What’s New in Vision 7.4?


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Vision 7.4 includes many customer-requested enhancements that will help your firm more successfully win, plan and manage your projects! Here are some of the exciting features and enhancements coming in Vision 7.4 so you can optimize more:

· New Task Dependencies in project planning with a new schedule tab to quickly and easily move dates, adjust schedules, link tasks and better manage projects
· New Fee Estimate Tool delivers consistent opportunity estimates so you can create quick, reliable proposals your whole team can stand behind
· New Approvals for Purchasing make it easier to get the approvals you need in one system with delegation, conditions and varying levels of complexity to meet your needs
· New Equipment Info Center and other purchasing improvements to streamline processes, create needed transparency and eliminate additional systems or databases
· Invoice Format Enhancements let you create simpler, easier to read invoices for your team and clients...

And more!

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What’s New in Vision 7.4?

  1. 1. What’s New in Vision 7.4?
  2. 2. Deltek Vision 7.4 includes features and enhancements that are a direct result of your input. OPTIMIZE MORE WITH VISION 7.4 Give your teams the latest tools and resources to optimize more with Deltek Vision. WIN MORE MANAGE MORE DELIVER MORE deltek.com/vision 
  3. 3. Clients require different proposal fee structures and now Vision makes it easier to meet your client demands. Now, you can create a fee estimate more quickly and easily based on what the client needs. Fee Estimate Wizard Quickly and easily create consistent fee estimates with standardized service profiles and fee structure deltek.com/vision More consistent estimates lead to more successful projects. You can pre-set disciplines, phases and even fee amounts by service profile. WIN MORE
  4. 4. Some project tasks can’t be started until another task is complete. With task dependencies, you can keep track of dependent tasks and their impact on the overall project schedule. Planning Task Dependencies Effectively manage project schedules to keep close track of a project’s critical path and identify potential schedule risks. deltek.com/vision A new schedule tab features an interactive Gantt chart that makes it easier than ever to slide task dates, adjust deadlines and monitor project success. MANAGE MORE
  5. 5. Create simpler invoices that reduce confusion for your clients. Include the details they need to see so you can get paid faster. With Vision 7, you can create easy-to-read invoices. You can add project fields, highlight totals, simplify subtotals and group billing phases. Invoice Template Editor Improvements deltek.com/visionDELIVER MORE
  6. 6. Make approving POs simpler with the new approval workflows in Vision 7. Delegate approvals, track comments and check status in one place. Tired of tracking people down for a signature or endless email chains for an approval? With the new Approvals, you can let Vision do the work for you. Design simple or complex workflows to automate your purchasing approvals all in one centralized system. New Approval Workflows deltek.com/visionDELIVER MORE
  7. 7. NEW Equipment Info Center lets you manage more in Vision – the system you already know. And, purchasing improvements continue to streamline your processes and increase efficiency. The new equipment info center is the foundation for a future asset management module. With the new info center and other purchasing improvements, you can eliminate ancillary systems and leverage document management for purchasing. Purchasing Improvements deltek.com/visionDELIVER MORE
  8. 8. Some projects require more invoicing flexibility. With pre-invoices, you don’t have to wait until after the project is complete. You can send a request for payment or retainer at the outset of the project. With pre-invoices, you can send a request for payment that is not recorded on the general ledger. If paid, it shows up on the GL, but if not, it can easily be cancelled. Pre-Invoices deltek.com/visionDELIVER MORE
  9. 9. Expanding the functionality of Vision to meet German requirements benefits all Vision users. Enhancements include architectural fee requirements, pre- invoices, controls, audits and more. New features such as the pre-invoices and fee estimates were developed to comply with German regulations, but many users around the world are finding these features helpful to make their jobs easier and reduce manual entry. Internationalization deltek.com/visionDELIVER MORE
  10. 10. • Recurring and reversing journal entries • Profit planning monitor • Email remittance – edit “from” address • Lookup limit override • Employee quick find – active only • TDM – associate with all lines • Project key convert with planning • And more! General Usability Improvements deltek.com/visionOPTIMIZE MORE Increase user adoption, improve productivity and automate more with these general usability enhancements
  11. 11. Now, it is faster and easier to find what you are looking for and update key information from anywhere, at anytime In Time & Expense, you can use the keypad to enter hours instead of the number scroll. And, in CRM, you can hide inactive records to make searching faster and easier. Touch Time & Expense and Touch CRM deltek.com/visionACCESS MORE
  12. 12. The latest enhancements to Navigator include ETC & EAC for consultants and expenses as well as updates to converting plans to accommodate task dependencies Navigator deltek.com/visionACCESS MORE
  13. 13. For more details on Vision 7.4 Log into customer care and download the Vision 7.4 release notes deltek.com/vision
  14. 14. Stay up to date with the Deltek Vision blog deltek.com/vision  Vision 7.4 feature highlights available now  Tips & Tricks series coming soon!  Go back and learn about Vision 7.4 features Subscribe today! http://bit.ly/DeltekVisionBlog
  15. 15. Follow our Twitter account for the latest: @DeltekVision Stay informed with all of the new and exciting stuff deltek.com/vision Make sure you are receiving important Deltek emails. You can control what emails you get from us at: deltek.com/legal/managesubscriptions Join a Vision user group and collaborate with other users.
  16. 16. So, are you ready to optimize more with Vision 7.4? Learn More Contact Us  Connect with Customer Care @