Bandung Future Water Movement - Dendy Nugraha for Maverick Indonesia


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Bandung Future Water Movement - Dendy Nugraha for Maverick Indonesia

  1. 1. My City 2013:“Bandung Future Water Movement” Dendy Nugraha for THE RECRUIT 2012
  2. 2. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT I. OVERVIEW The demand of clean water in Bandung city has been rising as the growth of the citizenand development of this city. Today water providing system which held mainly by PerusahaanDaerah Air Minum (PDAM) Bandung, still unable to meet the demand of the city. To providethose needs, water providing systems needs to be developed, one of the solutions is looking forthe new source of water. But the source of water available in Bandung is strictly limited. Thoselimitation makes PDAM looking for a new source in the district of Bandung.Figure 1: a picture of water selling station in Antapani, Bandung. Antapani is one of area in Bandung that have problems with accessibility of clean water from PDAM Along with economic building that becoming more and more prevalent, leads thegovernment to open a new land that sacrifice green space in the city. If the opening of new landis structurally arranged along with a good environmental effect analysis, then it will be noproblem. But it becomes a big one if this land opening is done by careless way in order to chasethe economic growth and huge profit. Majalaya water crisis is the example how this problemcould be happened in Bandung. Almost all the river crossed by textile factory in Majalayacontaminated with textile chemical that makes the river turns black and pungent. In the night, aliquid waste from factory to the body of the river raised twice to triple times bigger the colorsuits to the color of factory dyestuffs. The smells became so penetrating. Through theobservation of water quality at industrial area in Majalaya on May 2006, Komite PeduliLingkugan (KPL) Bandung has noted 36 factories suspected who contaminate Citarum river andsome other rivers. Those factory are known didn’t have waste installation system that met therequirements and throw all of their residual to body of river. Excess exploitation of water by industries also another problem that cause the watercrisis. Beside Majalaya, people of Rancaekek sub-district, Dayeuhkolot, and Ketapang also hasthe same problem, even in rainy season. Based on 2009 data, there is 888 artesian well thatruns by 526 companies across the area. Continous development on northern Bandung (Punclut, DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 2
  3. 3. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENTLembang, etc.) has added problems of this water crisis. In addition, the area is one of the mostvital water absorption region for Bandung. Another cause of water crisis, which is a classic one, is the inability to met the demandof water, both in quantity and quality. The limited capabilities of water providing for the needsof Bandung citizen leads to many water privatization act, legally to illegally. In Sindangjaya andSindanglaya area, at least there is four springs that already privatized. Pasirwangi andUjungberung is another water trading area that operates by at least nine water trader. Thirtywater container truck businessman also buying and selling from Pasirwangi springs. These situations isn’t well responded by the governments of Bandung. The governmentdone almost nothing to stop it and they also giving a pressure to PDAM Bandung with quiteimpossible target, which is admitted by PDAM official. Not only the lack of intervention, thegovernment also seems lack of idea and policies that can give a solution for a better wateraccess to their citizens. More than that, both PDAM and Bandung Government seems way toconvinced with a wrong statistics that said the current water providing system already serves atleast 65 percent of the total citizens. DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 3
  4. 4. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT II. What is the problem? Existence of water in order to support the living of human population is crucial. Thevarious purpose of water can affect many vital activities of human for their living survival. Butthe lack of water with proper standard and the sanitation system has caused a global diseasethat takes thousands of souls, including in Indonesia. According to World Bank on 2008, around50.000 people or no less than 136 people died because of the lack of clean water access. Andthere is 900 million people around the world that didn’t have a clean water access and over 2.6billion of them doesn’t have sanitation system. In Bandung City, services of PDAM Bandung isstill far from sufficient. If we using a fair count, PDAM Bandung only can serves 24.75 percent oftotal population in Bandung City. The number is based on this counting formula: (146.395x4:2.374.198) x 100 = 24,75 In conclusion, we can say that PDAM Bandung claim that said they already providesanitation and water access for 65 percent of population is considerably wrong. There is a fewfactor that cause the uneven clean water distribution to Bandung citizen. One of the cause isthe official water provider itself, has a lot problem in their institutions. The main problem is thewater processing system is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of Bandung citizen. Neglectof Bandung parliament to solve the problem that PDAM Bandung faced, up to a la mafia actinside the official, and many of illegally water pipe installation has damaged Bandung City andits capabilities to provide water for their citizen. This ‘water matters’ is rarely heard and seen by the citizen, specially by young age groupwho knows how big this problem is. Whatever the reasons, rights for water is an absolute. Poorservice quality not only cause the citizens not only a matter of time, but also from moneybecause it means that the citizens have to spend a lot of money to get a clean water just tosupport their activity. Zaky Yamani, the author of “Kehausan di Ladang Air”, a book that revealsthe scrutiny of water services and illegal practices in water management in Bandung City, tellsin his book that basically Bandung can provide clean water without any problems of waterdeficit. But in reality, all those problems that explained above has caused Bandung losingalmost 30 million meter cubic of water per year. The analysis of Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan (BPKP) tells thattechnically Bandung is ready for acceleration program for water providing and addition of10.000 direct pipeline per year. It was supported by the availability of raw water that currentlyflows for 3.633 litre/second, while the needs of raw water until 2009 was ‘only’ as big as 2.765litre/second and the target in 2012 expected for 2.985 litre/second according to business plan. DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 4
  5. 5. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENTIf those amount of water can be secured, the time of water providing for customer will beadded and the water probably still be enough to be distributed by PDAM’s water container tosome water which lack of clean water in cheap, even free. If the plan goes along with reality,there will be no more news about Bandung City that having a crisis, a poor quality and quantityof water. Lack of quality and quantity, floods, dryness and avalanche so far has became a routineoccasions in the living of citizen. Those treatment program that runs by the government inreality has not been able to solve those problems. The lack of political will from the governmentof Bandung City gives the citizen a hard times to get a water access that clean, consumable, andcheap. Other than that, the lack of initiative makes PDAM Bandung slowly built acomprehensive water management. This problem was slowly known by the citizen as the consumers. The problems of wateraccessibility is only discussed in bureaucratic view. In fact, society can be determining factor topush authority to give a better service for them. But until now, this crisis is still considered assomething ‘normal’. Poor quality of water is never questioned by the citizens, like whathappened to the people who live along the Cikapundung River. If people realize that cleanwater is their rights, social demand surely will rise from it. That’s where our participations needed. At least the citizens can and must demand fortheir rights to be provided a clean water. As an example, people can push governments tocreate more water reservoir in urban area. This water reservoir like this can rise the supply ofsoil water up to 200 percent. There is also another solution. Building an underground barrier tohold water absorption on hill areas. So far, what happened is a partial solving. To prevent floodthe government make embankment, river dredged, and the channel widen. To solve waterproblem, they digging a new well, building a new water processing unit or raising its capacity.They didn’t realize that the concept of integrated water processing system to prevent floodsthat also can provide water needs is already available. If we didn’t make an immediate move, in the next 20 years Bandung in particular andIndonesia in general will be involved in long term conflict that caused by water source thatalready monopolized by the authorities who collaborates with companies and businessman.Then, a massive riot could not be prevented. Again, the people once again become victim. So itis our responsibility to preserve the availability of water, in this terms, is the availability,amount, and the quality. Our spirit to actively involved in any kinds of water preservationshould always be kept. Remembering how vital they can affect human lives. DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 5
  6. 6. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT III. Project campaign profile Bandung Future Water Movement is a campaign project that concerns issue about thebroad importance to water that viable and affordable for the citizen of Bandung. Increasinglywidespread of difficulties for access of clean water, in addition the rise of amount inprivatization of springs that caused by a bad management by the government, not only causinga big loss in many sector activity, but also increase potential social conflict. Reform of PDAM to create a Poor management quality of PDAM professional institutions and water Bandung and plenty of illegal privatizations management that well- practices in water managemen at handled. Bandung. Raising concerns and participations of citizens (particularly young The lack of knowledge and concerns generation) in the terms of of citizens of these problems, supervising state agencies specially young age group. performance, specially PDAM. A great broad access of clean water that meet requirements of consumptions, particularly for mid- low economic class in Bandung City. To reach the broad of water access The accessibility of water that far for 10 precent in 6 months time from the minimum standards of water gradually, through private and public providing rate by 65 percent (24.75 sanitation system. percent) Making a public water access that biuilt through cooperation and The lack of public facility that provides donation between non-government water access for poor economic level and government at some places in of society. Bandung which lack of water access and poor regions. Figure 2: Hierarchy Objectives and Indicator Bandung Future Water Movement is aiming to raise the awareness for water accessamong the society through campaign that involves government institutions, NGOs,communities, and support of Bandung Citizen through empowerment of youth, particularlystudents. It was necessary for the young generation to realize and take care of the matters,because they are the one who will face the problem if they don’t step up and get involved tosolve the matters. Bandung Future Water Movement is committed to the improvement ofwater services and accessibilities for all water users. DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 6
  7. 7. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENTBandung Future Water Movement is working by 4 principles. We called them 4E: Effective Bandung Future Water Movement aim is to raising concerns among society for certain publicissue. To attract public interest, every campaign that Bandung Future Water Movement have to be easily understood by public with spending as small as possible costs. Educating In every campaign and project that we do, we always regard the importance of value sharing. We don’t only wanted to taking public concerns to the next level, but also we want to give people an education of what we do and why we do. Empowering Bandung Future Water Movement is a community based movement. Without theempowerment of civil society inside us, this movement won’t give a significant contribution to our environment. Encouraging We always imagine Bandung Future Water Movement as a ‘trigger’. Our movement mission is to be an inspiration for the people out there to speak up their concerns, making a movement, mobilizing people, and share the value. That is Bandung Future Water Movement is all about. DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 7
  8. 8. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT IV. The targetWho do we expect to join our campaign? We classified it into six types:  Students. Started from Senior High School (15-17 years old) and university students (18- 24 years old)  Communities all over Bandung which share the same concern with our movement.  Mass organizations,  Civil society with mid-high economic class, age range between 30 to 50 years old,  A company, both local and international, who have a concern about environment stability and eco-friendly image branding,  International organizations (WWF, UNICEF, etc.) and Non-Government Organizations (WALHI, Greenpeace, etc.). NGOs Local Mass Media Government Students Companies Forum Bandung Water Movement Local Local Communities Authorities Education International Instititutions Organizations Public Spaces Figure 3: Network of Movement DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 8
  9. 9. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT V. How do we start? Social Media Campaign Community Air Cooperation/ Bersama Moblization Movie Screening & Movie Fund Fund-Raising Raising Gig Sponsor/Endo rsement Movie Making Hunting Figure 4: Bandung Future Water Movement strategy cycleSocial Media CampaignLike every nowadays campaign, social media broadcasting is one of the most effective way topromote a campaign to people with young age group. They are effective, accessible, easy to bemonitored, and the most of all, they cost (almost) nothing. Bandung Future Water Movementwill campaign through not only through Facebook and Twitter, and also making a website thatcontain blog post that will be functioned not only as information center and documentationjournal of the activity, but also as an advertorial space for our sponsor as part of supporting ourmovement.Making a Documentary MovieBandung Future Water Movement will starts from a making a documentary movie.Documentary movie is considered to be one of the most effective way to share the concerns ofthe project, considering the main target of our project is Senior High School and Universitystudents. Documentary movie also considered a cheaper way to success this campaign because DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 9
  10. 10. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENTthe making of this documentary movie is cooperation between Bandung Future WaterMovement with many community, NGOs, and Students Organizations.Screening and Movie DiscussionsThe later step is to create a movie screening. This screening is aim to raising funds from publicand to attract interest from potential sponsors such as company or international organizations.Those money and other sponsorship that we get from this screening is to make a public watersanitation facilities at number of poor regions with lack of water accessibility in Bandung area.Air BersamaAir Bersama is the main aim of the program. Like what we’ve been told before. Our campaign isnot only to raise concern about the accessibility of water for the citizen of Bandung, but also toraise a fund for infrastructure building. The facility we proposed is Air Bersama. It’s a waterreservoir that located on some places around Bandung which lack of clean water accessthrough sanitation system. Air Bersama will provide water with great standard quality thatfunded by joining party so people can use this facility for free!This project will be going for 12 months. The rundown will probably like this: 2013 Semester 1 Semester 2 Activity Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Creating a social media account andwebsiteFund raising through potential sponsorand suitorsCreating a bank account for donationFund raising through gigMaking partnerships for documentarymovie making through network buildingbetween Bandung community/groupsDocumentary movie making DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 10
  11. 11. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENTFund raising through movie Screening andPublic Discussion “People Rights forWater Access” at school, college,cinemas, and public places“Air Bersama” Infrastucture Building“Air Bersama” Maintenance TrainingMonitoring, Review, and Evaluation Figure 5: Time Structure DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 11
  12. 12. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT VI. Project management Bandung Water Movement Director Supervisor Public Relations Secretariat & Field Division Creative Management Treasury Infrastructure Account Executive Movie Division Installments Partnership Logistics Event Organizer Division Figure 6: Project Management VII. Monitoring and evaluation system The program will gradually be reviewed its progress through the meeting that will beheld once in 2 months, 6 times in a year. The evaluation will be regarding to the progress of theprogram, fund-raising, synchronization of timescale, etc. After the 12-months based programhad been done, there will be a monitoring program specially on the condition of “Air Bersama”.The monitoring activity will be done by local authorities in the area, sub-district official fromgovernment once in a month. The daily maintenance will be held by local people from the area,appointed by Bandung Future Water Movement. DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 12
  13. 13. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT VIII. What kind of output we could expect? From all the activity we are going to do. There are at least 7 outputs that we can expectfrom Bandung Future Water Movement:1. To raise awareness and criticisms of young generation for public right that needs to be fixed and need to be widespread.2. Grows the culture of dialogue in public spaces and freedom of speech critically and responsible.3. Encourage the society to be aware of certain issue that close to us but rarely heard because the lack of coverage.4. To educate local society the importance of maintaining and kept public facilities for common benefits.5. Opening new public spaces for youth to have fun and learn through the movement.6. Helping younger generation to realize or at least giving them an alternative view that so far not proportionally told about public rights.7. To help grows young generation to determine their position against a corrupt act and corruptive mentality. DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 13
  14. 14. BANDUNG FUTURE WATER MOVEMENT IX. How much does it cost?NO ITEMS AMOUNT UNIT SUBTOTAL TOTALAdministrative 1 Proposal Printing 50 In Pieces 4000 200000 2 Accountability Sheet Printing 8 In Pieces 4000 32000 3 Stamps 20 In Pieces 7000 140000 4 MoU Printing 80 In Pieces 1000 800000Event Organising 1 Space Rent 3 Space 1000000 3000000 2 Permissions 3 Pieces 150000 450000Movie Project 1 Meeting Groups Supply 4 Times 500000 2000000 2 Initial Budget - - 5000000 5000000Logistics 1 Sound, Lighting, and Stage 3 Set 5000000 15000000Etc. 1 Reserve Fund - - 5000000 5000000 TOTAL Rp. 31.622.000 DENDY NUGRAHA FOR “THE RECRUIT 2012” MAVERICK INDONESIA 14