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CMA  Summit 2012
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CMA Summit 2012


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Delvinia CEO Adam Froman was among the speakers at the Canadian Marketing Association's CMA Summit 2012, held at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel on May 16 and 17. …

Delvinia CEO Adam Froman was among the speakers at the Canadian Marketing Association's CMA Summit 2012, held at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel on May 16 and 17.

Adam shared how Delvinia is marrying real time feedback from customers with deep profiling data on their digital behaviours to help organizations capture and act on the Voice of the Customer to create better customer experiences.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • CommunitiesRelevant experiencesAskingCanadiansEmbedded into the overall customer experienceNeed to put ourselves in the shoes of the consumerNeed to assume they have control – why would you participate?Companies need to understand that they can only respond and reactMethods – CrowdsourcingOnline panelsCustomer sat
  • Transcript

    • 1. MAY 16, 2012VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER.
    • 2. 360 View of the Customer Historical Data Support tickets Order history Contact Data Contact Information Lead source Win/Loss Evaluation Overall Satisfaction Support Experience Event Feedback Product Enhancement Voice of the Customer Data Feedback
    • 3. 92% of Canadians conducting research online would use it to purchase a product in a store
    • 4. 50%At end of 2010 of Canadians `Liked` or became a fan of a page created by a brand, company or organization
    • 5. 76%By 2012 of Canadians `Liked` or became a fan of a page created by a brand, company or organization
    • 6. 45%In 2012 of Canadians have unliked, unsubscribed or otherwise elected to disengage from a brand’s social site or communications
    • 8. But what hasn’t changed is… The need to get messages out to consumers The need to collect feedback to derive insights
    • 9. Our Unique Perspective Customer Insight Digital Strategy Digital Design & Analytics & Planning & Emerging Media AskingCanadians™ Customer Experience (CX) Voice of the Customer Programs (VoC) Platforms
    • 10. So emerges VOC Driven by Digital Management Experience and Social Technologies Provides a 360 degree Customer Critical to view of customers Grounded in data Actionable Insights and scientific method Faster, more Efficient and more Cost Effective than ever before
    • 11. The three parts of VoC Identify key insights & turn them into action.ASKcustomers for their opinion andperspective in real-time ASKLISTENto what your customers are sayingabout your brand, products andservices in real-time. OBSERVE LISTENOBSERVEyour customers behaviour tounderstand how to enhance theircustomer experience.
    • 12. Photo by: OberazziASK
    • 13. Communities RBC Youth BlogSavvyMoms Scotiabank Be Youth Community
    • 14. MotivatorsTrust Privacy Reciprocity
    • 15. Web & Mobile Customer Satisfaction
    • 16. Innovative Methods & Platforms QR Codes Mobile Data Collection C-Sat Surveys Gamification Crowdsourcing
    • 17. Photo by: Melvin GaalLISTEN
    • 18. Listen
    • 20. Understanding Participation 1% Heavy Contributors 9% (Super Users) Intermittent Contributors 90% Lurkers
    • 21. Photo by: compujerameyOBSERVE
    • 22. Observe Social metricsWeb analytics Customer sales data
    • 23. The Customer Journey
    • 24. Actionable Insights• Not just about just customer behaviour – it’s about understanding behaviour at any point along the customer journey• Not just about deriving insights that are actionable from the data- it’s about integrating data• Not about replacing decision making – it’s about enhancing decision making
    • 25. The Age of Intelligence
    • 26. Building Connections & Long-Term Experiences Engagement PAID MEDIA/ DM PAID MEDIA/ DIRECT MARKETINGLevel ofInterest Voice of the Customer Platform Time
    • 27. VoC IN PRACTICE
    • 28. Social Media Listening & Monthly ReportingCommunity Management
    • 29. 5 VoC Success Factors1. Accept that every consumer is DIGITAL and THEY control the conversation2. DON’T let technology lead3. Think BIG DATA and the INTEGRATION OF DATA4. VoC requires COLLABORATION5. VoC will improve CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
    • 30. THANKS! Adam Froman CEO, Delvinia