Know What Parents Look for in a Daycare


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When setting up a child care/day care business it is important to keep in mind what parents are looking for. This will help ensure that parents will want to use your services. Know what parents are looking for can help grow and expand your daycare. It is never to late to think about these tips, whether you are just starting your daycare or you have been in business for years, this information can help you have a successful child care center.

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Know What Parents Look for in a Daycare

  1. 1. How Can Knowing What Parents Look For In A Daycare Benefit Your Business? Brought to you by the business experts at
  2. 2. While daycares truly revolve around the children put within your watchful eye, thetruth behind any successful daycare is that the owner knows exactly what parents look for in a daycare. The idea behind a daycare that is successful for years to come is being able toattract the attention of parents as well as theirtrust. When it comes to daycare, parents want to know 110% that their child is safe and in good hands.
  3. 3. To do this, you’ll need to market and advertise your daycare as one that is a safe haven where children can learn, grow, andhave a lot of fun. Of course beyond marketing it’s also crucial that you’re able to live up to the standards you set for your daycare. So what exactly do parents look for in a daycare? Not all parents have the same expectations when it comes time to choose the best place to keep their children during the day.
  4. 4. However, below you will find some of the most commonly sought things that parents want and expect out of a daycare. Take all ofthese wants into consideration to ensure that your daycare is advertised in the best light possible:
  5. 5. Safety First• Parents want to know that the daycare you provide is a truly safe haven.• Moms and dads alike should be able to fully trust that the physical location of the daycare they choose is safe from the inside out.• Though it seems silly, not all daycares are truly childproof.• To ensure that your daycare is as safe and secure as possible you should only allow children to spend time in a location that is nothing but safe for them.
  6. 6. • This means keeping your daycare clean and using the necessary precautions to keep germs and infections at minimal levels.• Having a daycare that isn’t kept clean poses all sorts of health risks.• Children are known to carry all sorts of germs along with them so using the necessary cleaning and disinfectant products at your daycare is a must.• Physical safety also means that the location of your daycare is free of things that may be hazardous to children.
  7. 7. • Sharp, heavy, and small objects all pose threats to children of all ages.• Children are infamous for wanting to touch and sometimes taste everything they see so it’s important to keep any dangerous items out of reach.• Having an alarm system at your daycare along with sturdy fences or enclosures also adds to the overall safety of your daycare.
  8. 8. Ability to learn• One of the most important factors that parents look for in a daycare is finding a daycare that allows their child to learn.• Children are open books, sponges as many say, as their brains are in the prime position to soak in new information.• Learning is fundamental for children and at young ages children are eager and ready to learn new things.
  9. 9. • Learning and education are especially important for those daycares that advertise as being learning centers.• However, even everyday daycare locations should offer an environment that directly and indirectly teaches children new things.• Colors, shapes, animals, reading, and learning how to write are all things that children can learn at a daycare.• You may find that having education in teaching may be extremely useful for properly meeting this daycare expectation.
  10. 10. Fun and excitement• Kids like to be kids and kids like to have fun and do exciting things.• Parents want to know that their child will be well entertained throughout the day while at daycare which means that as a daycare owner, you have to think like a kid.• Ask yourself what do children like to do?
  11. 11. • What types of activities are fun and exciting for children to indulge in?• Things such as outdoor excursions, games, crafts, hands-on activities and show and tell are all great activities for children.• There should never be a boring day at your location.
  12. 12. Remember, parents look for a daycare that will keep their child interested and entertained for hours. It’s up to you to have a list of ideas that will keep the children satisfied.
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