Downtown Las Vegas


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I encourage anyone and everyone to visit Las Vegas but visit downtown Las Vegas first. If you’re a nomad entrepreneur looking for a place to startup, go to Vegas. If you’re looking to be inspired while taking a break from your own city, go to Vegas. And most importantly, if you want to see how one city is completely creating the perfect ecosystem, go to Vegas.

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Downtown Las Vegas

  1. 1. My big fantasticadventure inLas Vegas
  2. 2. Goal: Learn about Zapposculture, the DowntownProject, & host a StartupWeekend dinner.
  3. 3. The DowntownProjectTony Hsieh invested $350 million of his own money. This doesn’t include Zapposfunds. It’s straight up out of his pocket. Money is divided between real estate,education, small business, & tech startups. This city is a breathing prayingmantis, duh.
  4. 4. Happy people living &working together in a citythat is completely doingwhatever it wants.Such as: buying 100 Teslas to create their own Zipcar-esque transportation,creating their own school with entrepreneurship as a core, hosting Life isBeautiful fest for 80,000 people, & buying up more land than the damn colonists.
  5. 5. Residential density createscollisions. Collisions createcollaboration. Collaborationcreates change & progression.Fun fact: Las Vegas has more artists per capita than NYC.The Downtown Project aims to infest art, music, tech, & fashion. All industries arebecoming more & more connected.
  6. 6. They treat everyone likea CEO.The Downtown Project has a team of energetic, weird, & super accommodating people.Crashpads, complimentary shuttles, & jam packed itineraries allow you to enjoy thecity without planning a thing. & they gives you free books!
  7. 7. The ZapposTourand a special Q&A with the Insights Team
  8. 8. All the rumors are true.It’s quirky, filled withlaughter, & fire hazardsare abundant.
  9. 9. Major Take AwaysEmployees have ultimate creative freedomOn site life coachCelebrate successes but also personal goalsFree foodWishing wall where employees grant each other’s wishesNicely stocked libraryAsks 8 hours topsChoose one organization to donate funds & time to per quarterLet go & be organic a bitCross department activities are goodIf people stop hanging out, something is wrongCulture is bigger than you think
  10. 10. & this happened.
  11. 11. If the culturedoesn’t fit, youmust acquit.
  12. 12. The inNEVationCenterHome to Startup Weekend events, countless #vegastech companies, &kickass Organizers named Adam, Lexi, & Shavonnah.
  13. 13. Startup WeekendDinnerJoe, Jackie, Michelle, Shavonnah, & Claudia
  14. 14. Thanks.