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what music videos are all about, please note if used n a class lesson then you will nee to use youtube for the video examples

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  • Quick introduction.
  • History of a music video.
  • Click the links then to middle of song.
  • Sell, promote and extend.
  • Music video powerpoint

    1. 1. By Katie AspinFacts from Wikipedia and backed up by
    2. 2. Where did it all start?• In 1894 a series of still images were projected along with music playing.• In 1929 Bessie Smith appeared in a short film singing saint Lewis blues which was showed in theaters until 1932.• The ever famous Walt Disney released a animated film based around famous pieces of classical music in 1940, called fantasia.• In 1956 Tony Bennett was filmed walking along the serpentine in Hyde park to one of his tracks.• Before the 1980’s there wasn’t many music channels on the air so if you wanted to listen to music you had to listen to the radio• In 1981 MTV was launched, video killed the radio star by the boggles was the first video to be played.
    3. 3. Bessie smith- Saint Lewis Blues
    4. 4. Disney’s- fantasia
    5. 5. Tony Bennett – Stranger in Paradise
    6. 6. So we know the history of a music video, but what actually is a music video for?Well music videos have three basic purposes:Sell the albums,Promote the artists,And extend the fan base.
    7. 7. Music videos can also be used to promote products like drinks or clothing brands.Music takes a big part in the advertising business, with the use of product placement. An example of this is all time low’s video “I feel like dancin’” at a certain point in the video they advertise the energy drink RockstarMusic videos can be made to promote a cause or a point, which can be close to an artists heart or can be part of a song. Such videos, can be a performance video like Taylor Swift’s song, Ronan or Martina McBrides, concrete angel.
    8. 8. PRODUCT PLACEMENTAll Time Low - Feel Like Dancin’ :
    9. 9. CAUSESTaylor Swift - Ronan :
    10. 10.  Martina McBride – Concrete Angel :
    11. 11. Companies can use music videos to make money. If a music video shows products such as; drinks, clothing and other products,they can use music videos to get their product out there, which if watched by enough people will sell more of their product.
    12. 12. Professor Green - Relentless advert :
    13. 13.  Beats - By Dr Dre advert :
    14. 14. The band/artist expands in numerous ways using television, digital video device (DVD), internet, shops and instore downloads.
    15. 15. This can be when two different media companies or artists come together tomake a video and use the video to give their projects more exposure. Anexample of this can be Carter Burwell and various artists on the twilight film.The film became a hit and the songs were heard by all the people whowatched the film and bought the soundtrack.
    16. 16. Twilight soundtrack-Paramore - Decode
    17. 17. Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack- Avril Lavigne - Alice
    18. 18. Phantom of the Opera- Emmy Rossom - Think Of Me
    19. 19. Sweeny Todd soundtrack – Helena Bonham Carter - Worst Pies In London
    20. 20. A record label owns certain bands and artists who sign up to the music industry. The record label, records and produces the albums. There are three types of labels: Major labels- Warner Music Group, Sony MusicEntertainment and the universal Music Group. Independent labels- big up records, blue dog records and fat cat records. Artist self produce- Jay-Z, Madonna, Conor Maynard and the Beatles.