp & Alliance A symbiotic relationship?• Gains – Resources and structures – Name Recognition – “Event” level activities eg. AT, Sov war• Losses – Autonomy – Distinct corp culture• Members gain, leadership loses• The corp will grow in influence with the alliance• Alliance styles
  • 8. Logistics From making corp isk to evacing• Towers (pos)• Carebear days• Tax• Alt Corp / neutral freighters• Moving stuff• Deploying• Evacing
  • 9. Mergers & Recruitment• Where to advertise?• What to say?• Referral & Invite systems• Mergers – Dangers involved
  • 10. The Recruitment ProcessThere are 3 main aspects to recruitment• Vetting – Player history – Personal history – Why join us? – Newer players are better• Security – You can’t stop spies! – API – Alts – Searches• Probation/Trial – The Foreign Legions process – You will need dedicated people – Rank systems – Why bother?
  • 11. Motivation and dissidence
  • 12. Motivation and dissidence• Getting people in fleet – Hard Approach – Soft Approach – Carrots and sticks• Monitoring and Purging• Corp Culture• Dissidence is a fire
  • 13. Crisis and Robbery management• What can go wrong? – Theft – Awoxing – Towers (pos) attacked – Coup or corp split – Sudden loss of Alliance• How to minimize risk – Recruitment security – Recognizing director burnout – Planning for the worst – Opsec Sometimes there’s nothing you can do! Good Luck!