Have You Seen Vision Lately?


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Your firm is always changing. How can it not? In the constantly evolving world we live in, advances
in industry mean continued changes in your most
critical business needs.

Deltek is dedicated to delivering solution
and performance innovation to our clients—a
commitment that can be proven in our latest
release of Vision 7.1, Mobile, Navigator and Cloud. Check out all that Vision has to offer!

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Have You Seen Vision Lately?

  1. 1. Have you seen Vision lately?
  2. 2. Your firm is always changing. How can it not? In the constantly evolving world we live in, advances in industry mean continued changes in your most critical business needs. Deltek is dedicated to delivering solution and performance innovation to our clients—a commitment that can be proven in our latest release of Vision, Mobile, Navigator and Cloud deltek.com/vision
  3. 3. Core deltek.com/vision Mobile Collaboration What’s new in Vision? 
  4. 4. Deltek Vision 7 is specifically designed to enhance the complete project life cycle of professional services firms. INTRODUCING VISION 7… …with the newest features and latest enhancements in Deltek Vision. WIN MORE MANAGE MORE DELIVER MORE deltek.com/vision 
  5. 5. WIN MORE deltek.com/vision with Vision 7
  6. 6. Managing the pipeline is critical in any professional services firm. Vision 7 delivers enhanced dashboards, Adobe InDesign integration, improved opportunity reports and much more to streamline your project pursuits. deltek.com/vision
  7. 7. Clients require different proposal fee structures and now Vision makes it easier to meet your client demands. Now, you can create a fee estimate more quickly and easily based on what the client needs. Fee Estimate Wizard Quickly and easily create consistent fee estimates with standardized service profiles and fee structure deltek.com/vision More consistent estimates lead to more successful projects. You can pre-set disciplines, phases and even fee amounts by service profile.
  8. 8. With Vision, capturing a complete picture of the information you need for proposals is easy. And now, it’s easier and faster than ever to transform your data into elegant proposals and collateral in the style and format you need. InDesign Integration Create sleek, sophisticated proposals in Microsoft Word and now Adobe InDesign directly from Deltek Vision. deltek.com/vision Now you can customize your proposal for a specific project, guaranteeing that you grab your prospect’s attention for more successful business development.
  9. 9. Dashboard Customization Get more of the information you need at your fingertips with Vision 7. You can customize the columns you want to see for each dashpart and review invoices at a glance with a new aged A/R option. Better manage your clients, projects and overall business with Vision 7 dashboard enhancements deltek.com/vision
  10. 10. MANAGE MORE deltek.com/vision with Vision 7 
  11. 11. Time is money and effectively managing resources and data is key to professional services firms. Vision 7 makes it quick and easy to manage more information in one place with new user defined info centers, contract management, generic resource attributes and performance management to name a few. deltek.com/vision
  12. 12. Some project tasks can’t be started until another task is complete. With task dependencies, you can keep track of dependent tasks and their impact on the overall project schedule. Planning Task Dependencies Effectively manage project schedules to keep close track of a project’s critical path and identify potential schedule risks. deltek.com/vision A new schedule tab features an interactive Gantt chart that makes it easier than ever to slide task dates, adjust deadlines and monitor project success.
  13. 13. Create fully-customizable platforms to track all the info you need, eliminating separate and costly solutions. User Defined Info Centers With Vision 7, create your own info centers to efficiently track, link and integrate additional information to your Vision data. New user defined info centers let you truly extend the power of your Vision solution and track critical information like recruits, service requests, IDIQ contracts and more in one central location – the true hub of your organization. deltek.com/vision
  14. 14. Contract Management Track new client contracts and manage change orders from the initial project scope through the signed agreement, eliminating challenges associated with coordinating contracts. Continuing Deltek’s strive for better, more efficient contract management, Vision 7 streamlines workflow and creates more transparency to status and responsibilities between sales, finance, project management and clients, bringing clarity to the process and reducing manual effort for the team. deltek.com/vision
  15. 15. Professional Services firms always need a way to manage and understand resource demand and capacity. Attuned to this need, Vision 7 enhanced the generic resources (used as important placeholders in project plans) so that they can now be assigned attributes of location, discipline and skill set. Give project managers the ability to set up generic resources with attributes most important to the project for more efficient and effective project planning with Vision 7. Generic Resources with Attributes deltek.com/vision
  16. 16. Compensation Breakdown Vision 7 provides additional granularity for the project’s fee structure so project managers can quickly know more about the financial details of the project. Breaking down key project financial metrics, such as compensation, gives project managers better insight and more control over project outcomes. deltek.com/vision
  17. 17. Deltek’s Vision Performance Management (VPM) module offers project-focused organizations a powerful business intelligence tool that helps organizations turn critical business data into usable, proactive knowledge. In Vision 7, the VPM data cubes are expanded to include additional data and feature a brand new presentation layer that allows you to see data like you’ve never seen it before. VPM delivers organizational performance data in easy-to-read, interactive and visually-oriented dashboards that drive more business. NEW – Vision Performance Management deltek.com/vision
  18. 18. VPM now includes:  A brand-new layer, powered by Tableau®, that presents data in interactive and visually-rich dashboards  Many out-of-the-box, role-based dashboards that cover everything from executive level views, to project manager related data and overall company performance  The ability to visualize performance data against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can see your actual data compared with organization goals  Powerful desktop authoring tools that makes it easier than ever to build your own dashboards for your business’ unique, visualization needs NEW – Vision Performance Management deltek.com/vision
  19. 19. DELIVER MORE deltek.com/vision with Vision 7
  20. 20. Streamlining project financials leads to more efficiency, greater accuracy and better results. Vision 7 brings even more capabilities with enhancements such as invoice approvals, attaching documents to transactions, improved reconciliation and so much more. deltek.com/vision
  21. 21. Gain more efficiency and accuracy for accounting with several core accounting enhancements in Vision 7 including:  Automatically send pre-formatted EFT and direct deposit emails  A new, quick Online Check Review to easily view payment details  Fee-based invoice allocation to more than one revenue account  A new Status on Organization feature to make an organization in Vision inactive or dormant  Performance Management enhancements that make more data available for business intelligence analysis Core Financial Enhancements deltek.com/vision
  22. 22. Create simpler invoices that reduce confusion for your clients. Include the details they need to see so you can get paid faster. With Vision 7, you can create easy-to-read invoices. You can add project fields, highlight totals, simplify subtotals and group billing phases. Invoice Template Editor Improvements deltek.com/vision
  23. 23. Make approving POs simpler with the new approval workflows in Vision 7. Delegate approvals, track comments and check status in one place. Tired of tracking people down for a signature or endless email chains for an approval? With the new Approvals, you can let Vision do the work for you. Design simple or complex workflows to automate your purchasing approvals all in one centralized system. New Approval Workflows deltek.com/vision
  24. 24. NEW Equipment Info Center lets you manage more in Vision – the system you already know. And, purchasing improvements continue to streamline your processes and increase efficiency. The new equipment info center is the foundation for a future asset management module. With the new info center and other purchasing improvements, you can eliminate ancillary systems and leverage document management for purchasing. Purchasing Improvements deltek.com/vision
  25. 25. With Vision 7, employees can attach receipts to expense reports, and finance team can attach documents to A/P vouchers. Documents are integrated into the billing process so your firm can accurately bill out reimbursable expenses to your clients. The result is more efficient expense management, more consistent billing for finance professionals, increased clarity and reduced manual effort throughout the entire billing process. Transaction Document Management deltek.com/vision
  26. 26. Timesheet Auditing Vision 7 offers Timesheet Auditing to better control timesheet entry and correction. See what was entered, what was changed, when the changes were made, who made the changes and why the changes were made. Timesheet auditing also allows for transfers, giving additional control even after the timesheet is posted. Timesheet auditing helps firms avoid losing hours that could have been billed, control who is making changes and minimize the time it takes to correct errors. deltek.com/vision
  27. 27. Vision 7 speeds up the billing process with an all-new invoice approval system within the Vision platform. Users in the ‘biller’ role can submit invoices for approval and then ‘approving users’ can preview the invoice, review the detail, edit the labor and expenses and even provide comments. The ‘approver’ can also approve or reject invoices as needed. Invoice Approvals Invoice Approvals allow accounting, executives and employees to speed up invoicing and capture relevant information within a single, integrated platform. deltek.com/vision
  28. 28. Bank Reconciliation Streamline the bank reconciliation process with Vision 7. You can control how EFT payments are displayed, “close” bank statements once reconciliation is complete and start a new statement with the closing balance of the previous statement. Streamlining bank reconciliation provides more information to resolve issues and enables smarter application from one reconciliation to the next. deltek.com/vision
  29. 29. Credit Card Reconciliation Make it easy for employees to get corporate credit card charges billed to the right project with Vision 7. A/P can import charges and notify employees that they are ready for review. Employees can then assign the charges to the appropriate project on their individual expense report. Eliminate unnecessary emails to identify charges, improve project cost allocation accuracy and allow accounting to focus on missing charges. deltek.com/vision
  30. 30. Vision 7 has so much more! Go to deltek.com/vision to learn more But wait, we’re not done! deltek.com/vision
  31. 31. ACCESS MORE deltek.com/vision with Vision Navigator and Vision Mobile
  32. 32. Deltek has developed new tools to improve the user experience and give employees access to Vision data anytime, anywhere. INTRODUCING VISION NAVIGATOR AND VISION TOUCH… NAVIGATOR TOUCH TIME & EXPENSE TOUCH CRM deltek.com/vision 
  33. 33. This tool is just what project managers need better manage their projects – in a streamlined and consolidated manner. Project managers have just what they need to do their job, leading to more accurate project information and more closely monitored and more profitable projects. Vision Navigator Revolutionary New Tool For Project Managers Project managers can easily and effectively plan, manage and monitor projects through an easy-to-use interface. With Navigator, get what you need anywhere, anytime. deltek.com/vision 
  34. 34. Enable project managers to plan, budget and assign resources throughout the work breakdown structure of the project. Vision Navigator Simple, Easy to Use for Project Managers deltek.com/vision 
  35. 35. Project managers can budget and monitor labor, expenses and contractors through this easy-to-use project management workspace. Vision Navigator Budget Labor, Expenses and Contractors deltek.com/vision 
  36. 36. Works on Tablets, PC and Mac Vision Navigator Browser Independent deltek.com/vision 
  37. 37. With Vision Touch Time & Expense, employees can enter time, track expenses, upload receipts and submit reports anywhere, anytime. No more late timesheets, stacks of expense receipts or trying to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. Save time and effort with Time & Expense on the go. Available on iOS, Android and Windows in the app stores Mobile Time & Expense Deltek Vision Touch Time & Expense deltek.com/vision
  38. 38. With Touch CRM, get access to your key Contacts, Clients, Opportunities and Activities in Vision CRM right on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. Update key information on the go instead of trying to remember when you get back to the office. Mobile Access to Vision CRM Deltek Vision Touch CRM Available on iOS, Android and Windows in the app store deltek.com/vision
  39. 39. Go to deltek.com/vision to learn more. But, wait. We’re still not done! Enable your teams anytime, anywhere! deltek.com/vision NAVIGATOR TOUCH TIME & EXPENSE TOUCH CRM 
  40. 40. COLLABORATE MORE Kona.com with Kona 
  41. 41. Kona.com
  42. 42. Kona is a cloud-based, social collaboration platform designed with people and conversations in mind. Don’t just focus on the tasks. Instead, get people connected, get organized and get things done across different projects, initiatives and spaces. Use Kona by itself … or… Kona.com
  43. 43.  Manage and collaborate on opportunities or projects in one place  Improve proposal coordination for the whole team with tasks and discussions  Allow your project team and clients to engage and collaborate on projects with no software to install Vision+ Bring social collaboration to your projects Kona.com
  44. 44. Vision Navigator + Bring social collaboration to your projects…anywhere  By using Kona with Navigator, you can manage and collaborate on your projects in one place  Collaborate with the entire project team, share documents and engage clients with no software to install  Allow everyone better visibility into the project! Kona.com
  45. 45. Go to kona.com to start using this FREE tool. Sign up for today! Kona.com
  46. 46. TAKE IT TO THE CLOUD deltek.com/first with Deltek First
  47. 47. Vision Essentials Deltek First–Vision Essentials provides software as a service – accessed through an Internet browser. It’s the only cloud- based solution built for the unique needs of PS firms. Vision Essentials connects the firm on a single system that’s easy to buy, simple to own & secure to access. Same powerful Vision solution, delivered via the Deltek Cloud deltek.com/first
  48. 48. Vision Essentials Deltek First Easy to Buy Essential PS Capability Flexible Subscription No Servers to Prepare 1 Simple to Own Maintained for You Higher Level of Service Easy to Adapt Easy to Expand 2 Secure to Access Access Anywhere, Anytime Yours Exclusively Perpetual Back-Ups Constant Monitoring 3 Same powerful Vision solution, delivered via the Deltek Cloud deltek.com/first Vision Essentials
  49. 49. Go to deltek.com/first to learn more. Vision Essentials Take it to the Cloud! deltek.com/first
  50. 50. Follow our blog or Twitter account for the latest: Deltek Vision blog @DeltekVision Stay informed with all of the new and exciting stuff deltek.com/vision Make sure you are receiving important Deltek emails. You can control what emails you get from us at: deltek.com/legal/managesubscriptions Join a Vision user group and collaborate with other users.
  51. 51. Stay up to date with the Deltek Vision blog deltek.com/vision  Vision 7.3 feature posts – available now  Vision 7.4 feature highlights coming soon  Tips & Tricks series coming soon! Subscribe today! http://bit.ly/DeltekVisionBlog
  52. 52. So, have you seen Vision lately? There is a lot going on! Learn More Contact Us  Connect with Customer Care @