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    Wakeupnow scam review__hidden_agendas_unvailed Wakeupnow scam review__hidden_agendas_unvailed Document Transcript

    • WakeUpNow Scam Review Hidden Agendas Unveiled All right guys, you guys came to this video. You want to know exactly what are you getting into before you pay 100 dollars to join on WakeUpNow because some of you guys came here... You just want to know what exactly is WakeUpNow. You want to know if WakeUpNow is a scam or is WakeUpNow legit or is WakeUpNow even a Better Business Bureau accredited or are they accredited with BBB? Look what I love in WakeUpNow, I want to say about like two or three months, I actually really loved this company and it's not because of the money-giving aspect which I'm really against. I want to talk about that a shortly later on this video, but WakeUpNow products are just unbelievable. Me? I have made over $50,000 of this year at one round with MCA up to day, but I also have been spending a lot of money around this year, spent a lot of money. Ever since I joined WakeUpNow, I've been learning different ways to leverage what they have to offer not only to make more money but also to save money. Guys, one thing that people really fail when they get into this industry, they fail to really know their product because when you don't know your product, they tend to not know how they sell their product because the truth of the matter is, people, a product like WakeUpNow sells is I might as well explain to you exactly how WakeUpNow sells a sell. That's when you get involved. You want to really do about selling. I want you to join my team but first of all guys, you got to need to set a clear intention on what you want WakeUpNow for. You need to set a clear intention on which you are going to be using WakeUpNow for because it's like two different ways you can go about doing this when you join WakeUpNow, alright? WakeUpNow. Skill is a must behind around it, but a nutshell, I like to keep this quick. WakeUpNow is a five-module where in this company. Let me see who is calling my phone and I'll press the ignore button. I don't pick up my phone even when it's prospects, even when it's leads, I don't pick up my phone. Guys, there is another thing I want to talk to you about in this video how to leverage time with WakeUpNow. Financial wellness in this company, we will go now to the financial wellness claim. Okay? While I’m doing with this video, I'll keep saying this about a hundred times because I had plenty of people telling me that my videos are so unorganized, like I never had an intent to like really erase the board. To me, that's fine because I have plenty of stuff from my room, I can wipe up this board as soon as find it. In a nutshell, what is the financial wellness of this company? What is the mission and goal of financial wellness? In a nutshell, it's just to help you save money and make money. I help you manage your money. TaxBot, we have savings on products you already purchased and commission on products. These are like the three things of WakeUpNow, the three main product modules. TaxBot, it's its own product, really but the founder sending back in the side of the team
    • WakeUpNow Scam Review Hidden Agendas Unveiled what with WakeUpNow since they saw mission of this company and WakeUpNow grew really fast so TaxBot want to hop on board on WakeUpNow. They start a name to start buzz so TaxBot and WakeUpNow are now affiliated with each other so let me tell you the goal of Taxbot. Have you asked everyone to the store and bought something and then what's the most when you bought something and you are wondering where all your money went? Well a lot of your money went to our taxes and you can't get it back unless you have some type of proof and letter so that the government can actually credit that back into your tax that guarantee your tax back when you get your tax return. That's exactly what TaxBot does. It allows you to sync all of your previous tax deductions in recent purchases up until a cloud and up to TaxBot cloud with WakeUpNow. Then, from there on, you can now get back all that money you spent on taxes just by using TaxBot. Guys, why not just get in this specifically for what it is? That really had me sold on WakeUpNow. It had me sold on WakeUpNow. It wasn't the money pictures with the credit card and the debit card. It wasn't that. Guys, I actually enjoy using WakeUpNow products. I enjoy being able to travel while making money. I enjoy still making money for MCA and I enjoy paying $300 to $600 for a round trip and a three-night stay at a luxurious hotel. All of that is in WakeUpNow. These benefits are crazy. You're going to be saving money on stuffs that you are buying. You're going to be saving money on electronic. You're going to be saving money on food. You're going to be saving money on trips. You're only saving money, period. Now, let me talk about WakeUpNow compensation plan. Let me talk about WakeUpNow compensation plan. I feel like I don't have to withdraw off WakeUpNow compensation plan because guess what? You guys already want to join. Why do I even need to tell you on WakeUpNow? You guys already want to join. Some of you guys, like is here specifically for the money-getting aspect, some of you guys because you have just seen someone flash money on Instagram or Facebook and you really want to know, does WakeUpNow really pays? You really want to know if WakeUpNow does really pays? Guys, WakeUpNow does pay, but it's not the type of money that you think it is. This money is residual money. I think WakeUpNow their commision pay-off stressor. It is to be like I have been in play and this one is where it requires a team building but team building should never have to depend on your downline. You should always depend on your upline. Do you get what I'm saying? I actually have to depend on my downline to make me money. Even though that's what you call passive income which I like but I actually have to depend, I should be able to make money whether they work or not. That is one of the downside in WakeUpNow because let me take you this, if your downlines are not making money, guess what’s going to happen. They are going to cancel their membership for getting all these awesome benefits that they really didn't
    • WakeUpNow Scam Review Hidden Agendas Unveiled even have any time to go over because WakeUpNow offers so much. I just really want to kind of cover TaxBot because I think that alone is worth $100 each month to be on the switch because you're going to be saving way more what you're spending and that's really our own goal to leverage our finances in life and to help you become not only a better person but they help you live a life better so you can stay happy with your kids or whatever. One of the things that I did had a problem with, you have to make sure that everyone in your team is active in order to get a residual every month. If you guys haven't heard, you guys get 12 IBLs. What is IBL? Independent Business on the minute so affiliates who want to enjoy these awesome products and benefits, you get 12 people, that's a $600 monthly residual each and every month as long as they're active. Still let me tell you what happens. You bring three and then you're free. That was 3 brand free and then they're free and they’re staying now you have 12 people just like that so everyone is free now except those last remaining three so then those three have to go and get three, but what happens if those three don’t get to three? Depending on who your sponsor is, that will be taken care of for you when you join in WakeUpNow. What is the advantage of joining me in WakeUpNow and for you to qualify for this $600 monthly up until $100,000 a month which WakeUpNow pays because they have different levels which I'm going to explain below in my blog post that can be found right here on my YouTube description on this video about WakeUpNow. What are the advantages of joining me? A lot of people… The reason why I said I’m flashing these money pictures and stuff paying like that, when they fail to learn, they don't know how to sell the product. I'll just start by saying that. When selling something guys, you have to break the tension. That is exactly what they do when they flash these money pictures. They break the tension. You see, what happens is when these MLM companies get saturated like MCA did, when they get saturated and they blow up fast, they still know if it would work because then you're losing not only credibility but you're also showing people that the truth is that same as the next person that they just saw. You have to be a little bit different. You got to learn how to break a tension in different ways. You got to learn how to review your report. You have to know how to build trust. Let me go ahead and get some nuts and bolts though. In any network marketing opportunity like WakeUpNow, if you don't have a consistent flow of traffic going into your sales, you are going to fail. If you don't know how to convert leads when you get that traffic, you are going to fail. Converting sales, I feel like if you're not getting any leads, the sales should be even better because the fact of the matter is, if people trust you enough to get contact information to contact and learn about WakeUpNow, they already trust you, they
    • WakeUpNow Scam Review Hidden Agendas Unveiled already want to join you. You just have to ensure them that you're the right person to join. Alright guys, I hope you like this video on WakeUpNow scam, WakeUpNow review, and what is WakeUpNow, and all that good stuff. Please like and share this video on your Facebook about WakeUpNow. Peace.