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Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
Marketing your Day Spa Online
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Marketing your Day Spa Online


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These are useful ways to get your day spa or salon successfully marketing online and gaining new customers.

These are useful ways to get your day spa or salon successfully marketing online and gaining new customers.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Marketing yourDay Spa Online
    Brought to you by the marketing experts at
  • 2. Establishing a powerful brand is crucial to your success when defining your day spa online marketing strategy. First and foremost, you must decide what your objective will be. When you have a definite idea of what you want to accomplish specifically, you can tailor your marketing strategy and campaigns toward reaching your goals, and accurately evaluating progress.
  • 3. Marketing your day spa successfully online is primarily determined by 2 things:
    Traffic – the number of visitors you attract to your website
    Conversion – converting your visitors into customers, by convincing them to book sessions or buy gift certificates
  • 4. Your Website
    It helps to think of your website as an online tour guide, whose purpose is to help visitors find the right destination; you want them to conclude their visit by scheduling an appointment or purchasing a gift certificate.
    Although having a website that captures the unique appeal of your spa is ideal, it is crucial to day spa online marketing that your website is effective at converting visitors into customers.
    Your site must be search engine friendly/optimized
    Build your site around a user experience that will fuel your conversion rate
  • 5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in your day spa online marketing campaigns; they are designed to bring in traffic that is valuable to you - potential customers in your area, or gift givers looking to buy gift certificates.
  • 6. Selecting your Keywords
    SEO strategies begin with keywords – words people type into search engines, such as Day Spa New Jersey or Day Spa Online Marketing.
    Select keywords for your specific niche. Target specific areas that you can cater to
    Focus on specialties that make you stand out from the competition online, such as an African Potato Manicure, Gemstone Facial, Yin Yang Body Polish, etc.
    Find potential keywords using the Google Keyword Tool. By reviewing the "Keyword popularity" data, you can determine which ones have high search volumes, and how much competition there is for that niche online
  • 7. Optimizing your Homepage
    Select 1 or 2 of your top keywords from your day spa online marketing campaign, and optimize your homepage for them:
    Place them in your page title
    Place them in the main content of your homepage.
    Vary how you use them
    Make your writing seem natural. Keep in mind that you need to appeal to your online visitors, not just the search engines
  • 8. Other Keywords
    For the rest of your keywords, make use of the other pages on your site for day spa online marketing.
    Use 1 or 2 keywords per page
    Place them in the page URL, e.g.
    Include them in your page title
    Create content that focuses on them, e.g. an article about manicures
  • 9. Website Updates
    Updating your site regularly aids your SEO campaigns and day spa online marketing; it shows search engines that your business is relevant.
    Post promotions, special offers, and events on your home page
    Regularly add new pages to your site to target new keywords. e.g., write about new services, upgraded equipment and facilities; go over the benefits, techniques, etc.
    Start a business blog. However, it is advised that you make at least one post a week. In order to reap SEO benefits, it should be a blog on your site's domain
  • 10. Link Building
    You will need other relevant sites to link to you in order to help you generate quality traffic from relevant sites, which increases your sales. It also increases awareness, visibility, and the credibility of your website.
    Sign up for free listings in spa directories such as Joy of Spa, Spa Emergency, DiscoverSpas, and SpaFinder
    Request to be linked from the organizations you belong to, especially the local ones
    Link to businesses you deal with on a regular basis. Recommend their services on your site, writing an overview of their services, and ask them to do the same for you
  • 11. Avoid linking to businesses that are not relevant to you; random reciprocal links may detract from your search engine ranking and marketing efforts
    Link to local websites and blogs
    Use a free online distribution service, such as PRWeb, to send out press releases periodically
    Be wary of companies that claim to generate lots of links with no effort. The techniques they use no longer work in the web 2.0 era
  • 12. Social Media Campaigns
    Social media websites can prove to be valuable tools in your day spa online marketing activities.
    Set up a Facebook Page to connect with potential customers
    Use the same approach for Twitter
    Offer Facebook and Twitter-exclusive promos and discounts to encourage people to let you in their networks
    Update your Facebook and Twitter pages regularly
  • 13. 60 Day Free Trial
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    demandmart will
    Create a personalized marketing profile
    Submit your company to leading search engines and directories
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