Secondary photography project powerpoint


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Secondary photography project powerpoint

  2. 2. ANTTI VIITALAINFLUNCED ARTISTRESEARCH. IDEA 1Antti Viitala‟s photography, which is usedhere I believe is successful. The fish tankoverlaid on top of the young boy who seemsto be lost in a “adventure at sea” creates aunclear message of why the boy is sad. Antti‟suse of texture for the background where it Antti photography is done to the finest detail toconverts to being smooth from left to right when the boys left arm is cut or a harsh grazeinto being a rough darker texture this adds this would reach to the “mothers” audience as avariation to the image. The angle of the light target market, this also creates sympathy makesat the top of the tank contrasts with the the audience feel sorry for the boy. I believetexture I mentioned before. The young boy s overall this was a successful photography design.face seems very blank however you can The photographers use of water and reflectionimmediately gather thereto me as if he may is also very effective giving the idea ofhave “lost a friend” maybe that‟s why the fish emptiness through the clarity of the water givingis cut in two to represent the separation of the impression the young boy seems empty, lostthem. and alone .
  3. 3. DEBORAH PARKIN INFLUNCED ARTIST RESEARCH. IDEA 1Deborah Parkin really interested me with thisspecific design. The use of “black and white”colour for the photo makes it seem morehistoric as if it was taken to suit the moreolden age of times such as the early 1900‟s, alsomake it seem as if considering she is dreamingreality becomes lifeless and the dream is whatbecome reality during the time. The positioningof the girl and the way she is sleeping suggestthat she is in a “pleasant state of mind” anddoes not need to be disturbed she is verycomfortable and as if she is in her comfortzone “her bed”. The teddy bear used as a propis every much like the little girls “best friend”when they are growing up which is a mainaccet of a little girls young days like a dummyfor a baby . Deborah uses it to full advantage.Its more in focus as the girls face is which takesinto account the different angles used toproduce the final image.
  4. 4. EOLO PERFIDO INFLUNCED ARTIST RESEARCH. IDEA 1This portrait made by Eolo Perfido of a teenagers face isstraightforward and uncomplicated. At first look itappears to just look like a “lonely teenager” whos “lostfor hope” or “sense of belonging”. The slight angle in theway the position of the head is placed makes the imagemore “child-like” almost as if she is seeking for help ,love and attention . Eolo uses clear depth in hisphotography making one focal point to the audience.Being at her face also using depth of field in order to blurin certain sections and focus on others this worked veryeffectively with this image. The colours are plain simpleblack and which create simplicity to the image how everthe skilled use of make up using the deep dark colours todeepen the eyes and the shape of the lips amongst thepail facial colour of the skin, angle and the focusemphases parts of the image increasing qualityimmediately. but Eolo does add a hint of “brown texture”towards the back of the photo in relation to the girls haircolour. But all is not as it seems it could be a casewhereby this teenager is surviving of a waitress job hencethe uniform she is wearing .the image seems ambiguous .
  5. 5. SALLY MANN INFLUNCED ARTIST RESEARCH. IDEA 1The first time I saw this photography by SallyMann it immediately caught my eye with theimagination put into it. A “sisters bond is morestronger than a concrete wall” here I see what itlooks like two young girls sisters maybe, Wherethe older girl is “taking care of a youngersibling, adding make up or even could bewiping a tear”. The message Sally is trying tosend I believe is that “no matter the situation aolder sister will take care of those who mattermost” also the imagery of the older sisteralways liking to be in control and acts as a“mother figure”. A photo like this I can relateto with me and my sister doing the same at onepoint. The innovation of Sally is really clever asshe doesnt imply any bright colours justmanipulates the outdoor use to suit her piece. Itis strong and bold with a pre set title of“family” and I think I can gain inspiration fromSally‟s piece here.
  6. 6. STACEY ANDERSON INFLUNCED ARTIST RESEARCH. IDEA 1Stacey Anderson photography piece is visually appealingto the audience. “The innocent young girl” seems soadorable and cute just gazing into the camera lens. Staceytends to lend to the use of bright primary colours, theeyes of the girl seem to be the central point of view thedeep blue cloudless /ocean color fluctuates within the topof the image where the girls hair hints a touch of it butnot so much. I believe I can take encouragement from thepositioning and depth of colour Stacey Anderson hasused and use it to suit my images. I like the way in which itis a standard portrait also using depth of field to credit ablurred back ground effect and focal point being the eyesand the fine hairs . This image almost seems as if it islooming out of the image like she is touchable this alsoallows her eyes to come across as very powerful andvibrant compared to the rest of the image where it is outof focus. This is a form of photography I will like toincorporate into one of my images to choose selectivefeatures or objects which I want to be main focus to myaudience .
  7. 7. SALLY MANN (SAME ARTIST) INFLUNCED ARTIST RESEARCH. IDEA 1This is the second photography piece from SallyMann, which still influences the title of “family‟but this photo is more ambiguous than theother, Its more hard to see what Sallys mainfocal point is here compared to the last photo Iresearched. Here it seems as if these “twins”have been maybe “abused” or for the left boy“beaten up”. Its not pleasing to the eye but itcreates a story within a story a “inception”. Inrelation to colour Sally again keeps it consistenceusing a vivid dark green contrast like a settledsepia colour throughout the image whichintended to give it a “humble” but “unsettling”allowing the blood on the boys nose to beempathized towards the final piece. Thecontrasting colours and the olden time effectgives a dull quite upsetting atmosphere whichcorresponds with the expression on their face‟sseeming quite helpless and calling for help .
  8. 8. CAMILLA AKRANS “KATE” INFLUENCED ARTIST RESEARCH IDEA 2Camilla Akrans or “Kate” photography ismore obscured than any other artist I haveresearched for this topic. She tells a story ofa typical teenage girl whos“happy”, “vibrant” and “just living life at ayoung age”. But what Camilla Akrans does isthat she doesnt state the obvious as wouldsome, Why is the girl hiding behind herhands? Is she scared to let her true self out?Or behind the smile is a girl full of secrets, as if she is 2 different people maybe and theone on the outside isnt as confident andhappy as in reality the real her not the coverup. The simple use of colours doesnt needto be bold and extravagant here she uses justplain black and white, the dark background The background being black and plain makesmay introduce a sense of “security” behind her more instantly visible to the viewers ill likeher life. Although the image is vague it is still to use this techniques in some of mya vigorous photography piece of a photographs during my project.
  9. 9. JENS LUCKING INFLUENCED ARTIST RESEARCH IDEA 2Jens Lucking image used here optimizes ateenagers school life and the friendship betweenthree girls. Jens Luckman use of positioning isintriguing, I particularly favour the angle bywhich the three girls are standing almost as if itsthree photographs which were combinedtogether to achieve this final piece. The use oflighting on the background doesnt overhaul thegirls but it makes them more visible to the eye.The colours are keep constant from left to rightmeaning no variation. Overall I think JensLucking design is alright if theres one thing Ican take from this design is the positioning ofthe girls maybe I can manipulate and positionmy teenager‟s in a similar style. I also like theway in which Jen has dressed the girls inmatching shirts to show equality maybe and thecolour purple really stands out against the lightbeigebrown background .
  10. 10. EUGENI RECUENO INFLUENCED ARTIST RESEARCH IDEA 2Eugeni Recueno use of colour in thisimage, I feel it is really effective as it creates“life” within the image. The white and pinkcomplement each other really welldistinguishing no difference between a“teenage life” and the “daddy‟s little girl” thatsome may live. The photography pictureportrays a “leading life” of “happiness” asthe girl on the phone seems to be living a lifethat ones prays to live. The “flower” in thebackground to the right maybe could implythat there is a “young bundle of love” in thisinstance being the cause of her “happiness”and maybe just maybe she could be talking tothe “lover” over the phone. The perfume nailvanishes phone doll on the car and otherprops identify the essentials to a teenage girlslife style as if it‟s a must have at thisgeneration of age for girls .
  11. 11. JESS BONHAM „EMILY‟ INFLUENCED ARTIST RESEARCH IDEA 2Jess Bonham uses a range of vibrant colours inher work to emphases the shape and bodyposition in this image. The colours being sodynamic instantly catches the viewers attentionacting as a main focus where jess mainly wantedthe image to be enhanced and noticed. The plainblack background animates the figure so that thecolours take shape to complement the lady‟s bodyposition. The woman being placed in the centralposition of the photograph shows goodcomposition and allows the model to becomecentre of spotlight. Although Jess Bonham uses avariety of colours she doesnt tend to lend awayin using one fixed colour within her image, In thisimage the line of pink just adds touch to theactual figure‟s colours reiterating the range ofcolours. I want to use Jess Bonhams method inmy work using enhanced colours and focuspoints in my images.
  12. 12. MEI TAO INFLUENCED ARTIST RESEARCH IDEA 2Mei Tao style will relate to my second ideain which I think I can gain inspiration fromher. Here she aims to show the lifestyle ofa typical teenager and there attitude. Bythis image you can see the mindset reflectson the state of her room showing no carefor her possessions leaving them layingaround her room in such a messy state, likewise other teenagers. Mei Tao uses a goodconsistency throughout herphotograph, The white painted roomboost‟s the cluster of clothes piled uponinside the room. I feel the girl wearing thecontrasting white and blue createscomparison to a teenagers moodswing, Where one instance they are happyand bubbly, However in such a short fusethey can become moody and grumpy.
  13. 13. MY PHOTOGRAPHY INTENTION IDEA 1During this project my intention is to take a selection of photographs in which I aim toshow the culture, art and personality of children of a young age. I will begin by taking avariety of images and selecting the best few to take further to edit and develop showing thestages of my final photographs. I will show personality and art through thetexture, line, shape, colour and definition of my images emphasizing the main focus pointsand to make my images of better quality. I aim to show family bonding throughout theseimages by the actions and positioning of the children and the family relation of love. Forexample an image of two sisters showing sisterly love which I want the viewers to be ableto read through the imagery I intend to create between them. By analyzing different familybonds throughout my family in different households I understand not all familys are similarand personalitys and mindset of younger children vary massively compared to teenagersand adults. I would also take into consideration the hair style and makeup of the youngchildren as the makeup will have to be very limited and settled to create the natural look, asat that age makeup aint an essential but whereas teenage girls for example are very fond andfeel they are “in need” of make up to enhance facial features. I want to capture the fun andcareless thought of the young children with there striking lift of excitement. Bringing joyand laughter to an environment. However in some cases children can come asstress, mischief and cause trouble resulting in mess, and not to always get lost in there sweetfaces and innocence.
  14. 14. • What makes this photograph so successful?Monika Zborowska is a photographer from Ireland. She loves taking portraits photographs of childrenclose up. Her portfolio of work consists of high quality images with a range of baby-friendly photos. Eachphoto has its own texture and is exciting in its own way. She uses a variation of techniques within herimage.The photograph I have chosen to talk about is very compelling to the eye it relates to the idea I havehave in mind. The use of photography in this image is really effect in the way Monika expresses herphotograph. The way the baby’s eyes is more in focus than the rest of the image gives the photographmore depth when first looked at. What Monika does well is she captures part of the babys features toemphasis the effect more without stating the obvious to the audience. Most of Monika’s work tend to be asole figure of a child whos facial expressions come across as “sweet or innocent” or just generally “cute”.I feel by using younger children as a base of my photographs it will be easier to express.• How does it inspire my work?The way in which Monika’s work influences me is that she is able to manipulate baby’s and youngchildren alone and together to express bond and character within a family tree. The constant use ofdepth of field ensuring that there is more focus on parts of the girls face than others such as her eyesand blurs gradually the rest of the image. This inspires me to do the same within my images to makemore features stand out than others. She doesnt generally bring out the colour inside her images asmuch as I would like to but nonetheless she doesnt’t use a pale black and white background for herqualities, but then I can add my own touch and individuality to the images to make them mine.
  15. 15. • What makes this photograph so successful?The above photograph was taking by the photographer Nikolay Dimitrov. Who expresses in teenagerphotography using girls to express imagery within hes photographs. His portfolio consists of highlyproduced photos all neatly detailed and well taken, Each optimizing a different teenage story to tell.The photograph I have chosen above is of a young girl who seems to be my age, whereby she seemsto have no emotions but looks fixed into the camera lens creating a sense of insecurity of her selfimage. Nikolay positions the girl in a way in which she is almost hiding behind her own shadow “arm”using it as a pigment of shield which has a effect on how young girls are seen in society today. NikolayDimitrov isnt a photographer who tends to lend on using bold and brave colours, He sticks to a normaldull grey and black background using up as much space as possible to the audience eyes. The qualityof the photo is really detailed how one shade of the girl is white contrasting her shadow on the otherside making the photo ambiguous and hard to tell.• How does it inspire my work?I feel Nikolay photographs inspire and encourage me in a number of ways. Not only do I think heexpresses he photos in a managitive way. He’s use of clear depth throughout the image is a focuspoint I can I do in my work. The way in which he positions he’s model in such a way that it tells multiplestory’s is a clever way to advertise he photographs to hes target audience. I believe I can replicatetaking pieces of ideas from him. So that I can put myself in the girls shoes and show how I perceive ateenage life to be or how I currently am as a teenager myself.
  16. 16. These are the initial images which I have taken using my Nikon Cameraaltering the focus, ISO and apleture insuring that the setting is correct forlighting in the environment. Here I have not used Photoshop to developthe colour or enhance any of my images but just the simple image I havetaken at the beginning of my project. I then have selected the ten I feelwere most effective and I would like to edit further showing the aims ofmy idea and expressing the character of the young children throughthere facial expression and the body positioning. I have used my littlecousins as models for this project as they were the right age to show themeaning of which I was trying to tell. I have considered their personalityand the way in which they interact with each other and displayed thiswithin these images I will show this further within the same selectedimages which I will edit.
  17. 17. EVALUATIONThe mission I have given myself for these images is to edit the photographs which I had selected from my initials in order to makethem more vibrant with colour bringing out facial features and smoothness of the skin as of those models in a magazine or pho to-shoot. Within these images I want to express character and bold personality however a sense of innocence of the children andcuteness enhancing specific sections of the photograph. The direction I was going in during this project was the genetics and jeansof families and family bonds also younger children in society. To explore how no body has the exact same genetics however afamily is no matter what colour shade skin they are still family. I showed this through the skin colours of the three childre n I used inmy photographs with the young baby being white, however the older sister being mixed race skin colour but the middle child ha vinga slightly darker skin colour to the rest, but through there actions you can instantly see the family bond and the family uni t and thelove and bond between them together and smiling as in a Childs nature, always having fun if there not on the verge of crying, ormaking trouble. I am personally pleased with the quality of my photographs and they are edited to a good standard, I have use d avariety of images to show not only the bond of families but also individuality and how each person is special and different i n theirown way. I created a range of focus during this images depending on how I was planning my developments to be like for exampletexture, colour, shape, line, and focus points on each image. Alteration on the ISO for the light sensitivity had to be chang edoccurring the change in aperture and stutter speed as depending on the surrounding of the environment and images where Iwanted sections of light to be brought out. When editing it became was quite hard as I had to alter it often to get the speci fic look Iwanted because the image will come out either too bright and the features were lost in the lightness, but I wanted the featur es tobe visible in majority of my images so had to edit in order to create the look I wanted. Some shadows in my images where also toodark or too little, using Photoshop working with the exposure highlights and shadows and altering the contrast I managed to g ainthe right shadows for the images I wanted. I insured to take the back ground and the angles into consideration to what worked bestwith the young girls. The most difficult was really working with the young kids as they have short attention span so need to try andtake images fast and snappy in order to get what I wanted, however the positives of that is that I got them being naturally h appyand laughing with 1 another insuring it expressed the complex issues in the image and how although they re different colour s kinand the younger baby doesnt’t have the exact jeans there still a family and with them in certain positions together expressed theequality and love between them all for example in 1 of my images they are in-between each others legs from oldest to youngesthugging and smiling. The facial expression and positioning I feel was a demanding feature of these images using a variety of spaceof them being close together and some facial shots of each of them for individual photographs of them. Most of my images arequite zoomed I liked this effect as I cropped out the unnecessary parts of the image I felt they were not needed and took foc us offthe parts of the image that was important. Overall I feel these images where successful and that through editing them you can seethe difference between the quality of the images instantly making them look more valuable and much more worth and time applie dalso makes the individuals look much more model like with the skin looking much more smooth and flawless like wise a modelsimages for a magazine or photo-shoot I achieved this by using photo shop again the tools available in this case the spot heelingtool and to create smoothness of the skin and remove any un needed scars or marks.
  18. 18. EVALUATION DEVELOPMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHS IDEA 1When viewing the out come of my developmental photographs I was pleased to see the development progress was a successand felt my images were of a high standard and good quality. I felt that they all were aimed in the idea I was trying to port rayand expressed it well in their own way. I was able to create this through idea’s and creativity by thinking of meanings behin d theimages I was trying to produce and how the pictures are still going to be effective and have a good visual appeal to them. Inorder to create my developments I used a variety of techniques for example Photoshop the images further using images I havetaken of texture and using them layered on top of the images and changing the opacity to blend them as one almost. I alsoused acetate in theses images I feel this was very successful as they created mystery within my photographs a sense ofthought and wonder making the viewers have to look deeply into the images and find what else there maybe be in the imagelike hidden faces it creates the effect of images within images I feel this gives the photographs more quality and more inter estmaking it much more then just a standard image. The acetate also has meaning behind it for example where they are place onto another showing the jean connection between the three and how they are all still a family unit. Technique I used was thecopydex putting my images on material this created a textured look and quite I vintage edge to them I enjoyed using this as Icould play around with the material and take images in different positions I then edited them further again to bring out colo urand contrast. I feel all these are way of making an image more adequate. The colours which I used I feel played an importantrole through to the images as it conveys more then just a colour it effects the mood of the image and could be used to repres entthere characteristics or there tempers there mind set and generally what kind of person and image the picture is trying toembody. In this case for 1 of my images of the oldest child I have used the colours yellow and orange I have chosen to displa ythese colours as I feel they are able to personify the young girl and her personality being bubble chatty and constantly happ y.Using these approaches to my photographs I believe it was very useful and helped to make my images gain much more affect.Using materials and different media helped to progress these photographs dramatically visually and meaningfully. I feel I cou ldof used maybe more images of different younger children showing a variety of family bonds instead of just one how ever I didwant to express the different individuals between the one family unit. In all taking into account all my development photogra phsfor my idea two I feel they involve my aim of creating the family bond showing the share of jeans and how not everybody has t obe they same colour in order to be family and to love equally also that not every family member is exactly the same and thatthey have differences through personality and character looks features and figure of speech even although they may share thesame if not similar parents however love is what makes a family unit strong. Also I wanted the images to be natural so able t oview them in there natural space and expression for e.g. their home and their facial expression on how they are really feelin gnot a smile that has been put on or pretend. Using children helped my photography skills as they do have a short attention sp anand I needed to try and capture them in the moment most related or that was the look I was the going for in my project.
  19. 19. For my idea 2 my intention was to do a similar angle as the first idea however in a differentway this is by using teenagers instead of younger children. Here I will model teenagersexploring there attitude there lifestyle and there past times, hobby’s and simple portraitimages showing them on a normal day to day basis. I feel this idea connects well with thefirst as it always shows the growth of children and age development and the differencebetween through images like a sequence almost as if it is telling us a story. I aim to displaythe distinctive moods teenagers can go through down to teenage love and heartbreaks tothere success and ambitions in this case Im going to use sport as an example, also howthey live what most typical most teenagers tend to go through and feel are their stresses orgood times during that stage of their life. I am going to use the same model in a few of myimages in order to show the stages and that some individuals although do one thing in thiscase their sport they are still a teenager and human and do as a teenage would when theyget home e.g. sleep in their messy bedrooms. I aspire to create a selection of good qualityimages. I will to take into account the surroundings and make-up which I will apply on mymodels making sure it is the right colours and effects in order to match the environment orthe clothes being worn.
  20. 20. • These are my initial photographs which I have updated straight form my camera involving no editation or change in the image quality I feel these are a good strong images to work with they aim and represent my intention for idea two really well. I have taken a variety of images in order to show exactly the meaning behind the picture and I feel the make-up and environment of these images were taken in, they were a good choice and express the individual well, here I had to model for my self in several images so I had used my tripod in order to get the right angles which I wanted the picture to be taken in. I found this a challenge as I have never self taken photographs before and it took many attempts in order to create the ideal image I aimed to achieve. In order for me to be able to get into the position of the camera lens I had to set my camera on a timer and got my self ready for the picture before the timer set alert. As they are not edited they seem as if they are of bad quality and there is a lot that is needed to be considered and altered. I have taken this into account for when I am going to edit these images further and bring out the attributes of the photographs out in the open. I feel the variety of landscape and portrait is a successful factor to these images as they are able to see the individual in the images in different aspects. I particularly like the still portrait images as I feel they have a calm elegant feel to them where they are generally friendly and pleasing to look at. I feel this is is a great contrast to the other images in idea 2 where they are like action photographs of me throwing a javelin. I feel this is a good aspect to the images almost pulling in the viewers as if they are watching the javelin being thrown in real life. I had to alter the shutter speed in order to catch the fast movement of the javelin and also I had to be able to focus my camera when doing the still portrait images therefore I used a tripod and I avoided any camera shake. I had to use a good range of depth of field and change the focus depending how I wanted my images to be in the end. I feel the most successful element of idea two is that the use of space colour and the change of environment, also bringing out the saturation and brightening the images which I had taken on raw so that I am able to edit my photographs more then just a jpeg image. Overall I feel I have explored the teenage life quite well through these selection of images.
  21. 21. These were the edited photographs from the initial ones I have taken previously. I intendedto enhance the images in which I had taken from the beginning where they were blunt andlifeless giving off a depressing atmosphere. Where as now with editations on Photoshop thephotographs are no longer negative because they have been enhanced in a number of waysto achieve an improvement in order for this to work I changed the contrast darkeningshadows and bringing out highlights defining the out line of the image. Another editation Ihad done was applying a stronger hue and saturation to bring out colours making them morevisible to the eye, allowing a richer photograph being much more visually appealing then thephotographs before. I then found that my original photographs were not as clear as I wouldof wanted without editation before hand. The negative aspect about these edits is that therecould have been more of a variety as they all seem to be quite similar in colour. Not only thisbut would of liked to take more images of others doing another sport or hobby to widen theidea of teenagers and there pastimes but nonetheless on the contrary a positive componentof these set of photographs is that the fact of using the same person does show variety initself through how a teenager is perceived and what they get up to within their free time andhow a teenager can have different mindsets in different situations there is a good varietyclose and far images and vary in the focus used where it creates some sharp immediateeffects however on the other hand some photographs involve a bit of a blur. All in all I feelthat the images I have produced through the edits on Photoshop where successful
  22. 22. Development photographsI am extremely impressed with the out comes of all my developmental photographs for my idea 2. Each of myimages produced are effective and convey the teenage lifestyle or moments teenagers all go through duringtimes in their life. After editation some of the images seemed a little similar however on the other hand after theseimages had been developed you can see the strong factors of each images and the development enhanced theindividuality of each one using a range of methods to create creative, artistic but professional looking images. Thecolours used now vary and the designs of the images have developed a sense of originality in all myphotographs. During these developments I used Photoshop allot more then the previous idea I got to grips withmany tools played about with it and found designs and effects I believed worked well with my photographs. I alsoexplored with textures when doing some of these images I used copydex again however instead of just using thetexture of the material I used I also scrunched the material to create a crimpled effect developing defined shapesand lines within the image and around the image almost like a frame another development I have used paint andtaken an image of it and then joined it on to the other image of my self being a young teenager listening to musiclaying in a messy room environment expressing the laziness of teenagers how they love there music and thebrush strokes of art to show the artistic side of my self where I enjoy art and I study in college currently. I alsoused my camera to re-photograph images I did this with the copydex and with paper scrunched up to produce atextured affect were it almost seems like it can be felt once touched but you cannot Ive also used a repeat andstretch of the same image and used them together to create another imagery I particularly liked this effect as itgave the image something some of the others never had. I also used a technique by taking pictures of sectionsof an image and print them then going them together as separate images to create the original image againproducing a joiner. Then editing further brought out colours and enhance the image. I really enjoyed developingthese photographs and seeing my end product of each image makes me pleased with the effort put in as itresulted with an end of twenty different exciting and interesting outcomes expressing the intention of my idea 2from the beginning. Overall the images for me I feel were rewarding.
  23. 23. These are the three final photographs produced that I feel were the strongest and most successful and all threedemonstrate in great detail the techniques and meaning behind the images. Expressing a high quality professionalfinal product. My initial intention is clearly demonstrated in these images however continue to give off a sense ofan ambiguous meaning where the viewers can get more from the images and different output of my intention. Ifeel they are very original and generate more and more meanings of what I maybe expressing through thephotographs. Which is to convey family and family bonds brother and sister relationships and jeans they share. Toexpress that colour no effect and that you do not have to be the same colour to be family. Also to share the life ofyoung ones and act out their sweetness and innocence with their sparks of trouble and mischief through images.Not only this but for my idea two I wanted to express the lifestyle of a teenager and the thoughts and the hobbiesand past times that typical teenagers experience and capture the character in the photographs also I feel it linksreally well with the intention of my first idea as it could be seen as the progress of younger children to teenagersand how things change. The first image I have chosen I felt was one of the best images as I feel the use of acetateis used really well showing the levels of age between the children from youngest to oldest it also demonstrates thegenetics which they all share it also is a every abstract image and the layering gives it a duplicated effect andproduces an image within and image. The second image I have selected of my final developments is an imagewhich I have used copydex I feel this shows a good use of texture what I like most about this image is the effect of2d and 3d within the image were I have placed the material in a format and re photographed it I also particularlylike the fact the image is still strong and a rich colour on the material rather then watched out I feel this createsquality within this photograph. The last image I have chosen is an image of my sport where I am throwing a javelinI find this image quite spectacular as it has something the other images don’t I like the slight zoom effect almostas if it is a zoom lense you are photographing through I also stretched and doubled on top of the image giving it amoving effect almost as if you seeing the javelin being thrown the image create a form of life. Over all this project Ireally enjoyed and was able to express throw the images in different way creating different out comes which I ammore then happy with.