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Deltek Insight 2010: Workflow Supporting Project Management


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • Many slides, but not going to dwell on them. They are here for you when you get back to your office. When we get to screen shots, you’ll see our naming convention.
  • Sample shows two kinds of workflow generated alerts.
  • Although we use a stored procedure, I’ve seen this done in the Forums or Knowledge base using column change.
  • Timesheet validation can restrict what Labor Codes (we call them Work Codes) are available on timesheets. We’ve eliminated rework by the Billing Clerk at Invoice time by using this option. Having a single checkbox encourages Project Managers to use this Easy Button.
  • Transcript

    • 1. VI-222: Workflow SupportingProject ManagementPresented by: Diane Magnuson,Baxter & Woodman
    • 2. Agenda• Introduction and Setting Basic Assumptions• Walk through the Project Flow Process• Beyond Work Flow• Q&A• Closing CommentsCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 2
    • 3. Introduction• Baxter & Woodman - Municipal and Civil Engineering • 9 office locations in size from 3 to 100 employees, about 200 employees total • Project Contracts range from $150 to $1.5 million • Water, Wastewater, Transportation, General Municipal, GIS, Surveying• History of Software • Home-grown Wang • Wind2 FMS – January 1995 • Converted to Vision – September 2006• Changes to Process Flow • Before Vision: 3 Accounting staff entered everything • After Vision: • Everybody enters Clients, Projects, Timesheets • Accounting enters AP, GL, Billing Terms• Who am I? One of 4 Vision Administrators.Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 3
    • 4. Basic Assumptions• We use Work Flow to help the Project Manager get his project set up correctly and to help him communicate to the client• We use User-Initiated Work Flow almost exclusively• Lots of screen shots for takeaway• We have 4 different people (Vision Administrators) maintaining our workflows, so we use a naming convention that tells at a glance where and what type of Work Flow. The Format is X-YYYY. – First Character: U for User Defined, S for Scheduled – Next 2 characters: Vision Table Name – 4th character: Defines type of Action (E – Edit, D – Delete, N – New/Insert) – 5th Character: Defines if Conditional or UnconditionalCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 4
    • 5. The Project Flow • It starts with the Client Client • The Opportunity sets the stageOpportunity • The Project is created • Project Management communicates to Clients ProjectCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 5
    • 6. It Starts With a Valid Client Record…• Rules of the Road – Clients: – Each Client has a Client Manager. A User Defined Field (UDF) stores this. – Each Client is Assigned to a Marketing Region. A UDF stores this. – Anybody can make a new Client but most get help from Marketing Coordinators. – All Clients are given a 5 character ID• When a new Client is created, Work Flow: – Ensures assignment of Client Manager and Marketing Region to default values if the UDFs are empty.Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 6
    • 7. Client General TabCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 7
    • 8. Client: User Defined Fields Using Column ChangeCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 8
    • 9. Opportunities Track Possibilities…Rules of the Road – Opportunities: – We don‟t use Opportunity Number. – Each Opportunity Name gets the Client ID as a Prefix. – Some Opportunity Stages are tightly controlled and only certain users can set/unset them.• When a new Opportunity is created, Work Flow: – executes a Stored Procedure to fill in the Client ID as prefix in the Opportunity description• When the Opportunity Stage changes, Work Flow: – Adjusts the Probability – Sets Date Closed – Modifies StatusCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 9
    • 10. Opportunity General TabCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 10
    • 11. Opportunity: Client ID as Prefix Using Stored ProceduresCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 11
    • 12. Opportunity: Client ID as Prefix Stored Procedure DetailALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[BWWF_UpdateOpportunityName]( @OpportunityID nvarchar(32) ,@Name nvarchar(255) ,@ClientID varchar(32) )ASBEGIN -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from -- interfering with SELECT statements. SET NOCOUNT ON; DECLARE @ClientCode varchar(20) SET @ClientCode = Select @ClientCode = Substring(CL.Client,1,6) FROM CL Where CL.ClientID = @ClientID Update Opportunity SET Name = @ClientCode + + Substring(@Name,1,248) Where Opportunity.OpportunityID = @OpportunityIDENDCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 12
    • 13. Opportunity: Stage Changes Use Column Change to ClearCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 13
    • 14. Opportunity: Stage Changes Set a Date StampCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 14
    • 15. Project Creation• Rules of the Road – Projects: – All new Charge Type regular projects are to be created from a Plan – Start Date and Estimated Completion Date are required – Project suffix of “.10” must be Charge Type Promotional – Some Organizations are only for Corporate use and not for billable jobs – All Projects get with a Custom Revenue Type initially• When a new Project is created, Work Flow: – Sends Alerts to Project Police & if Support Services are needed – Enforces appropriate Organizations and Dates using Error Messages – Transfers Client UDF to Project field – Provides Timesheet Validation settings with a single click – Changes Settings to Allow Project to be usedCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 15
    • 16. Project Creation: Alerts Dashboard and EmailCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 16
    • 17. Project Creation: Error Conditions Errors Stop ActionCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 17
    • 18. Project Creation: Stored Procedure Copy Client UDF to Project Principal FieldCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 18
    • 19. Project Creation: Stored Procedure Copy Client UDF to Project Principal FieldALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[BWWF_UpdateProjectPrincipal]( @WBS1 nvarchar(255) , @ClientID nvarchar(255) )AS Update PR set Principal = ( SELECT CAST(CustCltMgrId As varchar(20)) FROM ClientCustomTabFieldsWhere ClientID = @ClientID ) Where WBS1 = @WBS1Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 19
    • 20. Project Creation: Timesheet Validation with a ClickCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 20
    • 21. Project Creation: Timesheet Validation Stored ProcedureCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 21
    • 22. Project Creation: Timesheet Validation Stored Procedure Detail• ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[BWWF_TimesheetBudgetValidation]• ( @WBS1 nvarchar(255) , @NewModUser nvarchar (255) ) AS• UPDATE PR• SET PR.BudgetedFlag = E• , PR.BudgetSource = P• , PR.BudgetLevel = L• , PR.BudgetedLevels = 1• From ProjectCustomTabFields• WHERE• --The Work Flow has selectivity that keeps from updating records after the process was done once• ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS1 = PR.WBS1• AND ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS2 = PR.WBS2• AND ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS3 = PR.WBS3• AND ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS1 = @WBS1•• UPDATE ProjectCustomTabFields• SET ProjectCustomTabFields.custLockedDownby = @NewModUser• , ProjectCustomTabFields.custLockedDownDate = getdate()• , ProjectCustomTabFields.custLockDowntoWorkCode = N• From PR• WHERE• ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS1 = PR.WBS1• AND ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS2 = PR.WBS2• AND ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS3 = PR.WBS3• AND ProjectCustomTabFields.WBS1 = @WBS1Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 22
    • 23. Project Creation: Set the Available for Use Flag•Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 23
    • 24. Project Management / Communication• Rules of the Road - Project Management & Communication – Communicate with each other • Many Date and „Changed By‟ fields – Control Invoice Creation • Contract Pending switch keeps project from being invoiced permanently until Billing Clerk resets switch • Invoice Deferred keeps project from being invoiced this billing cycle – Communicate with the Client • Client Status Report (CSR) fields are used in SQL report • Invoice Description entered in UDF and pushed to Billing Terms Description – History Grid tracks what was entered• When Changes occur, Work Flow: – Sets date and user stamps – Passes Invoice Description to Billing TermsCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 24
    • 25. Project Management / CommunicationCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 25
    • 26. Project Management: Update Invoice DescriptionCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 26
    • 27. Project Management: Invoice Description Stored Procedure DetailALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[BWWF_UpdateBillingTermsDescription]( @WBS1 nvarchar(255) )ASUpdate BT set BT.Description = PCT.CustInvoiceDescriptionFromPMfrom ProjectCustomTabFields PCTWhere BT.WBS1 = PCT.WBS1AND BT.WBS2 = AND PCT.WBS2 = Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 27
    • 28. When Workflow isn’t Enough• Sometimes we don‟t use User Initiated Work Flow - SQL Nightly Process does a lot of heavy lifting – Performance considerations – Complexity• Other Items updated at night are not necessary Right This Minute – Marketing Region on Projects and Opportunities – Department Manager on Projects and Opportunities• Things that are a bit more Complex – Filling a UDF that describes Billing Terms – Filling UDFs with data from the Project Summary table after it‟s refreshed• Any Project Planning updates – No User Initiated Workflow is available in 5.xCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 28
    • 29. SQL Nightly Process: Populate History Grid ALTER Procedure [dbo].[BWSP_Archive_CSR] as INSERT INTO Projects_History_Comments ( WBS1, WBS2, WBS3, Seq, [custHistoryComment_DateSaved], [custHistoryComment_SavedBy] ,[custHistoryComment_TasksCompleted], [custHistoryComment_TasksPending] , [custHistoryComment_IssuesWaitingonClient] , [custHistoryComment_InternalComments]) Select WBS1, WBS2,WBS3, SUBSTRING(CONVERT(varchar(255), newid()),1,32), CASE WHEN ([custCSR_TasksIssues_LastUpdated] > [custCSR_InternalComments_LastUpdated]) THEN [custCSR_TasksIssues_LastUpdated] ELSE isNull(custCSR_InternalComments_LastUpdated,custCSR_TasksIssues_LastUpdated) END as MostRecentUpdated, CASE WHEN ([custCSR_TasksIssues_LastUpdated] > [custCSR_InternalComments_LastUpdated]) THEN[custCSR_TasksIssues_UpdatedBy] ELSE isNull(custCSR_InternalComments_UpdatedBy,custCSR_TasksIssues_UpdatedBy) END as MostRecentUpdater , [custCSR_TasksCompletedThisPeriod], [custCSR_TasksPendingThisPeriod] , [custCSR_IssuesWaitingonClient] , [custCSR_InternalComments] From ProjectCustomTabFields Where ( dbo.GetDateElement(custCSR_TasksIssues_LastUpdated) > dbo.GetDateElement( DATEADD(day,-1,GETDATE())) OR dbo.GetDateElement(custCSR_InternalComments_LastUpdated) > dbo.GetDateElement( DATEADD(day,- 1,GETDATE())) ) And WBS2 = And ( [custCSR_TasksCompletedThisPeriod] is not null Or DATALENGTH(dbo.TRIMTEXT([custCSR_TasksCompletedThisPeriod])) > 0 Or [custCSR_TasksPendingThisPeriod] is not null Or DATALENGTH(dbo.TRIMTEXT([custCSR_TasksPendingThisPeriod])) > 0 Or [custCSR_IssuesWaitingonClient] is not null Or DATALENGTH(dbo.TRIMTEXT([custCSR_IssuesWaitingonClient])) > 0 Or [custCSR_InternalComments] is not null Or DATALENGTH(dbo.TRIMTEXT([custCSR_InternalComments])) > 0 )Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 29
    • 30. SQL Nightly ProcessCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 30
    • 31. Q&A• Questions?Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 31
    • 32. Conclusion• You can do Workflow – It‟s Fun – It‟s Easy – It can save you steps and time – Try it out in a Test System• Take these concepts and make them work for youCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 32
    • 33. Call to Action• Ask your User Group for help or Check out the Forums.• Questions on this presentation? Contact – Diane Magnuson at Baxter & Woodman, Inc. – 815.444.3246 –• Try these related sessions for more information – VI-205 Beyond the Basics with Vision Project Reporting – VI-216 Custom Fields and Workflows to Track Contract Approvals – VI-239 Using Vision to Strengthen the Project Management Process – VI-244 Stored Procedures: Are You Up to Speed? – VI-309 Get More Done with Vision CRM WorkflowsCopyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 33