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Digital Metrics

Digital Metrics






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    Digital Metrics Digital Metrics Presentation Transcript

    • Digita Metrics al By: Ro osalina Lin-Allen Director, Cli i Client Strategy Tel.416-3664-1455 X271 Email. rlin nallen@delvinia.com www.twitte er.com/rlinallen www.linke www linke edin.com/rlinallen edin com/rlinallenPage 1
    • About D l i iAb Delvinia Insight Insight Stra ategy Design A fusion of research digital strategy f i f ch, di it l t t & customer expperience design. p g ▼ ASKINGCANADIANS | VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER SOLUTION NS Full service online survey programming & hosting Online Panel Development and Hosting Custom Recruitment Online Research Community AskingMedia Data Capture Tools A 160,000 160 000 Members Digital Mosaic Segmentation Social PRIZMC2Page 3
    • Delvinia ClientsD l i i CliPage 4
    • Delvinia MethodologD l i i M h d l gy CUSTOMERPage 5
    • Page 6
    • Page 7
    • Page 9
    • Online Advertising Search Engines Social Media Census Beac C B con Aware eness Website  Cons sider Email Program Email Program Website  Convert In‐Person Advoccacy Social Media Sales S l s
    • Own d ned Media (e.g. webs site, apps, e-newssletters) Earned Paid Media (e.g. SEM , Display Ads) (e.g. PR, social media activities)Page 11
    • Owned Media O d M diCompany Web Site Mob bile App Campaign Micro-site E-newsletter ProgramPage 12
    • Typical W b it M asurementT i l Website Mea t • Page Views • Visits • Pages/Visit • A Time Spent on Site Ave. Ti S t Sit • Unique Visitors • Bounce Rate • N Vi it New Visits • Referring Site • Exit Page • B Browser • Geography … etc.Page 13
    • Techniques f MeasurementT h i for M t Quantitative Q tit ti • Ratings • Customer Satisfaction Survey C y Qualitative • U bili T Usability Test • One-on-on interview • Eye tracking • A/B Split TestPage 14
    • Typical ET i l Email P il Progr ram Measurement M t+OOpen Rate R t+ Click Through Rate+ Forward Mail Rate- Unsubscribe RatePage 15
    • In-store Di it l Prop tiI t Digital P perties
    • Paid MediaP id M di Search Engine Marketing Mobile Ads (with geo-target capabilities) Display Ads Di l AdsPage 17
    • Typical P id M diT i l Paid Media MeasurementTypical Measurements Paid Media Landscape• Impressions gator g• Click through’s Aggreg dependent t n/a Ind Fixed Price Auction BasedPage 18
    • Earned M di E d MediaRatings, Reviews & Forwarded E-Mail E Mail Social Network Page 19
    • Marketer MindM k t Mi d Shift W With S i l Networks Social N t k It s It’s a re elationship not an adve ertising medium •Permission based •Two-way dia alogue •Marketers are not i control of th b M k t a t in t l f the brand d and messagiing •Authenticity is key y • Last but no least, it’s real-time communication! otPage 20
    • What happens if you d ’t act i real tiWh t h don’t t in l time? ? The Story of Tanner Bawn y Domino s Domino’s PR Nightmare
    • Typical S i l M dia MeasurementT i l Social Media M • Likes (e.g. Fac cebook) • Followings (e g Twitter) (e.g. • Views (e.g. You uTube) • Comments & Mentions (e.g. Facebook) • Influence o the Commenters/Bloggers of • SentimentsPage 22
    • Typical S i l M dia MeasurementT i l Social Media M Listen Cultivate community y • Acknowledge & thank you Being in the Loop Partici ipate • Answer questions and temper negative sentiments • What is the general sentiment? • Are there any intel or opportunity to act on? Changing Brand Perception • Escalate • Are there any escalating issues we should monitor or Respo ond • E l Evaluate A i Action • Act on Triage Plan act to? Press Relea ase/ MediaPage 23
    • Free Social Media M iF S i l M di Monitoring Tools i T l
    • P id Social Media M iPaid S i l M di Monitoring Tools i T l
    • The FunnelTh F l Census Beacon C B Awar reness Eng gage Conv vert Advo ocate Sale S les
    • Objective Based Mea Obj i B d M asurementsExample i Earned M diE l in E d Media Tools, Objectives KP PI Technology (Call to Actions) & Processes• R Request a Brochure t B h • ‘R ‘Request a Brochur ’ t B h re’ • W b Analytics T l Web A l ti Tools• Get a Quote Counts • Email Marketing• Contact sales • ‘Get a Quote’ Coun nts Management • ‘Click-to-call’ Coun nts, • Consensus Across ‘Request a Call’ Couunts Departments • Re-engagement Ra ate • Standard measurements • Up-sell/cross-sell RRate/ $ • Process to collect Figure measurements & for continuous collaboration
    • Starting with U dSt ti ith Understa di tanding the Customer th C t Ratings & See Consult Reviews Product/ Friends & Family Speak to Sales Person Locate Dealer Purchase Research Experience Product in Product Detail D t il & Blogs, Compared 3rd Shortlisted Buy Party Online Products Sites Check Various V i Product Websites RESEARCH ENGAGE CONVERTPage 28
    • Identify T iId tif Trigger Points P i tsPage 29
    • Pushing Prospects thro h th Funnel P hi P t th ough the F lA. ‘Build & Price Build Price’ E. Dealer Locator B. Save C fi B S Config G. G Purchase D. Payment Est timatorC. Compare Options F. F Schedule a Test Drive Page 30
    • Track Against Conve iT kA i C ersionPage 31
    • Financial Focused, InFi i lF d Integrated Vi d ViewData from: August, 2011CategoryC t Tactic T ti Investment I t t Impressio / Page I ions/ P Conversion R t C i Rate Click Thru’s/ Cli k Th ’ / Cost Per Lead C tP L d (ave. mo.) Views/ Em Open mail Complete CTA Raate Display Ads $200,000 20,00 00,000 0.1% 20,000 $10 Mobile Ads $20,000 1,00 00,000 1.5% 15,000 $1 Awareness Paid Search $100,000 800,000 4% 32,000 $3 SEO $100,000 320,000 15% 48,000 $2 Social Media $100,000 200,000* 1% 2,000 $50 Build & Config 125,000 40% 50,000 $2 Price Estimator $80,000 167,000 56% 93,520 $0 Engage Dealer Locator 86,0 000 34% 29,240 $0 Email Followup $21,000 123,000 27% 33,210 $1 Total Investment $621,000 Actual Purchase Ave. Purchase Price Purchase Value Convert Purchase at Dealer n/a n/ /a 562 $47,000 $2,641,4000 Integrated At the end of the day, it’s a Multichannel View about the financialUsing a Funnel Approach indicators
    • Digital i MDi i l is More than M k i h Marketing Increasing Revenue Decreasing CostPage 33
    • Common EC Errors & C ll Challenges Ch • Data without insights • Siloed views CUST TOMER • Measuring the wrong things • Lack clarity on customer’s digital g behaviours & needs Insights/Strategy without Action Stopping here St i h Action without clear objective or strategy j gyPage 34
    • Keep Refi i K Refining The World Does sn’t Stand StillPage 35
    • Let’s Make the World a Better Place Together g by Making Bettter Decisions http://youtu.be/f- -dfWLaDBPE
    • By: Ro osalina Lin-Allen Director, Cli i Client Strategy Delvinia Tel.416-3664-1455 X271 Email. rlin nallen@delvinia.com Twitter. ww Twitter ww twitter com/rlinallen ww.twitter.com/rlinallen LinkedIn. wwww.linkedin.com/rlinallenPage 37