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Learn the latest technology for toilet designing and get free ideas on how to enjoy better toiletry devices.
Coway Looloo Coway Bidet system - We bring wellness to all.
Coway Bathroom appliances

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Coway Bidet

  1. 1. Looloo System & Selling Points
  2. 2. Reality you must be aware! We must enhance our health consciousness Hidden danger in our lives
  3. 3. 3 Habits Healthy Lifestyle Diet Sleep Exercise More fruits & veggie daily Before 11pm daily At least 30 minutes daily
  4. 4. Exercise Why we need to exercise? Exercise Increase Metabolism Burn Fat Remove Toxin
  5. 5. Detoxification We always overlook the hygiene after detoxify Sweat Pee Defecate
  6. 6. Importance of Toilet Culture How much of your life is spent using the toilet? 27,375 TIMES 912 HOURS 206,955 TIMES 6,898 HOURS Average life span of 30 OECD countries: Man-75 years / Woman- 81 years Average Usage Frequency: Man-1/Day , Woman-7/Day Average time span of toilet use-2 minutes
  7. 7. Anal & Rectal Disease This has happened to you before? Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration According to the National Institute of Health, about half of the U.S. population over 50 have anal and/or rectal diseases. Common Anal Disease Anal Fissure Hemorrhoids Anal Fistula Rectal Prolapse Pruritus Ani
  8. 8. Toilet Paper You are never perfectly clean with toilet paper Feces can be remained in pores or in anal wrinkles Harmful chemicals used in toilet paper production
  9. 9. Source of Toilet Paper Where the raw materials come from?
  10. 10. Production of Toilet Paper Toilet rolls manufacturing process Scraps Factory Melting Ponds Crashing Machine
  11. 11. Chemicals in Production Info from Urology, JiShuiTan Hospital, Beijing Bleaching Powder Hydrogen Peroxide Sodium Silicate Deinking Agent HY-PAE
  12. 12. Production Environment Is the environment hygienic?
  13. 13. Hemorrhoids Common among Chinese & Indian Why not Malay?
  14. 14. Malay Culture They are using WATER to clean up
  15. 15. However The water is not clean enough Rust Chlorine Bacteria Virus Sand Mud
  16. 16. Your Solution Coway Bidet System BA-07 R/E BA-12
  17. 17. Coway Bidet Let’s us change our toilet culture now!
  18. 18. Shower The water is not clean enough Rust Chlorine Bacteria Virus Sand Mud
  19. 19. Skin & Hair Scalp Problem Effects of CHLORINE in our shower water
  20. 20. Your Solution Coway Water Softener BB-09
  21. 21. Coway Water Softener No more skin & hair scalp problem!
  22. 22. Your Home Spa Economic way with similar effect Skin care RM200 Sauna RM250
  23. 23. Benefits For your whole family Home Spa effect Better Skin Prevention Skin disease Smoother Hair
  24. 24. Q&A Any questions ? Contact us @ 60164482662
  25. 25. Google for “ Coway Latest Promotion ” or email [email_address] for more info.