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  • 1. Bauer DistributorDemi-Leigh Chamberlain
  • 2. Information• Published in 1980• Largest magazine publishing houses in Europe• #1 seller of magazines at retail in the country• Nationwide audience of readers across several diverse editorial segments
  • 3. Women AudienceBauer Publishers already have a large audience base on women and therefore willalready have some of my target audience in place. However, the woman who arein this audience are usually celebrity obsessed. Bauer focuses on women andmothers with traditional values aged 25-54, Bauer’s Women’s titles deliverpractical solutions and ideas for her home and family . This has a small section ofthe female target audience age I am trying to target.
  • 4. Magazines
  • 5. AdvertisingKerrang! uses its radio station to advertise it’s latest issue. They are sponsoredby Relentless Energy Drink on occasions.Kerrang! Has many different forms of media and therefore it will entice a largermass audience, many of the audience will use social networking sites and willtherefore advertise the magazine without additional costs.The use of synergy allows Kerrang to access all forms of media, they use videosfrom YouTube to help view the description through visual image and give analternative way of accessing information.
  • 6. Web 2.0Kerrang! online website is much like the magazine itself but allows interactionwithin it. The use of embedded videos allows the interview to be watchedrather than read and therefore make it additionally interesting.The use of social networking sites on this page allows the target audience tointeract with the magazine through social networking sites. Which are used bythe majority of the audience shown in previous post ‘ Institutions’.The use of digital interaction allows the audience to have a wider look on whathappens around the production of the magazine within the use ofinterviews, the latest music and podcasts.Kerrang! is just one brand name which now uses synergy and enables itselfthrough it’s name. Kerrang! TV, Kerrang! Magazine, Kerrang! Radio