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  1. 1. ARTIST RESEARCH By Demi Bromfield
  2. 2. TOM VAN HEEL Tom van heel takes a successful image of a girls lips and changes the colours image to two bright colors, using pink and yellow, Tom van heel doesnt stress over body parts hes pictures are quite positive in the bright colour he uses. I like the way he delegated each section to a different shade of bright colours. Although he left extra space the image itself makes up for it. The close up of the lips optimizes the true nature of the photo. The main way this photography inspires my work is I believe I can change and apply a different taste to the lips, by recreating this image I think I can include props or even words to be fitted on and manipulate the way it looks to match my pictures taken. I also intend to try to create a strong characteristic image so that my main focal point is the lips and it trys to send a message of some sort
  3. 3. ALIX MALKA The first time I saw this photography from Alix malka I was pleased visually for a number of reasons. I will start by expressing my great admiration of the wave of hair being fluctuated in this image as a wave of strides. The way in which Alix takes full advantage of the space given is something I wish to inspire towards. she not only uses a main vocal point but she uses various strengths and tones to make the face of the girl stand out indorsing two strong colours within. I particularly like the hand being included but its not fully included and it acts as a gesture towards the image making it more appealing.I am inspired by this particular piece because I believe I can apply my own photos to mirror thegestures and the hair texture, Alix uses all the space given and I believe I have the imagination tosee that happen, I would like to achieve a constant rush of the hair if possible to one way but ifnot its not a setback, the make up will be bold and colorful but mimicking this piece I will onlydo the eyes and mouth.
  4. 4. MILES ALDRIDGE Miles Aldridge creates a piece visual of the eye, firstly using only one subject matter – the eye, which in this case is beautiful to begin with. When using this eye there can hardly be room for soft range colours. Miles uses blue texture to ‘calm’ the mood to fill in every sort of detail, he uses no background fill colour but still manages to use full use of space. There is no strong point but that doesnt mean it is not simple and effective. The most striking aspect ofI am galvanized by the strong solid tones within this photograph is how detailed he was able to workthe eye and the eyelashes. With one consistent around the eye to make it look dynamic and visuallydraft of colour I may opt to bring in my own appealingtaste and a different colour to the pupil. I alsomay try to combinate different symbols withinthe eye to see if it can work and create moreexposure.
  5. 5. SEBASTIAN SZWAJCZAK Looking at this piece from Sebastian, I think for and image such as this to work; there needs to be more towards the image because the background seems to be quite blunt and not merely effective. I don’t think Sebastian used hes full potential effectively to the success of the image. He doesnt really adventure in the colours being used he just uses one colour blue and use different shades of it which to me isnt different in any particular way.In all honesty I cant say I was inspired by this piece ifelt there wasn’t enough given to awardexperimentation but nonetheless it doesnt mean I cantachieve using parts of these photos to my advantagelike the shaded blue areas I can manipulate the way itsstructured and use different variations on other partstoo.
  6. 6. DONNA TROPE Donna tropes projection of the face symbolizes a close up view of her neck and upper head, Tropes doesnt use the typical Photoshop or computerized features for her photography she successfully uses simplicity to create a image within a image with the targets most scoring in black bold in the middle, shows she believes all points don’t cost the same, this photo could have been used in a number of ways as advertising or even a book cover. What strikes me about this projection is that the 3 circles keep the viewers attention on the image. Therefore Donna’s ideas are simple subject manner but beautiful in the same way. I am impressed by this piece so much that I can think of a idea to match the simplicity repeating the same image over an image but still to be able to make it look as one it doesnt have to be a face figure maybe I can use a different body part with the same traditional method of photography to achieve success not necessary using Photoshop but intervening if needed to change contrasts.
  7. 7. EOLO PERFIDOThis image from Eolo is a still senseless image with no colours ofemotion. I don’t think this image has particularly a big impact to meI feel as if it creates to much of a neutral atmosphere with lots ofnegative and empty space. Given the fact that the image has noangles to it, it remains a authentic image. On the contrary I do thinkthis images plain and unsuccessful and looking at it first time Imnot really inspired but do think Eolo can make changes.Although this photo may not give away so much, the bright stonedcolour white cant be manipulated too much but not saying thespace around it cant therefore I think that I will consider maybealtering the background with hands or lips or props or drippingeffects within the space given editing the white to create a total newimage.
  8. 8. JAMIE NELSONWhen I first saw this piece from Jamie nelson, I immediately thoughtof two things, firstly the strong facial image of the girl which creates astrong element of boldness and the message being trying to prevail itsnot that she is looking directly at the camera she is focusing onsomething else but still catches the eye of the viewer. Secondly not todisarray the girls face but to add depth and colour and make it moredynamic Jamie Nelsons use of primary colours show within the scenemaking it pleasing to my eye.The main way that this image is inspiring my own photographs is Ibelieve I can choreograph a like for like image relating to this girl. Idefinitely want to manipulate the posture of the girl and try newpositions to ensure all aspects of this photo are explored. I willattempt to use Photoshop with highlights and darkening certainimages with this I believe I can achieve working towards a newtechnique in my photography portfolio
  9. 9. LADO ALEXILado Alexi doesnt give much away in her photography piecehere but nevertheless it doesnt shadow away the fact that withlittle a lot can be done. The pale white background is so smoothand softened its as if it is not ment to get dirt or in this casepaint on but taking the risk she does, by involving the pant sheadds a different texture on top of the lips not to leave thephotography dull but surprisingly not all the lip is covered thereis still a shade of pale white throughout the process keeping aclean delicate consistencyI am willing to explore what range of techniques Ladobrings, I like the idea of being modern and everything cleanbut with a hint of smudge or some sort of colour but evenwithin that the extra layer will be clean itself to relate to theartist.
  10. 10. STRAULINOWith this image I believe Straulino worked a good bit of magic andalthough someone looking at it first time they may think it’s a mess Ifeel it worked to the advantage. The clear unfluctuating colour of alight shade of brown. Straulino then uses well a flourishing use ofpositive colours blue, green, pink these three colours are decisive inthe image for it to work as well as it is. The ability to drizzle, splashand damp sections of the upper body doesnt torture the skin but addsbalance to the structure declaring it to me blossoming I do like the use of aluminous colours being used in the photograph that complement the idea of using the technique of paint or vibrant colours being flickered onto a object or person with organization but room for the unexpected maybe with these I can alter the colours and the background just to try a new style but keep the same theme, over time developing this I may included prints of hands or possible add props wherever possible to maximise the full potential of this photography technique.
  11. 11. SOLVE SUNDSBO I believe this image is a successful because the way it takes sense of a strong women figure, the use of the hair and depth of the colour flows in a downward band, also the fact that the smokes coming out of the mouth personifies a variation which I believe I could maybe us to direct the smoke in a way differently. I do think the bold colours work well with no negative dark colours make the pictures stand out. The major way in that this image is inspiring to me is the smoke coming out from the lips, if possible I may want to manipulate the way in which the smoke is formed maybe changing the contrast of it or the amount but not making it so much that it becomes as if it looks as if shes on fire, I do think I will use the hair complexion to make a link between the smoke and the colour of the hair just to keep simplicity to achieve further development.
  12. 12. All things considered, I would use my 3 rd photography as my preferredchoice to associate with the slave magazine. I believe that it incorporatesthe right amount of visual ingenuity to interest the viewer to take aninsight of the issue raised. Relating to ‘make-up’