Minimalism photorealism 3d interior


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Minimalism photorealism 3d interior

  1. 1. Minimalism, Photorealism 3D Interior Form modeling to finish rendering By Guning DengIt is an interior project. Here we introduce a method to create a 3D interior scene and to render aphotorealism scene. In the project, we create a 3D scene by real interior project. Modeling, lightsand camera are created by real size.We can create a scene by sketches, by photos or CAD files. In the project, we create the scene byCAD files.First, we review the interior project and set an aim of finish results. The style of the project isminimalism. We do like to get some photorealism images.We use 3D Max to create modeling, light and render, because the material system, light systemand render system of 3D Max are better and easier than CAD packet. We can import CAD file andCAD modeling to 3D Max, but we must use same units.We open the CAD file by AutoCAD and control the units. The units are millimeter.
  2. 2. Open 3D Max and set the units to millimeter.Import the CAD file of the floor plan or the CAD modeling.We create the scene and render the scene white modeling.
  3. 3. Create lights. In this scene we use skylight and mr Sky Portal. In any scene, we create lights byskylight system and art light system. In an outside scene, we can use skylights to present naturelight effect. In an inside scene, only skylight is not enough. We use skylight system and art lightsystem. In the project we use skylight as a light source and mr Sky Portal to present the light fromwindows and a light full space.The parameters of mr Sky Portal are not complex.If the scene is too dark, you can add ‘On Multiplier’ of ‘Energy’ in ‘Mental ray IndirectIllumination’‘mr Sky Portal’ can visible to renderer. You can select a color or/and Bitmap to ‘mr Sky Portal’.One of the parameters of mr Sky Portal is ‘Shadow Samples’. Sometimes, the quality of the whitemodeling is low, because they have black spots. We can set the ‘Shadow Samples’ to 32 or higher.Now, we can render the white modeling and check the resultant of the effect. If it is right, we canadd materials.We render images with high resolution 300 dip. We can adjust the color by Photoshop.
  4. 4. This is the finish picture.