Malaysia coway latest promotions


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Learn all about Coway Malaysia and it's products. Get the latest promotions or discounts by calling our Hotline 0164482662.

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Malaysia coway latest promotions

  1. 1. DapatkanPromosi Terkini Telefon atau SMS Hotline Pihak Kami 016-448 2662
  2. 2. Company Profile
  3. 3. Woongjin Group Philosophy Tto-tto Sarang (Love & Love Again)
  4. 4. Woongjin Coway Vision Live Well, Live Safe and Live Longer… That’s what COWAY’s Products are designed for. Global No. 1 Environment Solution Provider
  5. 5. Woongjin Coway History 1989 1990 1993 1995 1998 1999Established Water Air Purifier Gold Seal Introduce Introduce Coway Filtration Business Mark from Rental Cody System Business WQA Scheme 2000 2001 2004 2005 2006 2008 Bidet Listed in System Food Waste Subsidiary in New R&D Business Korea Stock Kitchen Processor Kuala Center Exchange Business Business LumpurCoway have Coway Lady(Cody) regular service
  6. 6. Woongjin Coway Business Water Filtration Air Purifier Bidet etc. Coway etc. Coway etc. Coway 48.9% 51.1% 45.8% 54.2% 52.1% 47.9% Over 5 million satisfied customers!!!
  7. 7. Woongjin Coway Customers 5 million customers can’t be wrong!!!
  8. 8. Woongjin Coway Factory Incheon Factory PRODUCT LINE Units/Year Bidet 2 Lines 400,000 Electric Pressure 2 Lines 600,000 Multi-Cooker Humidifier 1 Lines 400,000 Vacuum cleaner 1 Lines 400,000 Yugu Factory PRODUCT Capacity/Year PRODUCT LINE Units/Year Coating 92,568,758ft2 Water Filtration 9 Lines 2.1 M 2inch Rolling 1,500,000pcs Air Purifier 4 Lines 0.79 MTianjin Factory 4inch Rolling 60,000m2 Sediment / Carbon Filter 7 Lines 22 M 8inch Rolling 60,000m2 Vacuum cleaner 6 Lines 2.6 M All products & filters we make ourselves!
  9. 9. Woongjin Coway Factory Location Yu-gu, Kong-ju Chung Nam, Korea Area 613,500 Square Feet Building Area 140,000 Square Feet Production Items Line Water purifier 5 Air Purifier 4 Filter 3 Membrane 4World LARGEST Indoor Water Purifier Factory
  10. 10. Woongjin Coway Membrane Membrane Manufacturing Capacity by Companies unit:m2, Coating Basis] 30M 11.2M 10M 10M 5M 10M Film Coway Hydra- Toray GE Tech. nautics 2nd Largest Membrane Filter Manufacturer
  11. 11. Woongjin Coway R&D Center  Land Size : 44,669 ft² 200 researchers are responsible f  Floor Size: 131,294 ft² (6 floors) or product development and q • Located in Seoul Ntl’ Univ. uality assurance. (Collaboration study with the university)1st Government Authorized Water Quality R&D
  12. 12. Woongjin Coway RecognitionDomestic & International Certificates & Awards
  13. 13. Woongjin Coway Recognition NSF/ANSI-42 NSF/ANSI-53 NSF/ANSI-58Drinking Water Treatment units, Drinking Water Treatment units, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Aesthetic effects Health effects Treatment Systems 1st Asian qualified NSF Standard
  14. 14. Woongjin Coway Recognition 1st to acquire International Halal Certificate
  15. 15. Woongjin Coway Service 1st in the market – CODY & Before Service
  16. 16. Woongjin Coway Expansion USA Netherlands China Japan New York Amsterdam Beijing USA TokyoLos Angeles China Hong Kong Subsidiaries Branch Office Thailand Warehouse Bangkok Singapore Malaysia Singapore Kuala Lumpur5 Subsidiaries, 3 Branch Offices, 1 Warehouse
  17. 17. Woongjin Coway Malaysia Establishment since 29-5-2006
  18. 18. Woongjin Coway Malaysia •Regular Staff 普通职员 : 192 Alor Setar •CODY : 185 Sg Petani •Technician 技术人员: 64 Butterworth Kuala TerengganuPenang Ipoh KL Kuantan Kota Kinabalu Klang Seremban Melaka Johor Bahru Penetrate in almost whole Malaysia market
  19. 19. Woongjin Coway Malaysia Current products in Malaysia market
  20. 20. Woongjin Coway Malaysia COWAY Valued Corporate Customers
  21. 21. Water filter products.Call or smsHotline for best deals.0164482662
  22. 22. Importance of Water Brain 80% 1 Detoxification 2 Body Temp Control Lung 86% 3 Joints Lubrication Kidney 4 Body Metabolism 83%Blood 5 Nutrients Delivery90% 6 Breathing Process Human body is composed by 70% of water
  23. 23. Water Pollution Rarely Government change Water Pipe?
  24. 24. Prevention Heavy Metal Effects to our body Breathing Difficulty, Learning disorder, Hypertension, Early Lead abortion, Male sterility, Renal impairment Mercury Nerve disorder, Poor memory, Impair judgment Serum Iron Artery sclerosis, Brain damage, Kidney failure Size of Metal Ion is 0.001 ~ 0.05 micron
  25. 25. Water Filtration System STEP 1,2 STEP 3 STEP 4 Coway – the ONLY System to remove Metal Ion
  26. 26. COWAY Water Filtration 1 Plus Sediment Filter Remove sand, mud, rust 2 Pre-carbon Filter Remove chlorine and VOCs 3 RO Membrane Remove bacteria, virus, heavy metal 4 Post-carbon Filter Improve water taste 5 Fine Filter Remove fine carbon dust 6 Ceramic Filter Prevent bacteria growth 6-step water filtration system
  27. 27. Value (P-07QL) Tank Capacity = 6.5L (up to 5 persons) Outright RM 2300 Rental RM 70 (RM 2.33/D) Sliding Lever Water Elegant Design and Cock Color Air Tight Water Dual Water Level Tank Controller Satisfy you basic need
  28. 28. Mach (CHP-03AL) Tank Capacity = 11.4L (up to 10 persons) Outright RM 3200 Rental RM 110 (RM 3.66/D) MICOM Control Power Saving System (Sleep Mode) Hot Water Locking Automatic Water Cock Temp Control For entire of family
  29. 29. Petit (CHP-06DL) Tank Capacity = 6.5L (up to 5 persons) Outright RM 3400 Rental RM 110 (RM 3.66/D) Slim and Compact Innovative 3-way (Space Saving) Valve System REDDOT Design One Touch One Award Cup System Intelligent, beautifully crafted
  30. 30. Metro (CHP-04AL) Ultra Violet Circulation Tank Capacity = 22.4L Adjustable Water (up to 40 persons) Temp Control Outright RM 4200 Floor Standing Rental Design RM 130 (RM 4.33/D) Changeover Faucet Water Cock Larger capacity, greater satisfaction
  31. 31. Sally (CHP-06DL/E) Slim and Compact (Space Saving) Tank Capacity = 11L 15 ~ 20 persons Automatic Water Temp Control Outright RM 3800 (L) RM 4000 (R) Water Temp Rental Display Light RM 120 (RM 4.00/D) RM 130 (RM 4.33/D) Hot Water Safety Faucet Huge but presentable and flexible
  32. 32. Apolo (POE10-A) Patented Air Release Button Stainless Steel Casing Simple Backwash System Prevention of Outright Overflow (Locker) RM 2700 Point of Entry Filter/ Outdoor filter
  33. 33. Competitor Comparison Makers Company M Company B Company D Company E Coway Model Price (RM) RM 3580 RM 2080 RM 4030 RM 3500 RM 3200Water output Room Room Room Hot/Room Cold/Hot/Ambient Filtration Micro Filtration Nano filtration Micro Filtration Hyper filtration Hyper filtration Bi-Monthly Service Self Service Self Service Call for Service Call for Service Service Email for more:
  34. 34. Importance of Air we breath!!! Air 16Kg Food 1.5Kg 10 times How long you can live without AIR?
  35. 35. Air Pollution - Outdoor WHO – “Indoor pollution is more serious”
  36. 36. Air Pollution - Indoor According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air indoors can be 2-5 times more polluted than air outside.
  37. 37. Prevention Lung is 2nd largest organ in human body
  38. 38. COWAY Customizable Filters 1 Pre-Filter 4 Deodorization Filter Remove dust, hair, fur, sand Remove smell, odor, damp 2 Medium Filter 5 HEPA Filter Remove fine dust, pollen, mold Remove bacteria, gem, nicotine Different filter for different situation
  39. 39. Lombok (AP-1503CH) 1601 sq ft Outright RM 3100 3 RBD Plasma Filter Remove bacteria, virus, gem, Rental mold RM 100 (RM 3.33/D) Safety-oriented Cluster Negative Design Ion Powerful with 4 Power Saving Different Speeds (Sleep Mode) Powerful but silent
  40. 40. Notos (AP-1207BH) 1500 sq ft Outright RM 3300 3 Oriental Herb Filter Sterilize influenza virus, Rental bacteria RM 110 (RM 3.66/D) Innovative Design Purity Level (Stand or Table) Indicator Jog Shuttle Artificial Intelligent Controller Mode Practical and elegant
  41. 41. Venus (AP-2505CH) 2650 sq ft Outright RM 4100 3 SMD Filter Remove mold, flu virus, Rental legionella, bad odor RM 150 (RM 5.00/D) Oil Mist Filter Safety Oriented (Remove Oily Air) Design Power Saving Operation Mode (Sleep Mode) Display Superb capacity
  42. 42. Dolomities (AP-1008CH) 1200 sq ft Outright RM 2300 3 H1N1 Filter Sterilize H1N1 influenza virus Rental from spreading RM 80 (RM 2.66/D) Pollution Level Artificial Intelligent Indicator Mode Clear and Intuitive REDDOT Design Design Award 1st in the world
  43. 43. Aires (AP-1009CH/AP-0509DH) 800 sq ft Outright 450 sq ft RM 1900 Outright Rental RM 1500 RM 60 (RM 2.00/D) Slim & Compact REDDOT Design Outlook Award Easy to use
  44. 44. Competitor Comparison Makers Company S Company A Company M Company H Coway Model Price (RM) RM 1999 RM 3999 RM 2390 RM 2498 RM 3100Dust Collection 93% 63% 70% 89% 95% Noise Level 53dB 48dB 49dB 51dB 22dB Power 43W 79W 150W 94W 33W Bi-monthly Service Call for Service Call for Service Call for Service Call for Service ServiceContact Malaysian Hotline for best price 0164482662
  45. 45. Importance of Toilet Culture 27,375 TIMES 912 HOURS 206,955 TIMES 6,898 HOURSAverage life span of 30 OECD countries: Man-75years / Woman- 81 years AverageUsage Frequency: Man-1/Day , Woman-7/DayAverage time span of toilet use-2 minutes How much of your life is spent using the toilet?
  46. 46. Anal / Rectal DiseasesAccording to the National Institute of Health, about half of the U.S. Common Analpopulation over 50 have anal and/or rectal diseases. Disease Anal Fissure Hemorrhoi ds Anal Fistula Rectal Prolapse Pruritus Ani Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration This has happened to you before?
  47. 47. Toilet Paper Feces can be remained in pores or in anal wrinkles Harmful chemicals used in toilet paper production You are never perfectly clean with toilet paper
  48. 48. Toilet Paper Production Melting ponds, Crashing machine Toilet Paper Sources Terrible Environment Bleach, Dioxowater, Alkaline, Deinking agent So, are you dare to use toilet paper anymore?
  49. 49. COWAY Bidet Let’s us change our toilet culture now!
  50. 50. BA-07R/E Outright RM 2500 Rental RM 75 (RM 2.50/D) Water Stream Power Saving Mode Wideness (3 Level) (After 30 Min) Adjustable Nozzle Comfortable and (5 Positions) Warm Seat Relaxing, Refreshing, Revitalizing
  51. 51. BA-12 Outright RM 850 Rental RM 25 (RM 0.83/D) Twin Nozzle (Front Water Proof and Rear) Structure MF Filter with Hydraulic Damper Nano Silver Design Eco Friendly without Electricity
  52. 52. SEKIAN TERIMA KASIHDapatkan Promosi TerkiniTelefon/sms Hotline Kami Sekarang!!! 016-448 2662