Writing a Small Business Press Release


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Press releases can be a great, affordable way to get the word out about your local or small business. If you know how to write a press release yourself that are many free distribution tools now a days that allow you to make this form of marketing virtually free. The key is to be able to catch the eye of someone that will write a story about your company. Learn what you should include in your press release, where you can distribute it and how this can help market your small or local business.

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Writing a Small Business Press Release

  1. 1. Writing a Small Business Press Release Brought to you by the marketing experts at www.demandmart.com
  2. 2. One public relations tool small businesses can easily implement to gain relatively inexpensive visibility in their markets is the small business press release. A press release is a specific who, what, where, when and why announcement about a company’s newsworthy event that isdistributed to the media to entice them to write and run an article about the company.
  3. 3. Press releases are short and succinct; the compelling small business press release is skillfully crafted with creative, newsworthycontent to engage reporters and media outlets. Posted on your own small business website, a press release rich with keywords that attract search engines can secondarily function as a marketing tool. A small business press releasecan attract new customers, garner publicity for your business, and bring more traffic to your website.
  4. 4. What to Include• There are a number of common events for almost any business that can be newsworthy milestones and appropriate for a small business press release.• These events demonstrate your innovation, expertise, company growth, and industry recognition. • Release of a new product or new product features • Hiring of new employees • Announcement of awards or recognitions • Promotional or charitable events • Announcing new business partnerships • Reporting on interesting survey results
  5. 5. Press Release ElementsHeadline:The headline is the most important element of your pressrelease as it is the “hook” that contains keywords and enticesreaders to continue reading.• It should be short, creative, informative and under 80 characters: Demandmart.com Integrates E-Commerce Partnerships with One Click EventsSummary:The summary is a short synopsis of the event in no more thanfour sentences.• Like the headline, the summary should have impact as media outlets may only see the title and summary followed by a link to the press release.• If the summary does not make an impression, your press release may go unread.
  6. 6. Body:The body of the press release always begins with thecity, state, month, day and date followed by 2 dashes: – Miami Beach, FL May 1, 2010 -- The body of the press release contains the who, what, where, when and why details of the event. This information should be engaging and informative without showing bias. A press release that blatantly advertises or shows bias will be tossed aside and your small business will lose credibility when engaging the press.• The body of your press release should be between 300-800 words.• Be sure to include facts and relevant information backed up by quotes from company leaders and experts in the industry.• Bios of key players in the event will reveal experience, expertise and motivations that add credibility to the event and generate interest.• Include websites (not emails) where readers can learn more information about a person or an event.
  7. 7. About Company ABC:Include company description that reveals thenature of your small business, its products,services and locations.Contact Information: – Media Contact: Name Phone number Website address
  8. 8. Press Release Distribution• There are many newswire services that can distribute your small business press release to a variety of media outlets.• In addition, posting your press release in HTML format into your website will drive customers to your website.• Sending bulk emails to reporters and news media with one message can be viewed as crass marketing and impersonal.• Tailor individual messages to each media outlet and reporter; your first impression will be professional and your message will be taken more seriously.
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