Benefits of Direct Marketing Communication


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Reaching out and communication directly to your customers allows you to send a clearer and more direct message to current and potential customers. Not only does it allow you to tailor your message based on who you are talking to but is it also cost effective. You can save money and build your customer base.

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Benefits of Direct Marketing Communication

  1. 1. Benefits of Direct Marketing Communication Brought to you by the marketing experts at
  2. 2. Marketing, especially direct marketingcommunication, allows for small businesses todirectly target and interact with consumers. Asthe face of the business world has changed, so have the variety of ways that direct marketing communication can be delivered. In theend, with the right type of marketing, any small business will be able to gain customers and leads resulting in more profitable and measurable success.
  3. 3. What is it?• In simple terms, direct marketing communication is a method for small businesses that allows business owners and/or the business marketing team to directly communicate with an audience.• Often times this type of marketing can be done successfully through the use of email, catalogs, advertising, television commercials, and most popularly, social media.
  4. 4. • With direct marketing not only are small businesses able to pin-point and target a certain audience, the overall success of this type of marketing is easily measurable, which allows for a business owner to see what type of marketing works best for his specific small business.
  5. 5. BenefitsAll companies want to be successful in thebusiness world but success takes a lot ofwork, effort, and proper planning.However, with the help of a well-thought outmarketing program, a small business can easilyexperience plenty of growth. On the followingslides are some key benefits to using directmarketing communication:
  6. 6. • Cost Effective – When it comes to small businesses, especially those that are just starting up, finding ways to be cost effective is extremely important. – When looking at the cost of direct marketing, the overall price is pretty inexpensive. – In many cases direct marketing can cost little to no money at all. It doesn’t require an extravagant amount of money to send out emails to a collected list of contacts or to create a page on to reach out to and talk to a specific audience. – Of course, certain communication types, such as television or radio commercials along with advertisement printing can cost a bit more.
  7. 7. • Measurable – An important part of any marketing scheme determining how results can be measured. This way a business can decide what needs tweaking to provide for an even higher level of success. – With direct marketing communication, a small business can easily determine just how successful its advertising methods are. – For example, if a business sends out 2,000 emails to possible customers and 500 of them respond and buy a product, the business can conclude that 25% of sales can be attributed to direct responses.
  8. 8. • Relationship Building – Most importantly, this type of marketing allows a small business to build relationships with its customers. – Many businesses forget the true importance of being able to keep in close touch with those who have bought the company’s product and/or services. – Customers often like being able to receive quaint reminders from a company that they have done business with in the past. This ensures that the relationship remains so that customers become repeat-customers and not one-time deals.
  9. 9. – This is also important when it comes time to gain new customers.– In order to get new customers, a small business has to become known and visible. This can be done through all sorts of methods including RSS Feeds, blogging websites such as Word Press and of course some of today’s most popular social media networking websites: • Facebook • Myspace • LinkedIn, and many others.
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